Seatrade Cruise Review pays attention to Bolidt 07-07-2014 Bolidt's got it covered

"Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has booked orders in 2014 and beyond for its decking solutions covering newbuildings and refurb" thus Seatrade Cruise Review. Click to read the complete article.

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Janssen Pharmaceutica 04-07-2014 Investment made 20 years ago keeps its value

More than 20 years ago, Bolidtop 700 Pharma Terrazzo formed a welcome innovation for a new production facility of Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica. Synthetics provided the answer to the increasing hygiene requirements the factory had to meet. After all those years of faithful service, their Bolidtop 700 PT still fulfils all hygiene and safety requirements. Janssen Pharmaceutica nevertheless chose to revitalise the flooring, taking advantage of Bolidt’s most recent product innovations, such as an even smoother surface.

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Pfizer 15-05-2014 The need for new medicines and vaccines is always urgent

Pfizer has more than 100,000 employees in 150 countries discovering, developing and producing innovative vaccines and medicines every day. Together they are fighting the diseases of today and tomorrow. A breakthrough discovery leads to plans for product development on the same day, sometimes including new research or production facilities. This requires speed, flexibility and the best possible quality, also from the specialists working for Bolidt. After all, epidemics do not wait until tomorrow either.

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Nestlé 08-05-2014 Stricter requirements for baby food production environment

Good Food, Good Life. The philosophy guiding the world's biggest food company contains an implicit promise: to offer the best possible food products for every moment of the day. And healthy, safe food requires a production environment that meets the highest quality standards. That is why Bolidt has laid the various floor finishes at Nestlé Nunspeet in a seamless application: from aesthetic to the ultimate in hygienic flooring.

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