Interior Design Trends 2017

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    Interior Design Trends 2017

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Interior design trends 2017

With a new year comes new trends, and with new trends comes exciting developments. The fashion trend predictors have foreseen some interesting movements in the interior design of homes. Here they are.

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A Change in Colour
2016 was a year of soft pastels. This year, however, will make way for warmer colours. Deeper and darker tints will create a warm homey feel. It looks as though interior design may be following other industries and ‘going green’. This means plants are in! As well as touches of dark green furniture. Copper and marble will be seen less in the home, whilst materials such as brass, bronze, and coloured stone will emerge.

Organic Materials
The fashion of ‘going green’ will also include a return to organic and natural materials. Particularly in the bathroom we’ll see clean colours contrasted with organic cosiness. This combination of contemporary and organic creates a dynamic ambience that suggests a clean but stylish atmosphere. A combo of wood and stone or resin flooring, for instance, is clever and can be applied in a multitude of ways.

With homes now encumbered with mobile devices and computer screens, having time offline is becoming a luxury.

This has encouraged a new kind of space in the home; a space to escape digital distraction. Whether it be a bedroom or a specifically designated area, spaces devoid of digital technology are becoming increasingly valued.

Integrated into this trend is deep, comfy furniture to get lost in. Love seats, day beds, and woollen throw-overs will make their way into the home.

Cork is making a comeback in more ways than one. It’s a diverse material that will be seen defining style and adding texture to a room. Perhaps through the use of a cork-clad walls or cork stools and side tables. Sure, you might know cork for its ability to have notes and pictures stuck into it, but cork is also absorbent of noise, making it ideal for open plan houses. This attribute is also making it a very popular flooring material. It provides great acoustics and is more comfortable on the feet than traditional hardwoods. With new factory finishes it’s far more durable than 10 years ago and is available in any colour, making it a very appealing residential flooring option.

Large Tiles
Tiles are big this year… quite literally. Rather than your standard sizes, tiles of 12x24 and even 36x36 will become more popular. Not only does it look great, but it offers practicality, with less grouting to clean!

There you have it, the fashion forecast for the year to come. So water the plants, wrap up warm, and enjoy some quality offline time with the family. 

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