Five christmas gifts that every architect will love

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    Five christmas gifts

    that every architect will love

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As the festive season approaches, so too does the daunting task of buying appropriate gifts for friends and family. This is a task that proves even more difficult with a critically minded architect on the receiving end. So, to make things easier, here’s some ideas for architectural enthusiasts…

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#1 Lego: Architecture

What better way to take an architect back to the roots of their inner-child than some classic lego. Released in Europe last year, the sleek white lego kit for architects is becoming a favourite among the designer community.

#2 The folding Sled

This reinvention of an all-time Christmas classic by Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies is sure to please. Attached to oak skates, the plastic seat has hinges which make all the more practical.

#3 Moleskin Livescribe notebook

Simple but essential, the notebook is a designer’s best friend. But this one pushes the boat out a little further.

With a convenient balance of tradition and technology, this notebook allows you to write ideas on paper, whilst transferring them straight into your tablet. Help a friend start their year on the right foot with this item that should be in every designer’s inventory.

#4 Flyte light bulb

Make jaws drop all around with this levitating light bulb. Powered through thin air and activated by the touch of a finger, this light bulb is undeniably impressive. In true architectural fashion, this item blends essential technology with stunning art.

#5 Bradley Watch

Buying gifts for an architect can be a tricky matter. However with a stylish watch, you really can’t go wrong.

Originally designed for blind people, the Bradley watch has a sense of practicality that appeals to architects. It’s simplistic, whilst pleasing to the eye.

There you have it! Five ideas that are sure to satisfy the inquisitive minds of your designer friends and family this festive season.

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