Optibrut: Hatching change in the industry

  • Optibrut:

    Hatching change in the industry

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optibrut: hatching change in the industry

This passing week saw the opening of Optibrut; the world’s first transparent hatchery. This hatchery breaks all of the boundaries in design and in ethics. Optibrut specializes in producing and delivering day-old-chicks to broiler farmers with the most innovative techniques in the hatchery industry.

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The design of the building reflects the ethos of the company. Their core focus is sustainability and transparency. The face of the building is made of glass, welcoming visitors into an open, airy atmosphere. The interior features a glass corridor that gives visitors a first-hand insight into the hatching process. This way, guided tours need not interfere with the production process, whilst external parties (customers, social organisations and even action groups) can experience the heart of the company.

The technology and method of the company is also somewhat revolutionary.

HatchTech’s ‘early feeding’ system is an animal friendly hatching approach that produces a high standard of chick. Day-old-chicks receive water and feed immediately after hatching in the ‘HatchCare’. The early feeding activates their immune system, resulting in well-developed, healthy broilers. Because of this, they are able to lower the level of antibiotics considerably. This is essential in maintaining a broiler business that has a future with healthy standards.

In keeping with their high standards, all areas have been installed with Bolidtop® 700.

Not only does it look the part, but it performs to the highest standard. It’s extremely durable, hygienic, as well as being slip-resistant. Check out our poultry section to see why Bolidt is getting laid in hatcheries across the globe.

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