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In the search for solutions that can put an end to our need for fossil fuels, big steps are being taken in Cadarache in southern France. Work is being done here on ITER: an international cooperation project with the aim of demonstrating the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion as an energy source. Bolidt also contributes to this ambitious project, in which sustainability and innovation are central, by providing a total of 6,600 square meters of floor systems.

  • Iter France Bolidtop 500Credits: ITER Organization
  • Iter France Bolidtop 500Credits: ITER Organization
  • Iter France Bolidtop 500Credits: ITER Organization
  • Iter France Bolidtop 500Credits: ITER Organization
  • Iter France Bolidtop 500Credits: ITER Organization/EJF Riche

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

A total of 35 countries are participating in the ITER project, which is funded by the EU, Japan, South Korea, China, India, the US and the Russian Federation. ITER is an abbreviation for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor and has the symbolic meaning ‘journey, road or tour’ in Latin. The initiative for ITER cooperation was taken back in 1985 by the then Soviet Secretary Gorbachev with American President Reagan at the Geneva Summit.

30,000 kilos in two weeks

After the necessary discussions, it was decided in 2006 to establish ITER in Saint-Paul-lez-Durance adjacent to the French nuclear research center CEA-Cadarache. A site of 42 hectares was prepared and construction began in August 2010. Around 1,400 people were actively working on the construction in 2014 and that rose to around 2,500 in 2019. In the buildings where Bolidt is working, the reactor components from all over the world will be received and assembled. In order to meet the deadline, Bolidt had to work at lightning speed.

In just two weeks, 30,000 kilos of material were produced and delivered. Our own specialized application teams were ready in the South of France to install the first 1,800 square meters of floor.

Quick and reliable

ITER was looking for a reliable party that could meet the extreme safety and administrative requirements and that could deliver quickly and satisfactorily. For example, there had to be a safety plan, application planning, technical substantiation, product information and a range of lab statements, and various inspections conducted during implementation. The safety of the environment and employees present is also taken into consideration. This mainly concerns the limitation of emissions during application (use of efficient machines/devices, electric forklift, etc.) and emissions of the materials (Bolidt complies with this by guaranteeing, together with the customer, sufficient air circulation and the use of solvent-free materials).

Supply chain integrated into one organization

Bolidt has integrated the entire business chain into one organization and therefore keeps control of the entire value flow. From developing, producing, selling to installing the floors. As a result, it was able to organize the production in a very short time and to be on time to take care of the application. The intensive preparations paid off: one day earlier than planned and one week before the hard deadline, the first part of the 6,600 square meter Bolidtop® 500 floor system was delivered. As a sustainable and innovative company, Bolidt is proud to be able to contribute to the cleanest possible energy supply of the future.

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