Bolidt allows for design without compromise

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    Bolidt allows for

    design without compromise

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design without compromise

If you know anything about Bolidt, you know that collaboration and co-creation is a big part of what we’re about. We love to see dreams realized and we love to see great minds coming together. This mentality has us working with architects all around the globe to create some truly unique museums. Here are three reasons why architects choose to partner with Bolidt for their projects.

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  • KACWC - King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Gallery 4 Saudi Arabia Bolidtop 525
  • KACWC - King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture - Gallery 4 Saudi Arabia Bolidtop Sensation

No compromise in design

All of Bolidt’s resources are ‘in-house’. From our on-site innovation center, to production, sales, and application; it’s all under one roof. This provides great advantages when it comes to design. Bolidt offers a huge range of standardized flooring systems. However, if the architect consults Bolidt in the early stages of design, a completely new system can be created, outside of the ‘sample box’. We take pride in partnering with architects through the design process to help achieve whatever it is they might have in mind.

This process of co-creation is perhaps the thing we’re most passionate about at Bolidt. Over the years, Bolidream has served as a platform for curious minds to explore the possibilities of synthetic materials. However, rather than simply holding events for architects to experiment and create with synthetics, we have decided to open our very own Experience & Innovation Center; a permanent space for dreams to be mapped out and realized.

No compromise in function

Having served the industry for over 50 years, we’ve earned our position as experts in synthetics. Bolidt is equipped with industry-specific knowledge that only comes with years of experience. An expert knows the unique challenges an architect faces when designing a museum. That is why we strive to effectively combine the many, and often conflicting, properties one might seek, such as hardness and acoustics or lighting and non-distracting surfaces, into a system that remains aesthetically versatile. Our past performance is a clear indicator of our ability to do just that. Bolidt provides a diverse range of systems that cater for each individual area.

A long lifespan

High levels of foot traffic in museums equate to the need for long lasting durability. With potentially intricate designs, architects need assurance that their ideas will last a lifetime.

With Bolidt flooring systems, endless design options are paired with wear-resistant surfaces and minimal discolouration. Thus, designers can dare to make vibrant statements with the floor, without the worry of it losing prominence or definition over time. In the case of a damaged floor, Bolidt can ensure repairs to be done in a way that make it invisible to the eye. The durable qualities of Bolidt partnered with the lifetime assistance from our expert team create confident assurance for architects and designers.

With the coming of our Experience & Innovation Center, we expect to see many more collaborations between Bolidt and other architects. To find out more about our work with museums, please see our Museum segment.

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