The Bolidt Design award goes to..

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    The Bolidt Design award goes to..

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With the World Architecture Festival on our doorstep “design” is the topic of the day at the Bolidt HQ. The marketing department shares their vision on their favourite design projects.

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DSM R&D centre: A ballsy design perfectly representing the firm’s mission.

Creating synergy by stimulating cooperation between the different departments was one of the goals that the architecture of the new R&D centre by broekbakema had to accomplish. The three departments, consisting of the lab, office and test area, each have their own colour, character and appearance. They’re connected by a huge bright coloured, square-shaped atrium. All parts together form a whole and represent the story behind DSM: ‘Bright Science. Bright Living.’  The use of all these different colours is pretty ballsy! (Patricia, graphic designer at Bolidt)

M&M Store: The colours are soo exact, that it would be hard to find your Red M&M on the red part of the floor.

To Mars creating the ultimate M&M experience in their stores is of the essence.  The floor, being the largest surface in this shop, is thus a major part of the experience. The colors of Red, Yellow and Green is what makes the real M&M stand out and therefore these exact colours needed to be translated in the floor. It’s actually soo exact that you better not drop an M&M on the floor, because it will be hard to find back. Pretty sweet collaboration (Leontine, event manager at Bolidt)

Mercedes Benz Museum: Design that takes you on a ride from the history to the future in a unique way.

There are two things that make this one of the favourite design projects. First of all, the exposition takes you on a ride from the history of Mercedes Benz to the future though it was a race track.  

The second one must be the impressive and daring technique used for the exposition in the form of a double helix. In order to accomplish this double helix the wall surface needs to melt into the floor, which was quite the challenge! (Michel, manager marketing & communications at Bolidt)

European Parliament: It’s the design of the floor that provides the visitor with a unique experience.

The European Parliament deserves to be on this list, solely because of the floor design. There might not be any other project in Bolidt’s portfolio in which the building evolves around the floors as much as with this project. It’s not just the beautiful colours and shapes, such as the interactive map of Europe, used in the floors. It’s also because this project really shows Bolidt’s capabilities when it comes down to aesthetics. (Elly, graphic designer at Bolidt  & Anouk, exhibition manager at Bolidt)

Kaapskil, the Maritime & Beachcombers Museum:  An awe-inspiring, yet humble, piece of architecture

There are many aspects in the design of Kaapskil that make it special. It could be the fact that the exterior is made of recycled hardwood sheet piles, following the tradition of beachcombing and reusing found objects. It could be the creative use of daylight to create a peaceful environment. It could be because the 4 pitched gables that mimic the surrounding rooftops look like waves rising up from behind the dyke and thus blending in with Texel. Or it could simply just be the fact that it’s nice to see that a floor can contribute soo much to a design by being unnoticeable. 

It remains uncertain which of the above specifically made this project end up on the list, but it’s certain that its design is a favourite! (Emily, online marketeer at Bolidt)

Hoornbeeck College – Design driven by a vision

The interior design of Hoornbeeck College symbolises the journey of students. When they first enter the building they have to find their way but as they grow older they evolve and take their own direction. This symbolic journey is translated into the floor of the main entrance.  The grey footsteps represent the new students and the coloured ones the more evolved students. It's the way that the design symbolizes the vision of Hoornbeeck College what makes this project unique. (Margriet, PR manager at Bolidt)

As you might have seen the various elements of design make that there is not one single project that we'd give the design award to, there are many! In the one project it’s the shape that makes it appealing in another it’s the vision behind the design, the colour or even the texture.

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