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Having been opened for Bolidt’s 40th Anniversary, the Bolidream has transformed budding dreams into flowering realities for over 10 years now!

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Bolidream, the design department of Bolidt, originated as response to the growing demand from architects and designers for special applications. In this space the potential avenues and applications of synthetics can be explored freely.

Any architect or designer who enters Bolidream won’t be leaving without getting their feet wet! All of the materials are developed on site, giving designers an opportunity to get their hands dirty and experiment. Working side by side with the Bolidt flooring experts, designers can relay their dreams, no matter how big, into the synthetic flooring.

This is not your standard flooring however. In fact, it’s not always flooring that ends up being produced. Interior designer Piet Boon produced some unique chandeliers with the Bolidt team. Also manifested in the Bolidream was a rather priceless flooring design. It was made with real money and featured in a bank.

If you’ve got a huge dream that could be captured in the Bolidream, but you don’t have the time to physically enter the studio, fear not! The Bolidream experience centre can come to you. Bolidt will provide a creative session for you and your colleagues at your place of business.

Right to your door, the latest developments in plastic will be brought. This way you can see and touch the potential materials of your dreams.

The Bolidream Experience has taken its experimental lab across the world. From Amsterdam to London, people get an interactive experience with Bolidt’s materials. This dream-making machine will also be up and running at the upcoming World Architecture Festival. For more information check out the World Architecture Festival website.

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