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With an average of at least three to four 63 meter + sophisticated yachts in his name on a yearly basis, Espen Oeino is a legend in the world of yacht design. Who is this icon?

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For us personally, Espen Oeino is a bit of a secret legend. Most yacht designers have published biographies online stating their vision and proudly presenting their portfolio of stunning yachts. Espen Oeino is not one of them! Visit Espen Oeino International’s website online and the only information you will get are contact details. The more reason to find out who the man behind Espen Oeino International actually is.

A Norwegian-born designer

This Norwegian-born designer was a born designer! As a little kid he was always drawing boats, cars and busses. He drew his first boat when he was 2 years of age and has been obsessed with boat design ever since. As a young adult he completed his degree in naval architecture and offshore engineering in Scotland, after which he worked at Martin Francis’ design studio. 

During his time here he worked as a project manager on the legendary Eco project (now known as: Enigma). 

As it goes with legendary designers, Espen Oeino set up his own design studio, Espen Oeino International S.A.R.L., not long after.

Since 1994 the technical and design studio has been specializing in naval architecture and engineering related disciplines. Up–to–date he has 44 superyachts on his name from all over the world!

What makes designs by EOI so different?

Every artist has its own signature and so does he: sketching. In an interview with Yachting, Espen Oeino emphasizes the importance of never using erasers when sketching. “You correct as you go, because this is not meant to be a presentation sketch- it’s really just exploring ideas.” Ideas evolve over time and so will the sketch.

At EOI there is no specific style that can be detected. Yacht designs have ranged from fast and sleek to voluminous.  The most important thing according to Mr. Oeino is to start every project with a fresh mind and collaborate with clients to design a yacht that exactly fits their needs.  The more open-minded and creative the clients, the more room there is for Espen Oeino to work his magic.

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