On-board veggies to be grown on Ms Koningsdam

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    On-board veggies

    to be grown on Ms Koningsdam

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Holland America Line have teamed up with award-winning Koppert Cress to bring a culinary innovation unique to ‘Ms Koningsdam’, the line’s latest cruise.

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There’s something special about eating food that’s sourced locally, and according to Koppert Cress; the more local, the better. Koppert Cress is an organisation that specializes in growing different types of cress. Labelling their work as ‘Architecture Aromatique’, each plant has a different effect on the senses. Surpassing the role of a simple garnish, the microgreens add fragrance and flavour to the dish.

In their recent partnership, Holland America Line and Koppert Cress have created a rather unique farm-to-table dining experience aboard ‘Ms Koningsdam’. Having witnessed the microvegetables grow throughout their cruise, the guests will then be served meals that have been prepared with those very same plants. The microgreens are on display in a glass enclosed growing area, 

which are then harvested and prepared shortly before arriving on a plate in front of the guest. With the meals being made in ‘show-cooking’ fashion, the dining process is very transparent indeed. With such an inclusive experience, the ‘culinary arts center’ creates an immersive, organic atmosphere.

Although you have probably eaten many of them over time, you may be wondering; “What on Earth is a microgreen?”. A microgreen is a tiny vegetable plant in the first 2 weeks of its life. In most cases these seedlings have more nutrition and more flavour than the adult plants, making them a delicious and eye-pleasing addition to plates in fine-dining restaurants. The distinct flavour of these little vegetables include mustard, garlic and licorice.

The intriguing process of preparation and presentation gives the dining experience upon ‘Ms Koningsdam’ a winning combination. As we become more conscious of what we are eating and where it comes from, it is becoming more and more interesting to see how design reflects this growing sense of awareness.

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