Dairy details: How flooring enhances dairy facilities

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    Dairy details:

    How flooring enhances dairy facilities


Through decades of experience, Bolidt have become specialists in the dairy industry. The floor and the walls are the largest surface areas of a factory, and, with the right know-how, they can greatly improve the overall quality of a facility. Through this article we’ll give a run down of the most important features that have the potential to make or break a dairy establishment.

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Expert knowledge

A good floor can only be applied by a supplier that has expert knowledge of the industry. With industry-specific knowledge, the floor can accommodate for the different areas of need. This is particularly true in the dairy industry, where distinction between areas is a matter of urgency. For instance, special attention must be given to areas that work with baby powder. An added awareness of safety and an electrically conductive floor are essential for avoiding unwanted explosions. Bolidt have the knowledge to provide solutions for each area all under one roof. We believe that the quality of a dairy establishment can be seen in the details. Seamless connections and pristine detailing have a significant impact on the overall function of a facility.

Coved skirting and drainage systems

Undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns in the dairy industry is hygiene. Maintaining a pristine level of hygiene is essential in meeting industry requirements and inspections. The floor plays a critical role in this. Applying the floor correctly is instrumental in creating a hygienic environment. Bolidt flooring systems are pore-free, meaning they offer no space for bacteria.

However, seamless connections between drainage systems and corners can further enhance the cleanliness of the environment. While gutters and drains are essential due to the thorough cleaning routines, they invite all kinds of unwanted germs. Bolidt specialize in making seamless connections that are perfectly level with the draining. This eliminates hiding places for the growth of bacteria. We also provide coved skirting that connects our floor and wall systems, leaving awkward corners and skirting boards out of the equation. Bolidtop® 700’s thermo-setting, self-leveling nature also removes the need for leveling tools. It’s airtight with zero gaps. The easier an area is to clean, the better.

Colour transitions and wayfinding

A great advantage of Bolidt flooring is its potential for variation and design. A great range of colours are available and almost any design can be integrated into the floor. In the dairy industry, this serves to further the safety of the environment. Often there are three different levels of safety implemented into the design of a dairy factory; ‘no care’, ‘medium care’, and ‘high care’. Using Bolidt’s vast range of colours, distinctions are made between the different areas, keeping workers well-informed of the level of precaution necessary.

Danger zones, directions, and signage can also be seamlessly added to the flooring.

Walls and Ceilings

We are not just concerned with the flooring, but also offer wall- and ceiling solutions for the dairy industry. For a ‘no care’ space, a coating is applied onto concrete after simply sanding the surface. The end result shows holes no bigger than 4mm from air bubbles caused by the uneven surface. In the medium care areas, the contractor first polishes most of the holes before applying the coating. This results in very small holes in the surface. In the ‘high care’ rooms the system is adapted to ensure that even the smallest holes are closed. Bolidt does this by applying an intermediate layer called Bolicoat®50 G. The end result is an impenetrable wall with absolutely no space for bacteria to hide.

A thorough knowledge of the environment and its needs makes Bolidt the perfect partner for the dairy industry. To hear more about our flooring solutions please don’t hesitate to contact our dairy flooring expert Ton van Wijnen.

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