Rotterdam's architecture lands it in the Lonely Planet's must-see city list

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    Rotterdam's architecture lands it
    in the Lonely Planet's must-see city list

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Rotterdam has landed itself at #5 in the Lonely Planet’s top ten cities list. The high praise is directed towards the vibrant nightlife, the variety of drinking and dining venues and of course, the phonomenal architecture. Since being largely demolished during the period of WW2, Rotterdam has become somewhat of a hub for awe-inspiring architecture.

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The beauty of Rotterdam’s architectural landscape is hard to deny with centerpieces like De Rotterdam (the largest building in the Netherlands) overlooking the river Nieuwe Maas. It earns the name ‘vertical city’ due to it’s remarkable functionality, serving as a space for labour, leisure and residency. This stunning structure houses a hotel, fitness facilities, apartments, shops, restaurants and office space, all of which meet throughout the building. With 5000 people using it everyday, it’s the most densely built area in the Netherlands!

On the subject of functional innovation, Markthal Rotterdam is something to behold. It’s inverted-U-shaped design consists of glass-walled apartments, which over look the food hall. From the inside the 40m high walls are dressed with an eye-capturing mural of fruits and vegetables. Also a combination of food, leisure and living, 

Markthal is another testimony of Rotterdam’s ability to synergise different functions in a well-designed practical space.

Complementing the landscape is the Erasmus Bridge, designed by Berkel & Bos, which has become somewhat of a signature for Rotterdam. Due to its majestic nature it has been coined ‘de zwaan’ (the swan) and breeds an atmosphere of elegance among its surroundings, as well as endless photo opportunities.

The innovative culture of this city, which is reflected in its architectural designs, makes it feel like a city of the future. As Rotterdam sits below sea-level, there are plans for it to be fully climate-proof by 2035. To accomplish this the city will install water plazas which also function as playgrounds, adding to the richness and playfulness of Rotterdam’s character.

With plans of Eurostar links and inner-city canal surfing on the horizon, it’s not hard to see why Rotterdam has captured the attention and appreciation of so many. It’s culture, as well as its skyline, exuberates a freshness of flavour which is sure to interest people of all ages, from all over.

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