Unlocking AREA78: De Vries en Verburg

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UNLOCKING AREA78: de vries en verburg

The relationship with De Vries and Verburg has been around for years. Often it means that Bolidt is contracted to lay floors in projects of De Vries and Verburg. For the construction of our Innovation Center, however, we reversed the roles once and De Vries and Verburg as a contractor were asked to realize the building.

With this, even for the experienced contractor, the challenging job started to bring the design from working drawing to execution. In total, the project requires no less than 11,000 own man-hours, 7 kilometers of piles, 1,400 m3 of concrete mortar and 525,000 kilograms of steel.

Constructively speaking, keeping the structural parts stable during execution is the biggest challenge. This also applies to all other construction partners that are involved. "Where all parts in the final situation are connected, we still need temporary help and support structures to keep the building afloat," explains Bernhard van Houwelingen, project manager at De Vries and Verburg Bouw.

For more information about De Vries and Verburg, visit: https://www.devriesverburg.nl


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