Detailing in the poultry industry

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    Detailing in the poultry industry


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Our protocol begins from the ground up. A well designed foundation makes for an effective facility all round. In particular, scrupulous attention must go into the detailing. Whilst certain elements are necessary to keep the area clean, they can also be the crux of hygiene. For instance, crucial aspects of a poultry facility, such as drainage, thresholds, skirting, and corners, are also an ideal living space for bacteria. In this blog we’ll be expanding upon how we deal with these challenges.

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Drainage systems

A frequently asked question at Bolidt is "can the floor be connected to drainage systems without any gaps?". The short answer is; absolutely! However there are a couple of things to consider when applying the floor and installing details. When applying the drainage systems, it should be noted that Bolidtop® 700 has a thickness of 5 mm. Thus, make sure that the drainage system does not protrude to a height greater than 5 mm to avoid any irregularity in smoothness. We have a team of experienced specialists, so for any queries regarding individual cases, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Coved skirting

Coved skirting replaces the need for any rigid edges around the perimeter of a room. Bolidtop® 700 can be applied to avoid the existence of any 90° corners, reducing the risk of bacterial hideouts. This same curved finish, applied with radius 30, can be used all the way to the corners of the room, leaving no stone unturned.


Expansion joints

Expansion joints are gaps in between the concrete slabs. To ensure a level surface and with no spaces for bacteria to hide, it’s important that these gaps are filled. This can be done through Bolidt’s food safe expansion joint profiles. After the application of these profiles, Bolidtop® 700 can be applied with a smooth, seamless connection. If the contractor applies the expansion joints, they need to make sure that the profiles do not protrude more than 5 mm.It’s essential that the food safe expansion joint profiles are also placed in visible areas. Often walls are installed on top of these expansion joints, however, for a doorway it’s necessary to install an expansion joint profile.

Seamless connections between different floors

Often there is a height difference from one floor to another. Based on actual drawings and technical details, our specialists will evaluate the challenges and suggest a solution. For instance, the transition from a tiled area to synthetic flooring can be tricky. To ensure a perfect connection from floor to tile, we use a special ending strip profile. Whatever the challenge, we have a solution.



Within the construction of buildings in the poultry industry, slopes can be an essential element in the subfloor used to drain liquids. The slope itself must be built into the concrete foundation. Bolidt flooring systems perfectly follow the foundation and thus can be applied easily to the slope. The inherent qualities of Bolidt flooring offer slip resistance even when wet, as well as being easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

When it comes to the poultry industry, we have decades of experience, and therefore we know the industry requirements inside out. If you’d like to request further information, please contact Dennis van Grevenbroek.

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