Bolidt 2016: Onshore Highlights

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    Bolidt 2016: Onshore Highlights

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Bolidt 2016: onshore highlights

As we approach the end of 2016, we take a look back to reminisce on one of the most exciting years to date. Here are the highlights Bolidt’s 2016.

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Mathematics: The David and Claudia Harding Gallery

Although this year has seen us lose one of the greatest minds in architecture, it was of the highest honour that we worked on this magnificent project orchestrated by Zada Hadid Architects. Based in the Science Museum of London, Mathematics: The David and Claudia Harding Gallery was funded by a 5 million pound donation.

Hadid had a personal interest in mathematics, having graduated in the subject before she became an architect. Thus, this project aimed to bring mathematics alive and shake off any negative connotations that are commonly attached to the topic. The exhibition space centres around an aircraft suspended in mid-air. As well as looking epic, it also holds significance to the historical development of mathematics, particularly the modelling of aerodynamics and material stress. In a very stylish manner, the gallery follows the curvature of the imagined airflow of the plane. Thus the exhibition takes place upon contours and waves, crafted into lines representing the turbulence field from the plane’s flight. Rather than the usual technical displays of maths, it presents a more personable display, focusing on the personalities involved in its history, in an attempt to make the subject matter more endearing to visitors.

Leiden University Beta Campus

On the subject of mathematics, another highlight from this year comes from Leiden University. They are constructing a newbuilding for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Due to the nature of this project, there are very specific requirements that need to be met.

Part of the new instalment will provide facilities including chemical and biochemical labs, as well as research rooms. The use of organic solvents and inorganic acids calls for some serious surfaces. Surfaces than can withstand chemical spillages, heavy machinery, as well as offering ultimate hygiene. Having developed, produced, and installed synthetic flooring for laboratories for decades, Bolidt was an obvious choice. Bolidtop 500 SAR I was selected for its chemical resistant and pore-free properties, as well as its capacity to be perfectly level. This is essential in a lab where calibrated equipment is in use. Bolidt systems were also used on the walls, as well as other areas around the campus. Check out our news site for more info.

Hoog Catharijne

Since it was built back in the 70s, the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre has been backlogged with maintenance and neglect.

It is currently under a monumental renovation that will connect Utrecht train station, as well as shopping facilities, with the old part of the city. It’s expected to become a cultural centre for the bustling city of Utrecht. The five story structure includes a whopping 1,300 parking spaces, 42,000 square metres of retail and shopping space, and 9,000 square metres of hotel space.

45,000 square metres square metres of the parking lots have been fitted with Bolidtop. We’re super excited to be involved with such an innovative car park. The parking space, realized by BAM construction, will be accessible through several entrances underneath the canals. For every four parking spaces, there’s a camera that monitors available spaces, as well as licence plates. As you return to pick up your car, you can simply enter your license plate number, to then receive the location of your car. This makes the task of retrieving your car from such a colossal parking space a little less daunting. It’s sure to be one of the busiest parking spots in the Netherlands, which is exactly why they chose Bolidt for the job.

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