Van Gent Hatchery 30-10-2014 Quality, hygiene and durability at Van Gent Hatchery

Bolidt continues its success in the hatchery industry. Van Gent hatchery, a long-time leader in the field of egg hatchery, commissioned Bolidt to install a new Bolidtop flooring system in various areas of its hatchery facilities. Over the years, Bolidt has successfully carried out a range of flooring projects in the poultry industry.

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World Poultry pays attention to high quality flooring 27-10-2014 A good floor is the basis for succes

"High biosecurity standards are a prerequisite in poultry processing plants and hatcheries. Hence, all circumstances must be optimal to achieve these conditions. That starts with a professional, hygienic and high quality floor: the basis for success" says World Poultry.

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Bolidt receives D&B Rating 1 certificate 20-10-2014 Bolidt in good financial health

Bolidt is in the best possible financial shape. Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) once again awarded Bolidt its top score: a Rating 1 certificate.

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JSS Karel Doorman 01-10-2014 Bolidt proud partner of Royal Netherlands Navy

The JSS Karel Doorman is the impressive new vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). During the World Harbour Days in Rotterdam, the ship was the absolute top attraction. It is easy to see why, as the Karel Doorman has been built with unique capabilities, which will enable the ship to add value not only to the Dutch armed forces, but also to NATO and the EU.

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Testimonial 19-09-2014 A fruitful collaboration between PasReform and Bolidt

Pas Reform, developer of technological equipment for the hatchery industry, has successfully worked with Bolidt several times in the last few years. Pas Reform’s Bouke Hamminga talks about his experiences with Bolidt.

Poultry industry: these chicks have no limits 18-09-2014 Innovations in the poultry industry

When hearing the word innovation, poultry is probably the last word that would pop up in your mind. Nevertheless don’t underestimate the effort companies in the poultry industry put into research and development. Innovation is actually very important for these companies, trying to increase the animal welfare and decrease the mortality while hatching chicks.

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Janssen Pharmaceutica 04-07-2014 Investment made 20 years ago keeps its value

More than 20 years ago, Bolidtop 700 Pharma Terrazzo formed a welcome innovation for a new production facility of Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen Pharmaceutica. Synthetics provided the answer to the increasing hygiene requirements the factory had to meet. After all those years of faithful service, their Bolidtop 700 PT still fulfils all hygiene and safety requirements. Janssen Pharmaceutica nevertheless chose to revitalise the flooring, taking advantage of Bolidt’s most recent product innovations, such as an even smoother surface.

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