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Kada wittfeld architektur

Kadawittfeldarchitektur are an architectural office that move through projects with an interdisciplinary ethos. Their approach goes beyond just architectural design, through to product and interior design, as well as town planning and urban studies.

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They aim to make functional spaces that integrate with their surrounding both aesthetically and sustainably. The Celtic Museum in Glauburg, Germany is a clear example of this philosophy manifested. It’s inserted into the slope with clear contours that blend it into the landscape. Whilst the design revolves smoothly around the given environment, it also serves very precise functions.

The shape of the building, capturing as it is, works to highlight and give presence to the burial mound (the archeological point of interest). The museum protrudes out from the slope, as if a periscope presenting the past. It is a fascinating, yet humble design that does not compete with the archeological site.

Another project that exhibits their all-encompassing approach is the Grimmwelt Kassel (The Brothers Grimm Museum). This is the home to the archives of the literary brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, responsible for works such a Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella. As you’d expect the museum has a majestic aura, with limestone facades.

The museum is built upon a sloping plot in Weinberg. Making full use of the given environment, the structure is split across five sloping tiers that offer tranquil viewing platforms over the city. It’s within a park, and thus blends the museum into the surrounding location as a continuous open space, inviting visitors to explore at their own pace.

Kadawittfeldarchitektur have recently had an office refit, with the same open planning and ingenius use of space that can be seen in their other designs. Bolidt installed flooring (Bolidtop 525) on the 8th and 9th floors, adding to the seamlessly smooth design of the office. To see more of their designs, check out their projects on their website.

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