Bolidt is celebrating her first 50 years of innovation. We have always challenged ourselves and our customers through our commitment to innovate. Listen and see the official 50th anniversary theme song. We’re going up! Celebrate life and good times all around. The world is yours. You can take it over!

The strength of Bolidt, which was founded in 1964, is developing, producing and applying thermosetting synthetics. Bolidt synthetic systems can be found in the form of industrial flooring, ship decks, sports flooring and wearing courses in road construction and in commercial and industrial building. These systems meet the specific mechanical, chemical, electrical and aesthetic demands of the market.

While employing their own application teams Bolidt carries out a wide variety of projects all over the world. Their customers are mainly companies, which operate on a local and international level, contractors and governments. The company works in close contact with architects and consultants.

The main aim is to strengthen the position in the domestic market while structurally increasing market shares abroad through marketing 250 flooring systems in a modern way and through entering into strategic alliances.


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