Bakery Hygiene: How to Eliminate Bacteria

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    Bakery Hygiene:
    How to Eliminate Bacteria


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Bakery Hygiene

 Everyone loves the smell of an open bakery as they walk down the high street, but there’s more than you might think that goes into keeping them open for us to enjoy.

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 In 2011 the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was brought into law. As it is continually implemented, it’s putting a spotlight on the hygiene of bakeries and affecting the industry worldwide.

The baking industry requires particular caution when it comes to germs and bacteria. Of course, any industry that deals with food should be scrutinized for its cleanliness, but throughout the baking process there are numerous stages where bacteria can get its foot in the door, or in the croissant perhaps.

Depending on the kind of bread, some bacterias are desirable. Different temperatures can be used in a delicate process to allow certain bacterias to form. Mold, however, is never a desirable quality in a bakery. It constitutes a principal group of spoilage organisms. Most of the ingredients in baking are subject to mold infections so this is where hygiene becomes paramount.

The implementation of FSMA will add some pressure to bakers who may have overlooked the importance of hygiene. Some protest that the cooking process of frying or baking kills off any bacteria naturally. This is known as a ‘killstep’. However this killstep doesn’t make a clean cut on the head of the bacteria monster. It reduces, but doesn’t totally eliminate the bacteria.

So how can bakers keep their cupcakes clean?

A number of changes can be made to the environment to ensure maximum safety.


One is choice of equipment; choosing a conveyor belt that can be easily cleaned is essential as it has direct contact with the food. Also ensuring you have the right belt for your buns.

 Kaak Group for instance covers a variety of specialist needs, providing specific belts for specific bakery products. From bagels to sourdough bread, the equipment needed for the specific baked goods can make all the difference in hygiene.


The process of achieving hygiene does not necessarily mean any drastic, fundamental changes. It is recommended to take baby steps and alter the existing infrastructure.

People are certainly a variable in the environment. Thorough training in cleaning procedures can make a massive impact to the cleanliness of the production space. A little training can go a long way.


Commercial bakeries have a diverse variety of flooring needs. From oven areas to dry storage, the requirements are very unique and it’s essential that they are met.

The flooring of a bakery is pivotal to its hygiene, after all, this is where the bacteria breeds. Bolidtop® 700 is seamless and has no pores. This leaves nowhere for the bacteria to hide and is also very easy to clean.

With ingredients such as flour and sugar flying about, the floor can soon become an ice rink. This is where a slip resistant flooring system such as Bolidtop® 700 becomes a necessity. It reduces the risk of slips and falls, whilst also being pressure, shock, and wear resistant (essential in a bakery where trolley traffic is high).

Walls and Ceilings

To meet the standards of the HACCP, in most bakeries walls and ceilings must meet certain criteria. With heavy loads being wheeled about in commercial bakeries, the walls need to be strong, as well as hygienic and easy to clean.

 A solution to this is a wall and ceiling system that serves those specific purposes. Epoxy wall systems for instance can coat an existing surface and give it the necessary properties. The sturdy wall finish does not allow for bumps and scratches, where bacteria could potentially nestle and live.

Although a fatal breakout of pathogens is unlikely, the importance of these aspects is integral to the thriving success of the commercial baking industry. For more information on hygiene within the bakery, contact our bakery flooring specialist Wesley Hoogstad.

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