The Annual Young Designers Getaway

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    The Annual Young Designers Getaway

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The annual young designers getaway

If you know anything about The Netherlands, then you know that it has everything to do with water. The nation has long since been a breeding ground for naval innovation. Trades such as shipbuilding are closely connected to the soul of the country. Back in the 17th century, much of its trade came from overseas. Consequently, they needed a good navy to protect the valuable cargo. This eventually spurred the Dutch on to becoming the fine craftsmen we see so prominently today.

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This craftsmanship with water is just as celebrated today as it was all those centuries ago. It continues to grow in a variety of shapes and forms. In fact, Bolidt, Esthec, Oceanco and Boat International joined together to arrange a special event to commemorate Dutch yachting innovation; The Annual Young Designers Getaway. Finalists of the Young Designer of the Year award 2017 were brought together to explore the future of yachting in a fun and exciting way. In the heart of naval innovation, a pursuit of knowledge and innovation coincided with Dutch tradition (involving the King!).

Whilst shipbuilding has always been a prominent craft in the Netherlands, the materials at hand, as well as the technology, have evolved over the centuries.

Oceanco Y712

Oceanco is a Dutch yacht building company that pride themselves on high-tech engineering and innovation. Whilst practicing age-old skills of yacht building, they are constantly striving for quality through the latest innovations. A project they have completed in the last year is the Y712. It’s one of the most advanced projects of recent years and stands as testimony to their standard of innovation.

Technically it’s the largest private sailing yacht in the world and is designed to travel with the power of its sails alone.

Even the bow of the ship is particularly unique, with a stem that cuts through waves. Such a monumental project will no doubt contribute to design and conception of yachts for years to come.


Traditionally, teak was the deck of choice. However, as technology advances and concerns for the environment grow, superior alternatives have arrived. A deck is much more than just wood nowadays.

Esthec® Sensor Deck

Since its origin 10 years ago, Esthec has revolutionized the role of decking on yachts. In a material sense, it replaced wood with a more suited alternative. But also in a functional sense; decking can now serve multiple purposes, beyond looking good and being strong. Take a look at Esthec® Sensor Deck; every step made on a yacht can be detected. This has serious implications for security, energy efficiency, and practicality. The Sensor Deck can alert the owner of the yacht of any unexpected visitor, working as an alarm system. Not just any sails, but with three DynaRig masts, which boast twice the efficiency of traditional square rigs. It could also activate features such as lighting or air conditioning, bringing extreme efficiency and practicality to yachts.

Bolideck® Glow

With today’s decking technology, ship builders (and young designers!) have immense freedom in design. Bolidt was one of the first companies to open up designers to the idea of experimenting with deck design. But now it goes a step further. Bolideck® Glow allows any sort of image or pattern to be integrated into the deck, which then glows in the dark. The system collects energy from the sun in the day and lights up at night. This opens a whole new door to design and safety on board. Instructions and signage could direct passengers on board, whilst gangways could be lit up at night, increasing overall safety.

Thanks to the continued innovation of the maritime industry, safety and efficiency has expanded in all directions. For more insights into the latest innovations of the maritime industry, be sure to watch this space. We’ll be sharing the journey the Young Designers went on as they explored the home of yachting innovation.

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