Healthcare: Changes and Trends

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    Healthcare: Changes and Trends

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Healthcare: Changes and Trends

If you’re like most people, mention healthcare and images of dreary waiting rooms filled with uncomfortable faces spring to mind. But soon, such unfavorable memories could be replaced with a more pleasant experience. This is thanks to some of the up and coming trends that are emerging throughout the industry.


At this year’s Healthcare Design Showcase, it was made apparent that healthcare was ready for a shift in style. Not just in appearance, but also in its overall approach. Designs at the showcase this year seemed to center around a Lean approach of pragmatic efficiency.

Efficiency Evolution

Although in many cases alternate care facilities have been put in place, the heavy demand of patients at the hospital emergency department is not slowing down. This persistent urgency has given way to a Lean approach that utilizes the space that hospitals already have for maximum efficiency. The introduction of results lounges allows for the reservation of much needed treatment space. Whilst interchangeable case carts have been designed to maximize the use of space.

Human-Centered Approach

Submissions into the showcase this year also showed a great level of consideration. Kudos was given to designers for the overall design implications. For instance, rather than plonking a building in the middle of a community without attention to detail, designs made use of and renovated existing buildings. They have been designed to reflect the community, embracing cultural nuances and creating a comfortable welcome for local patients.

A Change in Colour

Perhaps due to the desire for a germ-free environment, the colour code this year is primarily white interiors, with hints of colour delivered through furnishing, artwork and connections to nature.

Also on the aesthetic side of things, we can see some fresh methods to bringing more daylight into treatment spaces, something that can dramatically change the experience of a patient. 

All in all, it sounds as though our time spent in future healthcare facilities may be more pleasant than the dreary stereotypes we might usually expect. 

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