ESD Flooring for milk powder production facilities

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ESD Flooring for milk powder production facilities

As with any industrial process, milk powder production has a catalogue of safety risks and challenges. One of the greatest is the handling and safe management of static electric charge.

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The dangers of Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) poses greatest risk in environments which frequently see dust or powder clouds. For example, in the packing facilities of a milk powder facility the entire process not only produces large amounts of dust, but the dry environment can quickly result in a large static charge to build up. These two together may result in a flash fire or explosion.

More advanced facilities are making the switch to automated transports on site. These are also vulnerable to static electricity as the charge can interfere with their guidance and safety systems. It is for this reason that the manufacturers of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) require that all floor surfaces are conductive and grounded to avoid the risks from ESD.

Experience where it counts

With our extensive experience in the milk powder production industry, Bolidt knows how important high-quality stato flooring is. This knowledge has led to the development of a range of flooring systems which are designed to be ESD safe, to comply with the FDA regulations as well as durable. Our products are now trusted and relied upon by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Danone, Fonterra and Ausnutria.

ESD safe by design

We have two flagship flooring systems which will manage the ESD risk in your facilities to keep them and your team safe at all times.

Capable of handling traffic up to forklift size, the Bolidtop® Stato 500 is the perfect solution for medium traffic environments. 

Fully ESD safe, the Stato 500 system is compliant with the latest electrical standards. Coming with an optional silicone decor mixture, the system creates a quiet, easily maintained flooring environment.

For heavier traffic areas, we have the Bolidtop® Stato 700. Designed for environments which experience regular high mechanical loads, Stato 700 is ideal for loading and delivery areas. It is fully ESD safe, offering superior electrical conductivity, this system will keep your team and facility safe. Add to this scratch and chemical resistant on a hard-wearing flooring system and you’ll quickly see why Bolidtop® Stato 700 is perfect for the toughest challenges your facility has to offer.

If you’d like more information on our range of Electrostatic Discharge cancelling flooring systems, then please contact our Dairy Expert Michel Knaapen or visit our website.

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