Leiden University 25-11-2016 Brainy flooring for new Leiden University building

Leiden University is constructing a new building for its Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in three phases. The first phase, the Bèta Campus FWN, has been completed and is already in use. Activities in this high-tech environment include working with chemicals and calibrated equipment, which imposes specific requirements on the floor finish. There was only one possible solution for the university: the liquid-tight and chemical-resistant flooring systems from Bolidt. Because of the material’s excellent properties, Bolidt was also commissioned to finish a large part of the walls in the laboratories.

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Bolidt receives D&B Rating 1 certificate 11-11-2016 Bolidt in the best possible financial shape

Bolidt is in the best possible financial shape. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) once again awarded Bolidt its top score: a Rating 1 certificate.

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2 Sisters Storteboom B.V. 10-11-2016 Minimal loss of valuable production time with Bolidtop

The existing tiled floor in Storteboom’s slaughterhouse in Kornhorn was in need of replacement. The new floor finish had to meet the strictest hygiene and safety standards and needed to be installed in a short space of time. This was the only way to avoid the unnecessary loss of valuable production time. Bolidt offered the best solution to both challenges. The application of the Bolidtop 700 EM system meant that the existing tiled floor could remain in place. It took Bolidt three days to provide the Storteboom slaughterhouse with a pore-free and dirt-repellent synthetic flooring system that meets all the functional requirements.

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Probroed & Sloot 09-11-2016 Fertile collaboration Bolidt and HatchTech in renovation Probroed & Sloot hatchery

For the renovation of its Langenboom hatchery, breeding company Probroed & Sloot worked exclusively with innovative partners. A new hatching concept by incubator manufacturer HatchTech was introduced at this site. In addition, the new hatchery was upgraded with the most advanced flooring in the market: the Bolidtop 700 system. This seamless, 100% hygienic floor finish not only supports the innovative ambitions of Probroed & Sloot, but also meets the strictest requirements of the poultry industry.

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Eiermacher 07-11-2016 Bolidtop 700: The golden egg for Eiermacher

After Eiermacher had bad experiences with flooring of substandard quality, the Austrian company chose the Bolidtop® 700 system for its new hatchery. This pore-free, seamless floor finish is hygienic, safe and resistant to heavy forklift traffic. The synthetic flooring system meets the strictest requirements of the poultry industry. Eiermacher has finally found the perfect floor finish.

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Il Fornaio 04-11-2016 Il Fornaio breaks bread with Bolidtop 700

The expansion of Il Fornaio’s plant in London came with severe requirements regarding hygiene and safety. To exclude every risk of formation of bacteria the bakery chose the floor finish that meets the highest standards in the industry: the Bolidtop 700 system. This synthetic flooring is not only seamless, dirt repellent and easy to clean, but also slip-resistant, extremely durable and long-lasting. Il Fornaio has found itself a flooring system that offers the ideal combination of hygiene and safety.

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Color in Architecture 19-09-2016 More than just decoration

How color influences people exactly is a complex matter! Many different aspects affect how we respond to color. One thing that is for sure is that color has an amazing power on humans and it has the ability to enhance our experience of the learning environment.

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