Car park De Hallen 28-01-2016 The best floor finish for each area

By working closely with the client, offering advice and feedback, Bolidt has been able to surface the floors of the De Hallen car park in Amsterdam with the perfect finish. Specific solutions were selected to meet the requirements in each part of the car park, thus providing De Hallen with the best possible floor finish in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

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Allemeersch bakery 25-01-2016 Allemeersch bakery fit for decades to come with Bolidt flooring systems

Bakeries have to meet strict requirements regarding hygiene and safety. For its newly built bakery and shop, Belgian bakery Allemeersch chose the hygienic and slip resistant flooring systems from Bolidt. A durable choice: the synthetic Bolidt floor finish will last Allemeersch for decades to come.

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Royal Boskalis Westminster NV 11-01-2016 Bolidt provides Boskalis with durable and low-maintenance parking solution

Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, Boskalis in short, is a Dutch multinational and with a turnover of more than 3 billion euros it is one of the world’s largest dredging groups. Boskalis’ main activities are land reclamation, the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways as well as coastal defence and riverbank protection. Boskalis is based in Papendrecht where the extension of its headquarter complex is an ongoing process. That is why Boskalis decided to have a three-storey car park built with spaces for 753 cars.

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Exellent Food & Snacks 04-01-2016 Hygiene and safety prerequisite for excellent croquettes

Snack manufacturer Exellent Food & Snacks based in the North Holland town of Oudkarspel has only one goal: to make the best tasting ragout snacks in the world. The company is famous for its ‘Amsterdam Croquettes and Croquette Balls’ and also produces the famous ‘Cas Spijkers Croquette’ (award-winning chef Spijkers worked for the company as a product developer until his passing in 2011). In order for the company to realise its market potential, a new facility was recently built in Oudkarspel. Bolidt is responsible for the development and installation of the floor finishes in the new production areas and the adjoining offices.

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Schmidt Zeevis 21-12-2015 Schmidt Zeevis has left the continent

Schmidt Zeevis, a company from Rotterdam with a big name in the industry and more than a hundred years of experience as a fish supplier to the catering industry, has moved within Maasstad from the Mainland to the Spaanse Polder. There, a completely new business premises emerged, where, in terms of quality, important decisions have been made.

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De Architect over vloeren 19-12-2015 Een medium met een andere intelligentie

Het lijkt vanzelfsprekend dat je over een vloer kunt lopen, maar dat is niet zo. Een vloer wordt afgestemd op de activiteiten die erop plaatsvinden. Voor vloeren in publieke gebouwen opperzijn
slijtvastheid, kleurechtheid, krasbestendigheid, krachtvorming en ‘life cycle’ dan ook belangrijke criteria. Hoofdredacteur Harm Tilman van De Architect geeft zijn visie op vloeren.

Torsius Hatchery 08-12-2015 Installation of new flooring at Torsius: carefully planned, flexibly implemented

The Torsius hatchery in Putten hatches chicks for Cobb, a global producer of parent and grandparent stock. Each week, Torsius is supplied with 400,000 fertilised eggs for their 18-day hatching process. Recently, the flooring at Torsius was completely renewed.

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Aviagen Broiler Breeders 07-12-2015 Aviagen entrusts Bolidt with flooring projects worldwide

Aviagen Broiler Breeders is a US multinational specialising in day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks. The poultry breeding company has customers in 130 countries and its brands are among the most recognised and respected names in the poultry industry. The flooring projects Bolidt has carried out for Aviagen included breeding facilities in Russia, Australia, France and Turkey.

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Norwegian Epic 03-12-2015 The Norwegian Epic is all decked out to cruise again

The Norwegian Epic, the third largest cruise ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) fleet, recently spent several months in drydock at Damen Shiprepair in Brest (France). The purpose of this visit was to undergo a refit and maintenance. As part of the upgrade, Bolidt worked on the outdoor decks of the ship, which was built by STX Europe St Nazaire France in 2010. The initial installation of the decks during the construction was also carried out by Bolidt at the time.

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North-South Line Amsterdam 26-11-2015 First test run through North-South Line tunnel completed successfully

Travelling safely and comfortably from the north of Amsterdam right through the heart of the city to Zuid station in only 16 minutes. An impossible feat to accomplish by car, bicycle or the current public transport system, but with the North-South Line it is expected to be an everyday reality for 185,000 commuters. Despite setbacks in the construction process and frequent negative reports in the media, the first passengers will likely be able to start using the new metro line 52 by 2017. The successful test run through part of the tunnelled section at the beginning of November was encouraging in this respect.

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