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Hygienic hatcheries

In the poultry industry, nothing is more important than hygiene. The focal point of discussions remains to be hygiene and safety. How can we better the conditions for an even cleaner environment?

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Throughout 2016, the search for ultimate hygiene was evident in a number of Bolidt projects. More and more are opting for synthetic flooring. Why? Because it’s as tight as a drum! Place Bolidt synthetic flooring under a microscope and you’ll see no gaps whatsoever. No gaps means no hiding places for germs and bacteria. It’s easy to clean and easy to keep clean.

2 Sisters Storteboom

2 Sisters Storteboom is a slaughterhouse specializing in chicken. They found themselves in need of new flooring. Their tiled flooring was not up to hygiene and safety standards and they needed it replaced immediately. With time constraints as well as the need for efficiency, they decided to install Bolidtop® 700. In doing so, they saved enormously on production time. Rather than removing the existing tile foundation, the tiles were levelled by Bolidt with a synthetic compound developed for this purpose. Thereafter, Bolidtop® 700 was seamlessly fitted on top, saving some serious time.


Austrian hatchery Eirmacher chose Bolidtop® 700 for their new factory. Having had bad experiences with flooring in the past, they needed something they could rely on for the long-term.

It’s crucial in a hatchery that no microorganisms can form and nestle in the surfaces. Not only this, but the flooring needs to be strong, with forklift trucks frequenting the area. Bolidtop® 700 ticked all the boxes for the company and thus laid the foundations for a great hatchery.

Probroed & Sloot

Probroed & Sloot is an independent supplier of day-old chicks to the broiler industry. What has kept them on top of their game is their constant innovation. An example of this is that all of their animals are traceable. Essentially, all of their chicks have their own passport, containing the details of its origin. It is this pursuit of cutting edge technology that make them the ideal partners for Bolidt. For the renovation of their Langenboom hatchery, they installed the most advanced hygenic flooring on the market; Bolidtop® 700.

However, innovation in the poultry industry is certainly not limited to hygiene. We’ll be present at the IPPE where numerous TECHtalks will touch on hot topics in the industry.

Topics include everything from effective pest control, to the use of daylight-lighting in hatcheries.

Once Innovations will be giving a talk on their animal-centric approach. The circadian rhythm is something often lost in the argriculture industry. However, this company will be elaborating on how a simple change in lighting can largely effect the quality of the end product.

Unfortunately, maximum efficiency sometimes overrides animal welfare in agriculture related industries. On display at the IPPE, however, is an innovation which increases both efficiency and animal welfare standards. The Stork ATLAS (Advanced Technology Live bird Arrival System) increases the capacity of bird containers up to 38%, whilst also giving the bird more space. It creates a more comfortable environment for the bird, as well as cutting down on co2 emissions.

We’ll be ready to meet and greet you with our own innovations at stand C1216 from the 31st January to the 2nd February. We look forward to seeing you there!

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