World records in sports are repeatedly broken by millimetres and hundredths of seconds. Top-class sporting achievements become dependent on the conditions. Such as the right surface. Therefore, it is not without reason that Bolidt's Bolidtan sports flooring is often a determining factor in sports events. Indeed, Bolidt has been working together with the I.A.A.F. and with top sportsmen. Bolidtan flooring systems, which also set records when it comes to durability, elasticity, minimal energy loss, being weatherproof and multifunctional.

Expert knowledge of flooring, athletic track materials and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Thadamon Sport Club-Kuwait
Chelsea Stadium
Kedah Stadium
Lublin Running Track
Ahoy Hall
Raoul Illidge Sports Complex-St.Maarten

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Bolidt has a worldwide experience in outdoorsports. Succesfully we are working for:

Merdeka Stadium
Kampong Pandang Stadium
Chelsea Stadium
Lublin Running Track
Luanda Running Track
Running Track Moldova
Feijenoord Voetbalstadion
Ullevaal Stadium

Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam
Schalke ‘04
Tainan County Track
Bilkent University Ankara
Raoul Illidge Sportscomplex
Jeddah Naval Base
Gelredome Voetbalstadion
Hospitalet Running Track

Many different (sport) flooring and athletic track systems apply to outdoorsports; from coatings with a thickness of 100 µ up to synthetic systems of 10 mm. Prices depend greatly on the size of the surface and the choice of system.

For a 1,000 m² prices range between € 15 per m² for a thin functional coating and € 110 per m² for an exceptionally high quality, state-of-the-art flooring system or athletic track.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate (sports) flooring for your space.

Bolidt supplies state-of-the-art synthetic floor coverings on a worldwide basis. The floors meet the various electrical, chemical and mechanical requirements of the Outdoor.

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