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Maurits Algra, name partner at Dutch design studio De Jong Gortemaker Algra and part of Dutch Health Architects, is internationally recognized as a leading healthcare architect. Such a reputation is reason enough to find out the story and vision behind the man that helps patients heal through his designs.

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For De Jong Gortemaker Algra, which was founded in the 1930s, architecture is about creating living environments for people. Buildings that influence people’s day-to-day life. Good architecture exceeds expectations and creates environments that surprise, trigger, inspire and heal.

One of De Jong Gortemaker Algra’s experts, when it comes down to creating environments that heal, is Maurits Algra. Maurits Algra is not only one of the directors of DJGA, but he’s also part of Dutch Health Architect. He designs healthcare projects on an international scope. Being able to find a perfect balance in designing a hospital that has a healing effect on its patients while at the same time fulfilling investors’ requirements for effectiveness, makes him a preferred choice when it comes to designing hospitals worldwide.

Having experience designing all over the place, Maurits Algra knows like no other that not one hospital is the same.

 Cultural differences in patient care, treatment and the contribution of family makes designing a hospital exciting and refreshing.

There are many parties involved in the design of a healthcare facility and everyone has a say on the matter. The investors want everything to be as cost effective as possible, the staff wants to be able to do their job as easily as possible and the patients want the best possible care there is. Maurits Algra explains that you can’t just simply design according to the clients ideas, because then they could just as well do it themselves.

It’s the architect’s job to find out what the client really wants and exceed his/ her expectations with the design. Working together with clients is key, so that the end results will be something both parties are extremely satisfied with. 

A few beautiful projects that Maurits Algra and Dutch Health Architects have worked on that are well worth checking out are: UZ Leuven University Hospital, Maaseik Hospital and the Next Generation Hospital in Slovakia. 

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