Texelstroom: The Sustainable Ferry

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    Texelstroom: The Sustainable Ferry

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texelstroom: the sustainable ferry

People looking for a getaway in Holland as the summer comes to an end are in for a treat. The Texelstroom is a stunning new ferry that will be running between the Dutch islands of Texel and Den Helder.

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Its design was supported by the European Union’s ‘I. Transfer’ Program, an initiative that aims to make ferry transport more freely accessible and to encourage people to travel by water. The boat is certainly very encouraging, with beautiful designs inside and out. This symmetrical, double-ended ferry can carry up to 1,750 passengers, as well as 350 vehicles, all done with complete grace and style.

The inside has been fitted by Spain-based naval architects Oliver Design. They were commissioned to fit out the vessel according to an interior design created by Vripack. Throughout a period of 18 months, 100 staff created more than 1,000 construction and working drawings for the main hall on the passenger deck, the weather decks, the two bridges, offices, the buffet, crèche, and the dining and crew areas.

According to the team, the main source of inspiration came from observing the island of Texel itself. Thus the interior features materials straight from the beach of Texel. Shells gathered locally are featured in the design, as well as a seamless resin floor with curved windows that simulates a sandy beach. The crèche area is particularly pleasant, with decorative panels that feature backlit pictures of local birds.

Another highlight of the interior design is a large Mediterranean pine in one of the galleries. It was especially craft-built using treated natural bark and branches, and freeze-dried leaves.

However it’s not only the aesthetics of the ship that are impressive. Its credentials when it comes to energy efficiency and overall sustainability are outstanding too. The ferry is installed with a cocktail of energy resources. It will mainly function on natural gas provided by two batteries of compressed natural gas (CNG) bottles. Electric batteries also play an important part in the advanced energy management system, as well as over 700 square meters of solar panels soaking up power from the sunniest region in the Netherlands.

The ferry runs between the islands several times a day, and is 100 per cent ocean friendly, with every material scrutinized in the design process. All of the materials - the fibreglass, the synthetic resin, the stainless steel and the aluminium - have all been certified as meeting the requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

All of the materials - the fibreglass, the synthetic resin, the stainless steel and the aluminium - have all been

 certified as meeting the requirements of the International Maritime Organization.

If you’d like a Dutch island getaway this summer, you can rest assured (on custom-built ergonomic furniture) that the Texelstroom will get you across the waters safe and sound, without polluting the environment.

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