Cycling through Trees

  • Fietsen door de Bomen

    Durable surface course for unique cycling

    bridge through Belgian tree tops

Bolidt Nieuws

Cycling through Trees

Cycling through Trees is an iconic cycling bridge, which allows visitors to cycle between tree tops in the Bosland region in Belgian Limburg. Just like the Cycling through Water trail, this landmark offers cycling enthusiasts a unique experience in harmony with the natural environment. Bolidt installed the durable and aesthetic Boligrip® surface course on the about 700-metre-long bridge.

  • Fietsen door de BomenCredits: Toerisme Limburg
  • Fietsen door de BomenCredits: Toerisme Limburg
  • Fietsen door de BomenCredits: Toerisme Limburg
  • Fietsen door de BomenCredits: Toerisme Limburg

One with nature

Anyone cycling or walking through Pijnven forest - part of the Bosland area - passes over an iconic, elegantly designed bridge; a sensational and unique experience for young and old. Thanks to the 360 degree experience, visitors truly become one with nature. The bridge, a double 100-metre-diameter circle, gradually rises to a height of 10 metres before descending with the same gradient of no more than 4%. Cycling takes place in one direction to keep it safe and ensure an optimal experience. The bike path allows two people to comfortably cycle next to each other.

Aesthetic and durable

The design of the innovative cycling experience was created by De Gregorio & partners nv in collaboration with BuroLandschap bvba. The surface course that Bolidt installed on this unique cycling bridge offers more than just beautiful aesthetics. The surface course has excellent non-slip properties, preventing unsafe situations. Boligrip® additionally contributes to a longer life span, as it protects the steel from corrosion. This fits perfectly with Bolidt’s mission of replacing traditional materials, such as steel, with synthetics in order to extend the durability of the materials.

Sound reduction

The protective Boligrip® surface course is not only visually appealing, but also helps to reduce sound. This was a requirement of the architect, because peace and quiet make an important contribution to the experience of cycling between the tree tops.

Shrinkage and expansion

Special care was taken to avoid problems due to shrinkage and expansion of the steel deck. Bolidt’s R&D department carried out research into this beforehand and on-site testing took place by conducting a flexural test. The Boligrip® surface course thus ensures that cyclists can experience carefree and high-level enjoyment of the impressive woodland area for decades to come.

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