Co-creating Design Dreams: The Bolidream

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    Co-creating Design Dreams:
    The Bolidroom

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Lofts: a milestone in design

Architecture is a field in which no dream is too big to be captured by the four walls of a building. Architects push the limits of what can be achieved in modern society, bringing the future to the present. Imagination is key. However, another key ingredient comes in the form of collaboration. With an expert team covering all the bases, designs can become tangible realities.

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 As an architect pictures their next structure, the floor, being one of the largest surface areas, plays an integral part in their vision. With synthetic flooring the limits to what is possible is truly vast. It offers a freedom in form that allows an architect to be playful with their project. The Bolidroom is a space where such exploration can take place. Experts in synthetic flooring fuse their knowledge with the enthusiasm of architects to conceive some astonishing end results.

Dreams realised in Bolidroom

The Bolidroom is the space where Bolidt help dreams become a reality. Following are some of the most epic realisations to have happened in Bolidroom.

Watercube Beijing

The Watercube was designed in collaboration with Chinese architect Jiwei Li. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and dramatic building of the Beijing Olympics 2008. 3000 luminous plastic bubbles form the outer layer of the building. These bubbles not only fit swimmingly well with the purpose of the building, but their transparent membrane also allows sunlight to heat the pools inside. This magical structure was imagined by Jiwei alongside Bolidt through an experimentation of different plastic, colours, forms, and textures.

Mein Schiff 4

When a successful collaboration is made, both parties get direct involvement with the project. Mein Schiff 4, the cruise ship from TUI Cruises, is a great example of this phenomenon. The project shifted expectations associated with cruise ships on a grand scale. Assembled for the ship were around 6,000 contemporary artworks. From paintings, to murals and sculptures, you can see it all. One particular piece of interest is a striking artwork in the TUI Bar area. It’s made with aluminium panels covered in car paint which merge into the colourful flooring. After the design and colour combinations had been selected in the Bolidroom with Marius Martinussen, the artist behind the piece, Marius poured the multi-coloured floor area with his own hands. A great example of collaborative design from start to finish.  

HoornBeeck College

From the beginning, the design of the Hoornbeeck College’s flooring was to play an integral part in the overall image and ethos of the school. To achieve the level of custom design needed was only possible in the Bolidream. Grey footprints on the grey background of the ground floor represent first year students beginning their courses, whilst boldly coloured footsteps symbolise students leaving as young adults coloured by the skills and experience of the course. 

Also incorporated into the floor are LED lines circling the footsteps. The LED lines form a clock. As each half an hour passes, the light shifts to the next line. The flexibility of Bolidt and the Bolidroom makes such a conceptual piece of flooring possible.

It’s not just flooring that is conceptualized in the Bolidroom however. Interior designer Piet Boon had a lot of fun brainstorming in Bolidt’s design space. The end result was a set of two chandeliers made with Bolidt materials. The chandeliers were then put up for auction in the Olympic Fundraising Gala in Athens.

As you can see no dream is too big for the Bolidroom. Are you ready to realise your dream? We’ll be at the World Architecture Festival with our Bolidroom Experience, ready to hear your dream. For more information contact us at

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