The Future of Transport

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    The Future of Transport

 Whilst we’ve seen various giants of the automotive industry approach what driverless cars might look like in the future, there’s still a lot to be explored. With more people flooding to cities for metropolitan life, the potential implications is unknown.

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 Ford is a company that are exploring how cities might take shape. Through Ford City Solutions, part of the subsidiary Ford Smart Mobility, the company works with urban communities in developing city-life solutions. This can cover all range of things, from dealing with traffic, to parking solutions. This department stems from the idea that to create great technology is not enough. Its integration and function in society also needs to be made a priority, so that we end up with cities that operate in an efficient and coordinated manner.

One way in which the organisation has confronted urban problems is through an app. GoPark, piloted by Ford, tackles the issue of overcomplicated and overcrowded parking. Based in London, the project tells drivers where they can and can’t legally park. It can provide the city with useful information on how drivers are interacting with the parking infrastructure, as well as lessening traffic as users spend less time searching for spaces.

 Other contributions to urban infrastructures include Chariot; a shuttle service in San Francisco where the riders determine the route!

 Instead of abandoning ship as it were, the group are trying to complement the existing public transport. Another project they are involved in is Ford GoBike. 7000 bikes are involved with this bike-sharing system.

Now whilst we’ve seen what driverless cars of the future might look like, global design consultancy IDEO are proposing how they might function. How they might function? Like a normal car just without a driver? Well, yes, but these guys are taking a deeper look into functionality.

The project, named Future of Automobility, presents concepts that explore the potential of driverless vehicles in our everyday lives. The consultancy see vehicles making deliveries at a moment’s notice, as well as adjusting and responding to requests in real-time. Having received a notification, you’ll simply go to the roadside to pick up your package.

 Another of their concepts is the WOW pod. Essentially, it allows commuters to work on their way to work. The pod functions as a mobile office. The designers also envision it assisting site-specific projects. A company could hire a few of them, which then interlock to provide sufficient space, as well as delivering themselves.

Whilst these ideas are not fully formed, they give us a glimpse into how our public spaces and infrastructures may take form in the not too distant future. 

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