Experience sealife from inside your yacht with the Underwater Lounge

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    Experience sealife from inside your yacht
    with the Underwater Lounge

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Student Victor Verhulst designed an exciting Ocean View underwater lounge concept for his thesis and wins top Dutch award while doing so!

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As part of their investment in the future of marine education, Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects welcomed Victor Verhulst into their offices to work on his thesis.  The Ocean Viewlounge that he designed looks like a glass-cylinder extension from the bottom of a yacht. From this lounge people can admire underwater life in style!

One of the strong points of Verhulst’s design is that he used an integrated design approach, meaning that he took into consideration a wide range of aspects while designing the lounge. Not only did he ensure that the owner experience stands central, his design is also technically feasible. This makes that this concept can actually be realised.

The Maritime Designer Award is an award given to designers who have realised and applied an innovation in the design process. According to the jury, Victor Verhulst especially deserved the prestigious Maritime Design Award because of this multidisciplinary approach to the complex lounge. 

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