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Cepezed is a Dutch architectural firm that represent knowledge, skill and a stimulating no-nonsense mentality. Cepezed is a medium sized, award-winning spatial design specialist. Assignments address the challenges of city-planning, industry, interiors and particularly architecture.

In the past few decades, Cepezed has earned a prosperous reputation with transparent, sustainable and technologically progressive architecture that is remarkably accessible and humane.

Unaffected design, sober but stylish materialization, and careful finishing are just as characteristic of Cepezed and their oeuvre as the integration of spatial and construction-technical aspects. The design and building processes at Cepezed are also integrated: the use of prefab components and the application of industrial building methods guarantee an optimum alignment of design and realization, 

in which time, quality, and costs are meticulously planned and controlled.

Combining conceptual skills, contemporary solutions for contemporary problems and ingenious creativity, results are disarmingly sober and inimitably intelligible.

Regular construction materials do not always suffice for Cepezed and their integral design methods. Therefore it also innovates. Over recent time Cepezed has introduced new building materials to achieve the special effects clients desire.

With empathy, professionalism, freedom from convention and as much trust in technology as itself, Cepezed continuously invests its best efforts on new, durable and intelligent building solutions.

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