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The realisation of the Experience & Innovation Centre, where a virtual and physical world meet, is in close cooperation with our renowned construction partners.

RoosRos Architects is responsible for the technical design that unites all the different design disciplines. Their design is the link that joins the architectural design of Lüchinger Architects and Kossman.dejong together into a technically sound and well functioning building.

The relationship between Bolidt and RoosRos architects is an ongoing affair with a long history of collaborations. They were responsible for the design of the first Bolidt office and also renovated the building a couple of years ago. Now they are the technical mastermind behind the design of the Experience & Innovation Centre.

RoosRos Architects is currently working on an “As-Built” model, which means that they are virtually building the Experience & Innovation Centre in 3D. Even the tiniest details are incorporated in this model. All the features that are needed to execute the design will be fed into the Building Information Model and integrated in one digital model. By using this model all involved parties work with the same information while everyone is kept up to date of any new developments.

For more information about RoosRos Architects go to: www.roosros.nl


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