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    Yachts from the Monaco Yacht Show:

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The Monaco Yacht Show is about to get into full swing, so in case you’re not lucky enough to be there in person, we have brought some of it right here.

The following are three incredible projects that Bolidt have had the pleasure of working on recently.

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Ulysses is the extravagant explorer’s yacht. It is quite literally designed to explore, with a jaw-dropping array of adventure gear. This exploration vessel is equipped with probably every kind of vehicle you can imagine. You can land on it by helicopter, you can leave it with a dirt-bike, and you can even hover over the surrounding sea with a jet pack.

It’s the yacht that any young boy would design in their day dreams, yet it also has a distinct and mature flavour in its design. The interior, designed by H2 Yacht Design, is relaxed yet eclectic. The mixture of light woods and fabrics gives it a contemporary look, with a homey feel.


The Graceful is no less than grand. With marble flooring and spiral staircases, the design holds a grandiose theme throughout.  

This 82m motor yacht was built in part by prestigious German shipyard Blohm and Voss.

The boat was originally built by Sevmash in Russia, however it was then moved to Germany where it received modifications, including a bulbous bow, as well as a part of the superstructure.

Awesome features include a 15 meter indoor swimming pool that converts into a dance floor.


The brief for Maryah was to create a yacht that could accommodate for 50 people, as well as providing all of the facilities for a self-contained cruise around the world.

H2 Yacht Design took this in their stride and came up with a 120 meter vessel that does not disappoint! Finished in the summer of 2015, it will be on exhibition in the coming week at the Monaco Yacht Show. 

All three of these beautiful yachts will be on show in the coming week at Monaco Yacht Show

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