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    What's New in Cruise?

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what's new in cruise?

What’s new in cruise news? Whilst cruise holidays might be traditionally associated with older age groups, we’re seeing a definite shift as companies direct their attention to a younger audience. Here’s some of the most notable innovations and arrivals we can see approaching this year.

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U brand

Uniworld has recently launched a brand called ‘U’. ‘U’ aims to draw in the millennial market with overnight stays in some of Europe’s biggest cities. Hosting the hooligans will be two ships (formerly the River Ambassador and River Baroness) that have been renovated specifically with the youngsters in mind. Repainted in black, one is ship named The A and will travel along Germany’s Rhine, whilst The B will sail on France’s Seine.

Guests will be subject to new culinary programs, local European DJs and creative mixologists. A choice of adrenaline pumped activities will be available from climbing to white-water rafting. For the more mellow a tour of Budapest bars in abandoned buildings might be preferred. Or perhaps a bike tour of World War II sites in Nuremburg. Besides the trendy itinerary, guests will also have the chance to explore cities such as Paris, Budapest, and Amsterdam on foot by night. Cruises are to set sail in Spring 2018.

Virgin voyages

Also putting Millennials at the forefront of their scheme is Virgin. Whilst many of the beans are yet to be spilt, we gather that Virgin Voyages is going to shift the direction of their cruise game.

We haven’t seen interior design plans, but we know who’s involved. Their creative collective consists of ten design firms which include New York design firm Roman and Williams, Design Research Studio, as well as Concrete Amsterdam.

With this impressive entourage, Virgin hope to bring ‘true sea change’ to the industry. The first ship is supposed to arrive at PortMiami in 2020, carrying over 2,700 ‘sailors’ (as the company puts it) and 1,150 crew members. It’s one of three cruise ships that the company commissioned from Fincantieri, the Italian shipbuilder.

Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Cruises recently showcased their latest ship ‘Celebrity Edge’ via full sized mock-up cabins as well as 3D virtual reality simulators. Their presentation has certainly been making some waves in the industry.

The last ship from the company was released 6 years ago, so as expected, they came with full force, bringing industry firsts along with it. The ship questions the entire architectural norm of a cruise ship. This reinvention of design was led by the desire for a more intimate connection with the ocean.

This desire can be seen influencing the ‘outward-facing’ aesthetics. The most clear manifestation of this concept, however, is the Magic Carpet. Conceived by Tom Wright, the man behind the Burj al Arab Hotel, it’s a platform that slides between decks. At ground level, it functions as the ‘Destination Gateway’ (an embarkation station), whilst at its highest elevation it becomes a speciality restaurant catering for an intimate experience ‘on the edge’.

Whilst the ship doesn’t launch for another 21 months, over 800 booking were made just hours after the launch.

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