Gensler: Taking Sustainable Action

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    Gensler: Taking Sustainable Action

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More and more we are seeing architects and designers integrating design with solution. Gensler are a design firm that take their role in providing solutions very seriously. They are an unstoppable force that are grabbing healthcare, as well as issues such as climate change, by the horns.

At Gensler, their role supercedes that of passive designers into active participants. A pledge to reduce the effects of climate change to less than 2 degrees celsius was made at the COP21 conference in Paris. The Paris Pledge for Action amalgamated businesses, city governments, civil society groups and trade unions that all made a commitment to ensuring that the goal of limiting global temperature rise to less than 2 degrees celsius will be met or exceeded.

Gensler were one of the businesses making such a promise, and have made clear plans on how to implement their intentions of securing a sustainable future. One area of key importance is collaboration; 

in a field such as design, finding partners who support and inspire one another’s creative vision is of utmost importance. Gensler will now actively pursue partnerships with engineers and clients that not only share their creative vision, but also their vision of achieving a sustainable future.

The team are setting a brilliant example in the industry, rescaling every part of their operation that could possibly help serve the cause. For instance; they’ll be ensuring the efficiency of their building materials in three separate stages; when they are made, when they are maintained, and when they reach the end of their use.

From the get-go of a project, energy conservation conversations will be at the forefront of communications to and from clients. Through close interaction, client energy goals will be set and tracked as the project progresses. This interaction also aims to include the building operators in the design process, so that the building operation can be orchestrated with an awareness and understanding of the energy goals, as well as offering a set of tools to those who use the space. If you wish to hear more about Gensler and their steps towards sustainability, you can check it out here.

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