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Ector Hoogstad Architects (EHA) is an independent all round architectural practice based in Rotterdam, the city with Europe’s largest port and Holland’s highest density of architects.

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The firm of 40 professionals provides a full range of architectural design and coordination services. They work in project teams of differing size and composition, each led by experienced project architects and project managers. Overall leadership of the firm is in the hands of Joost Ector (Design Principal) and Max Pape (Managing Director).

EHA has a leading position in the Netherlands’ internationally highly ranked design-landscape. In over fifty years, the firm has built up an impressive portfolio of

projects, remarkable both for its range and variety as well as its consistently high level of both architectural and technical quality. The firm has a large number of striking and significant buildings to its credit, such as the Netherlands Ministry of VROM (Spatial Planning and the Environment), several theatres, and buildings for various universities.

At the end of 2010, the firm moved into new accommodations: at its own initiative it transformed part of a former technical

school into a workspace of its own design. In so doing, the firm also made a tangible contribution to the revitalising of the Rotterdam West district, which is developing into an important centre of cultural activity.

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