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    Yran & Storbraaten;
    Leading the way for cruise line architecture

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Yran & Storbraaten

Yran & Storbraaten is an architectural firm responsible for some of the impressive designs you may have seen upon cruises around the globe. With their unique approach, it’s not hard to see how they have accumulated such an extensive list of top clients.


Founded in 1983, Yran & Storbraaten have become one of the leading pioneers in cruise vessel architecture. The roots to their success can be found in their philosophy regarding the design process as well as their working relationships.  

The process begins with a sketch, a rough illustration to paint the concepts and ideas of a room or a space into its first reality. Following consultation with the client, this is then brought to life in 3D using CAD and graphics software. This allows both parties to explore the designs in immense detail. From the textures of the surfaces to the lighting of the room, the designers can test and manipulate every aspect of a space before it even exists in physical form.

The team are on the cutting edge of technical developments and trends, enabling the firm to offer a huge diversity of designs. Match this with the client’s intentions, desires and preferences and the results are incredible visions realised, most of which cruise the oceans to be soaked up by holidaymakers.

One such creation is the Disney Dream cruise. As you can imagine this is a ship which required an exceedingly imaginative design, whilst keeping close consideration for the practical dynamics of the ship. What differentiates the Disney Dream from other ships, from a designers perspective, is that the Disney team are trying to tell a story, to take the guests on a trip through the rich history of Disney, thus, attention to detail is of paramount importance aboard the ship.

This is something which Yran & Storbraaten seamlessly achieved, and what makes them so successful on all their projects. An attentive ear to detail, whether it be the wishes of the client, or the aesthetic designs.

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