H Marks the Spot: Helideck Solutions

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    H Marks the Spot: Helideck Solutions

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Helideck solutions

Whilst helipads have been on board super yachts (otherwise known as helidecks) for decades, it’s still a hot topic in the industry. Landing in secret agent style and having the freedom to explore by helicopter is nothing but desirable. However, there’s a lot to consider when installing a helideck.

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When it comes to landing a helicopter on board a yacht, there’s a couple of ways to go about it. One is ‘touch and go’. This requires an emergency landing pad and is just for helicopters to land on without turning the engine off. Once passengers have embarked or departed the vehicle, it leaves.

For this area of activity, there are no set standards. Details for the installation are worked out through a process between designers, builders, and regulators from civil aviation, flag state, the classification society and insurers. However this only goes for non-commercial projects.

The other category of helipad is the fully certified, or the commercially certified. With Superyachts that fly the Red Ensign, especially those intended for charter, the primary regulations are found in the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY3) Annex 6. This outlines the instructions for design, construction and operation.

However, even with all of the official standards met, the helicopter and pilot are subject to requirements of the port state too. Landing areas are also limited by weather conditions agreed to by the Aviation Inspection Body. As you can see, there’s an awful lot to consider.


The next thing to consider is materials. Of course, these also must follow strict regulations. For off-shore installations it’s vital that surfaces have a non-slip coating, whilst all paint markings and signage must be non-skid.

Bolideck® Series

The Bolideck® series are IMO approved. This means they’re up to date and comply with the latest legislation and regulations. Not only this, but they offer the most practical and efficient solution for helidecks.

With Bolideck®, there’s no need for a non-slip coating, as it’s naturally anti-slip. Whether in wet or dry conditions, it offers a firm grip. Also, due to its high quality synthetic nature, it doesn’t absorb water. Unlike traditional teak decks, the growth of bacteria, seaweed and fungi is kept at a minimum and it’s easy to clean.

Perhaps the most cutting edge element of the Bolideck® is the freedom it offers in design. Because everything is made in house at Bolidt headquarters, from the design process to the manufacturing of material, any design can be catered for. Rather than using paint, Bolidt can integrate a sign or a logo into the decking itself. This removes the need for non-skid paint and provides a full package solution. Bolidt offers a number of helideck solutions depending on the needs of the job.

Bolideck® Future Teak

Whilst Teak decks were the standard in the maritime industry for a long period, times have changed. Future Teak exploits the disadvantages of Teak and offers a sustainable  and more reliable alternative. It's lightweight and cost efficient, and on top of that it offers unparelleled freedom in design.

A great example of the decking system in action is the on the helipad for the MY Luna. A unique ‘Luna’ landing sign was designed and integrated into the decking. It’s sleek and stylish, but will also last a lifetime without mars or scratches.

Bolideck® Helideck

Bolideck® Helideck is the deck finishing system that, from a functional perspective, is most suitable for helicopter landing platforms. It's highly anti-skid in case of rain or spray and resistant to considerable mechanical loads like sliding skids. The deck can be repainted without losing its properties. Resistant to oil and chemicals. Finally, it's also seamless, durable, impermeable to fluids, low-maintenance, fireproof and applied on site by our own specialists (as for all of the Bolideck® series).

Bolideck® Select Hard

This luxurious deck finishing system is suitable for heavier mechanical loads just like take-offs and landings. The UV-resistant system is highly antiskid without the surface being rough-textured. Due to its viscidly elastic character it is also suited for intensive foot traffic. It strongly influences the atmosphere with a unique combination of embedded elastic granules and a principle colours of one’s choice.

Bolideck® 1580

The Bolidtop® 1580 deck system is particularly suitable for heavy point loads. Each deck gets its own identity due to the endless colour combinations of the granules that are showing at the surface. This results in a spectacular helipad.

From the purely practical to the super sleek, we offer helideck solutions in every direction. To find more about the Bolideck® series, check out our website.

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