Brands Breaking the Mold: Saving the Seven Seas

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    Brands Breaking

    the Mold: Saving the Seven Seas

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Brands breaking the mold

Whilst the oceans and the life that inhabits them are being polluted at an alarming rate, it’s a problem that can be easy to overlook as it’s not staring us directly in the face. Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps. However this is where brands come in to utilize the power of the consumer. Here are some of the most awesome projects fighting for the sea.

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Sea Bags

Sea bags are completely created from sails collected in the local boating community. The raw materials are extremely resilient which makes for a durable design that has bags of style. Each bag is purposefully made to incorporate the unique features of the sail. Over the last 15 years they’ve helped 500 tons of material avoid going into landfills. You can design your own bag on their website which will be produced with eco-friendly ink.

Aethic Sovee

Sun cream is an essential part of any summer holiday, just like coral is an essential part of the ocean. Here’s a brand that understand that and do their best to protect and conserve the coral of the ocean, primarily from chemical pollution. They’ve teamed up with the Coral is Moral campaign to raise the bar even higher. For each bottle of Aethic Sovee, £1 will be donated to coral reef restoration nurseries around the globe.

Keep It Clean

Keep it Clean are a brand that like to keep it simple. Their main focus is to (of course) keep you, as well as the oceans, clean. The brand is doing all this through the use of bowties. That’s right. For every tie or bowtie that’s purchased, one dollar will go straight to the Ocean Cleanup, a campaign that does very much what it says on the tin.


If behavioral change in the market is going to take place, we need the industry giants to participate. Thankfully, Adidas have taken to the challenge and collaborated with Parley for the Oceans to create something amazing. Their new sneaker is made from recycled polyester and gill net (a material responsible for over 100,000 marine mammal deaths each year), and it looks pretty cool. The industry giant also intends to phase out plastic bags in their retail stores by the end of this year. 

G star raw

The pollution of the ocean is a topic that needs attention as well as direct action, immediately. That’s exactly what this collaboration of brands is out to achieve. Bionic yarn is a company that uses ocean plastics to create fabric, and they’ve conjoined forces with G-Star Raw and Pharrell Williams to get the message out there. The new fashion line supplies for men and women and roughly 700,000 plastic bottles have been salvaged from the oceans so far for the fabric.

With more and more brands taking inspiring action, power is increasingly placed in the palm of the consumer. Let’s save the sea!

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