Tesla Tilburg: smooth, smoother, smoothest!

  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco

    Tesla Tilburg:
    smooth, smoother, smoothest!

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tesla tilburg

Last week a brand new Tesla factory opened in Tilburg. Not only the car itself is smooth, so are the features inside the factory (read: indoor test track!) and to increase the level of smoothness even more a choice was made for a seamless flooring system by Bolidt.

  • booster-tesla tilburg
  • Tesla factory Tilburg Bolidtop Stato 500 I Deco

It’s not only the smoothness that makes it stand out from a lot of other factories in The Netherlands or even Europe, it’s also the fact that it is the most sustainable one of The Netherlands! The Tesla factory, built under the supervision of Heembouw, received a BREEAM Outstanding certificate. This new distribution centre brings Tesla another step closer to achieving their goal to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.

The opening

No lesser than the world-renowned Elon Musk paid Tilburg a visit for the opening.  In his speech he spoke about the opportunities that are opened up by this new building for Tesla as the production efficiency has gone up to 450 cars a week and they can be tested on the indoor test track up to 120 km/ hour!

It’s not often that production halls catch the eye of architects and designers, but this one is definitely a highlight! Enjoy the first glimpses of the Tesla factory in Tilburg. 

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