From Toxic Algae to Fuel and Fertilizer: Dubai Design Week

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    From Toxic Algae to Fuel and Fertilizer:

    Dubai Design Week

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dubai design week

Dubai Design Week is an international platform for innovative brands to take their latest ideas in front of a fresh audience.

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On display this year is the ‘algae sea harvester’. The project was realised at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden by Fredrik Ausinsch. The Baltic Sea suffers from an unusually large amount of toxic algae, which is what the working prototype, presented from 24th to 29th of October, will tackle.

It’s essentially an innovative drone that collects and stores the excess algae. Simply by removing the algae from the sea, the conditions of the environment are improved; nutrients and toxins in the water are reduced, the spreading of anoxic sediments is prevented and the reproduction of fish increases.

This in turn brings about more tourism to the area which benefits the surrounding area.

However the ‘algae sea harvester’ takes it a step further. The excess algae collected is actually converted into fuel, fertilizer, as well as healthcare products.

The Dubai Design Week is a great canvas for designers to exhibit their ideas. In particular, the Dubai Design District (D3) focuses on the growth of design, art and fashion within the Emirates.

Countries within the United Arab Emirate will receive a stage to explore the iconic buildings and locations within Dubai through installations and exhibits. The team will also promote design education through a program of talks, discussions, and workshops.

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