Chicks Grow Faster with Hygienic Flooring

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    Chicks Grow Faster

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Poultry farms have been shutting down left, right and centre in the news recently. With an influx of bird flu known as the H5N2 avian flu, hatcheries and poultry farms are on their toes taking maximum precautions. 

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Recently in Yunlin County, Taiwan, a farm was infected by the bird flu, resulting in the culling of 3,900 chickens. This makes the 13th incident of this nature in the county this year, amounting to a total of over 130,000 birds culled. Infections like this put farmers at risk of losing all of their livestock.

Farmers are taking all kinds of measures to lessen the risk of infection. In West Sussex, an organic egg farm have utilized the latest in laser technology to keep out migrant birds. However, another solution comes from the ground up.


When installing a floor in the poultry industry, there’s a lot to consider. Whilst there’s many different factors that come into maintaining the hygiene of a plant, the floor is the largest surface area. Hence, it’s the potential breeding ground for infections that could bring farms to an astounding halt. There’s a few factors to consider when it comes to flooring.

Liquid tight

The floor should be liquid tight from wall to wall to ensure that no germs can nestle in the nooks. A pore-free surface allows for maximum hygiene and minimal risk of infection.

Easy to clean

Whatever the surface, life is made a lot easier if it’s easy to clean. A completely level and smooth surface makes for light work. Not only this, but it should be resistant to the chemicals in disinfectant. This will expand the floor’s life span and allow for maximum hygiene measures.

Mechanical resistance

On any poultry farm or hatchery, there’s sure to be heavy traffic in one form or another. It’s important to choose a flooring that can uphold at least 20 years of heavy mechanical activity (forklift trucks and the like).


With drainage and ventilation systems a necessity, it’s important that the flooring is sealed to perfection. A seamless flooring leaves no space for inhabitants that might bring infection.


Bolidt flooring is a thermosetting synthetic. For this reason it has certain qualities that passively contribute to hygiene. Place it under a microscope and you’ll see it’s absolutely pore-free. This means it accumulates less dirt (and bacteria) and is easy to clean. Our system is seamless and, therefore, doesn’t allow for any hiding places. Whilst drainage systems are absolutely necessary, they invite all kinds of opportunities to bacteria. With Bolidtop® 700, drains can blend seamlessly into the flooring. This is only possible because of Bolidt’s thermosetting quality. Say goodbye to levelling tools, as Bolidtop® 700 self-levels. This means that the flooring is literally air-tight. From the guttering to the floor, there are absolutely no gaps.

Coveted skirting can also replace the need for any rigid edges around the parameters of a room. Bolidtop® 700 can be applied to avoid the existence of any 90° corners, reducing the risk of bacterial hideouts. This same curved finish can be applied all the way to the corners of the room, leaving no stone unturned.

Because of the frequent use of antibiotics, chickens are becoming resistant, making infections ever more daunting. Thus, a passive approach is simply not enough. Here at Bolidt, we have developed anti-microbial technology that kills bacteria on contact. For these reasons, hatcheries all over the world choose the most hygienic flooring possible; Bolidtop® 700. It’s self-levelling, fits seamlessly across detailing and corners, and most importantly, it’s hygienic.

Ultimately, chicks grow faster and poultry production runs at its smoothest as a result of hygienic flooring. At a time of great risk for infection, taking the right precautions really pays off. If you’d like to know more, come visit us at VIV Asia in Bangkok from 15-17 March or send us a message at We’ll be at stand H100.2060 waiting to greet you!

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