Bolidtop® 700 College: Fit for Education

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    Bolidtop® 700 College:

    Fit for Education

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Bolidtop® 700 College

Education is for everyone, young and old. It should motivate, challenge, and stimulate you, preferably in a place where you can study in peace. Passionate teachers, effective material, up-to-date equipment: they are vital for the functioning of an educational institution. The actual building of the institution, however, is given less attention by the student, parent or teacher. Despite this, the layout, the use of colors and the overall design of a building are of paramount importance.

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The design of a school no longer consists of just a fixed set of classrooms. Nowadays, there is much more to it. A school should be an all-inclusive learning environment, offering an array spaces that allow learning happen. Everything in the learning environment should breathe and radiate education. Think of open spaces where students and teachers can come together for consultations. Multipurpose rooms to ensure that a school is engaging and interactive. Today, school is used more intensively than ever and, thus, should aim to provide more than a desk to study at.

From theory to practice

Old practice rooms are being converted into professional areas where students of vocational education are prepared for their future careers. These means all kind of hands-on equipment will be used on the surfaces. With the transformations taking place in many school buildings, there are higher demands than on the materials at use. The floors of these buildings have to qualify for stringent quality requirements due the varying levels of use. Floors must endure thousands of trampling feet per day, on top of everything else. Hence, they require extra maintenance. Heavy use of the building during events, festivals and performances must also be taken into consideration.

The floors must be easy to clean and hygienic, without seams nor edges. Not only this, but floors should also add aesthetic value to the building.

Bolidtop® 700

Our flooring system, Bolidtop® 700, is a floor that meets these requirements, and more. This floor system has its origins in the industrial sector. For over 50 years Bolidt has been in the food manufacturing, metallurgy and pharmacy industries. In all of these industries, the flooring system has excelled and built quite the track record. Impermeable toughness, high scratch resistance, hygienic properties and chemical resistance are what make it so highly applicable to such facilities.

Its shock and impact resistance make it ideal for heavy loads, whilst the ease of maintenance and cleaning also guarantee a long life span.

Recently, the method of applying the flooring has been further optimized and many appealing colors have been developed. With the Bolidtop® 700 College, a new generation of this robust flooring is born. By using particular colours, we are trying to influence, for example, the concentration of students. Research has shown that different colors have a widely varying effect on our concentration and perception of time.

In addition to the colour selection we provide, other colours or colour combinations can be produced on demand. Beyond colour is integrated UV-protection. The means that whether exposed to a lot of sunlight or not, discoloration will not be a problem. All of these developments have created a system suitable for situations that need not only strength and abrasive resistance, but also aesthetic appeal.

Bolidtop® 700 College

Bolidtop® 700 College is a durable finish with a long, low maintenance service life. Where linoleum, vinyl, and carpet should be regularly serviced or replaced, the life of Bolidtop 700 College is over 40 years (with minimal maintenance costs). Bolidt also guarantees that the system is maintenance-free for the first ten years.

In areas that require high levels of hygiene, Bolidtop 700 College is ideal. The antimicrobial floor with fungal and bacterial-resistance give an added value to the already pore-free, seamless finish. This is utterly important for areas that deal with food for canteens and restaurants, as well as for showers, changing rooms, and laboratories.

Bolidtop® 700 College is durable, low maintenance (in fact maintenance-free for the first ten years), doesn’t discolour and is extremely robust, making it perfect for the use of thousands of students!

The Bolidtop® 700 College has already led to much success in the following locations:

The Krimpenerwaard College
The IJburgcollege 2
The Shipping and Transport College
The culinary vocational school Hubertus & Berkhoff
AOC Twello
AOC Almelo
Sint Nicolaas Lyceum
ROC Leiden
The IJsselcollege
ROC Flevoland

For more information, please contact Nicole Tieman

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