(Petro)chemical industry

Harbour areas, oil refineries, chemical plants. Installations that operate non-stop. Cracking, refining. Capital investments. Frequently changing processes, taking place under constant greasy and sooty conditions. Many tonnes of heavy transport every day. Floors that withstand wear and tear. Impermeable to fluids. Chemical-proof. Easy to clean. Facilities that need to warrant the safety of the tens of thousands who work there. One spark is enough …. Stringent demands in the interest of safety. Protection of surface waters. Government inspections.

Expert knowledge of flooring materials and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Akzo Nobel
Total Fina Elf
Dupont de Nemours
British Petroleum

Chemicals are significant to the reload on a floor. Diverse chemical processes, cracking and refining, a high degree of resistance to chemicals is thus required. The key word here is impermeability, which is important in view of the transport of liquids, the environment and the limitation of the risk of soil and surface pollution.

Bolidt has flooring systems that are resistant to the most aggressive substances such as methylene chloride. Of course our floors are absolutely impermeable. The Bolidtop Stato is a floor that conducts electricity for areas in which the risk of static electricity has to be eliminated. Such for example areas in which computer operators carry out precision work with high-tech interference-sensitive equipment and areas for the storage of substances that constitute an explosion hazard.
And naturally also floors that have to be able to take a beating in other ways: many tons of heavy transport daily, regular forklift truck traffic with heavy mechanical loads on the floors, for example from platforms for loading and unloading: wear-resistant floors. For the KCA* depots: extra hard skid-resistant and wear-resistant floors, because storage and disposal of the waste and the forklift truck traffic do impose different requirements. Toolbox meetings, periodical and structural work progress meetings ensure that Bolidt knows at any given time what is going on at a plant. Safety legislation is an important factor in the (petro) chemical industry. Naturally Bolidt complies with the conditions which are necessary for optimal operational management. As regards safety, health and the environment Bolidt holds a VCA certificate. Our quality system is guaranteed by an ISO- 9000 certificate and an ISO-14001 certificate.

For every question, a specific floor solution.

Bolidt has a worldwide experience in the (petro)chemical industry. Succesfully we are working for:

Dyflex EPS
LNP Plastics
Esso Chemicals
Johnson Wax
General Cosmetics
Ciba Geigy

Nederlandse Aardolie Mij
Synres Almoco
DOW Chemical
Akzo Nobel
Quest International

Many different flooring systems apply to the (petro)chemical industry; from coatings with a thickness of 100 µ up to synthetic systems of 10 mm. Prices depend greatly on the size of the surface and the choice of flooring system.

For a 1,000 m² prices range between € 15 per m² for a thin functional coating and € 100 per m² for an exceptionally high quality, state-of-the-art flooring system.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate flooring for your space.

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