Fitting architecture for Schmidt Zeevis’ new distribution centre

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    Fitting architecture for

    Schmidt Zeevis’ new distribution centre

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Schmidt Zeevis

Schmidt Zeevis is a well-known fishmonger in The Netherlands. Due to its big success it has simply become too big for its current location and so A&W Architekten designed a perfectly fitting distribution centre: a fishing boat!

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The new location offers a lot of possibilities for Schmidt Zeevis. Their shop in the centre of Rotterdam became too small due to a growing demand, which caused parking problems for both their customers and suppliers. This brand new building is a different kettle of fish! With over 8000m2 of space this will no longer be a problem.

In addition, this ship-shaped building will not only be home to the shop as it has 5000m2 more space than its previous location. It also includes a large cold store and there is plenty of space to grow even further in the future.

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