Unlocking AREA78: Lüchinger Architects

  • Designing a building that

    will grow with Bolidt's ambition

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UNLOCKING AREA78: lüchinger architects

We’ve been working with Lüchinger Architects founder Joris Lüchinger from the very beginning of our dream. We asked them to do one thing, turn our dream into the master plan; an architectural design to encapsulate our Innovation Centre

Our Innovation Centre is an idea which has grown over many years, but always with the 'experience' forming a central focus. The final design is a building characterized by its smooth lines, transparency and free flow throughout. It’s truly a building which will grow with our ambitions.

Fundamental to this is our ambition to bring unlimited possibilities into view through the most modern techniques. This dream has been fully realized by Lüchinger Architects with their inspirational use of open floor plans and breath-taking glass.

If you’d like to know more about Lüchinger Architects, visit them here: https://www.luchinger-architects.nl

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