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Maarten Tarborsky explains that the relationship with Bolidt goes way back when we worked together on a project for Zaha Hadid. As a manufacturer of innovative, interactive exhibits with a focus on experience, Bruns is the ideal co-maker who can bring the designs and vision of Kossmann.deJong in the Bolidt Innovation Center to life. 

The shared vision and focus on innovation and experience makes it easy and fun for Bruns to work with Bolidt. They are excited to show everyone what they can do and realise in a project such as this. 

Bruns has never made such a large exhibit as The Pounder. A massive, steel exhibit which holds six interactive setups that can perform six different tests on the material. Each exhibit tells a story, fit and customised for every visitor while the entire Bolidt Innovation Center transports you to another world where we will introduce you to the latest and most innovative solutions and concepts. 

For more information about Bruns, you can visit: https://www.bruns.nl

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