Going up! Kick-off of the 50th anniversary of Bolidt 21-01-2014 The 20th of January was the kick-off of the 50th anniversary of Bolidt.

Celebrate life and good times all around. The world is yours. You can take it over! Listen and see the official 50th anniversary theme song. We’re going up!

Stoas College of Education in Wageningen 06-01-2014 Ecological basis for Stoas College of Education in Wageningen

The new building of the Stoas College of Education, a college dedicated to the development of learning and education in the green sector, was recently opened in Wageningen. BDG Architecten Ingenieurs based the design on the characteristic teaching philosophy adhered to by the institute. Summarised concisely by the term 'ecological intelligence', this vision rests on the premise of interconnection. The same idea has been extended to the complex design of the flooring that Bolidt has installed here.

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De Rotterdam 17-12-2013 De Rotterdam, the most densely populated piece of real estate in the Netherlands

At the end of November, De Rotterdam was delivered less than 4 years after construction had started. The building, designed by OMA/Rem Koolhaas, is the largest multifunctional building in the Netherlands.

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Norwegian Getaway 13-12-2013 Norwegian Getaway ready for the Caribbean

At the beginning of November, the Norwegian Getaway emerged from the dock it was built in. The Getaway is the Norwegian Breakaway’s sister ship, which makes it the second ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet of luxury cruise ships. From February 2014, the ship will offer seven-night cruises from Miami to the Eastern Caribbean.

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Danone Innovation Center 09-12-2013 Sustainable basis for Danone Innovation Centre

At the end of September, Danone launched its state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, Nutricia Research, located at Utrecht Science Park. The new facilities will employ 450 staff to identify opportunities for innovation in infant and medical nutrition. Quality and sustainability played a key role in both the design and the technical execution of the research and innovation centre.

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Eastern Agricultural Education Centre (AOC) Twello 28-11-2013 Green future for AOC in Twello with durable Bolidt flooring

The newly built Eastern Agricultural Education Centre, AOC Oost, in Twello was opened for use at the beginning of this year. The green and innovative design by SP Architects features durable Bolidt flooring in the practical training rooms and common areas. Now that the last details, such as the surrounding gardens and animal pens, have been completed, the AOC Oost is truly ready for a green future. The new building was officially opened under the motto 'Tomorrow is green'.

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Palace of Justice 22-11-2013 Bolidt develops bespoke floor colour for Palace of Justice

The new Palace of Justice in Amsterdam was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander recently. On a man-made peninsula in the IJ Lake, the new building of the Court of Justice, which has left its home of 175 years on the Prinsengracht, is connected to the building housing the Public Prosecutor’s Office by a glazed elevated walkway. The Dutch Government Buildings Agency commissioned the design for the two buildings from Claus and Kaan Architects. Bolidt has been closely involved in the realisation of this project.

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Emmen Fire Station 11-11-2013 Fire engine red floor finish prompts Emmen Fire Station into action

The fire station in Emmen moved to new premises, designed by BDG Architects, on the Nijbracht last year. When designing a fire station the logistic design is important. Fire engines come and go. In the event of a fire, every second counts.

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The Netherlands Industry for Defence and Security Foundation (NIDV) 07-11-2013 NIDV recognizes Bolidt as a world leader in flooring and deck covering systems

NIDV: "With its exceptional knowledge of market requirements, Bolidt has a long history in supporting security and defence industries all over the world. The company’s innovative and market-orientated approach has led this Dutch specialist in thermosetting synthetics to success in many different sectors; each one with its own requirements." Conclusion: NIDV recognizes Bolidt as a world leader in flooring and deck covering systems.

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New Discovery Channel series SuperYachts 01-10-2013 The new Discovery Channel series SuperYachts, with Bolidt participating, will go live next week

In this series, which is broadcasted from October 7, all aspects about designing and building a superyacht will be highlighted. The Dutch yachting industry is well known all over the world because of the high quality it delivers and knowledge it has. Yards, designers and specialists like Bolidt tell the in- and outsides of this world.

Passenger Ship Technology 12-09-2013 Eco and energy focus on flooring

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly are among the main characteristics passenger ship operators want from flooring. Bolidt has also seen a growing move towards both environmentally friendly and lighter floor materials. Download the complete article in Passenger Ship Technology.

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Hendrix Genetics 02-09-2013 Hendrix Genetics opens new hatchery

ISA Poultry, the layer breeding division of Hendrix Genetics, celebrated the opening of its brand-new layer parent stock hatchery in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, last month. To ensure that their high requirements with regard to hygiene, durability, additional capacity and energy efficiency were met, the company selected the best suppliers. Bolidt provided the flooring in consultation with strategic partner Pas Reform, developer of technological equipment for the hatchery industry, whom Bolidt had successfully worked with before.

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Fontys Sports College Eindhoven 26-08-2013 Fontys Sports College Eindhoven scores with Bolidt

Built to a design by Mecanoo Architects, Fontys Sports College in the Dutch city of Eindhoven has been nominated in the Schools category of the World Architecture Festival awards. The interior design of the project, including a Bolidt flooring system, also features on the shortlist for an INSIDE Award in the Education category. Earlier this year, the building was nominated for the title of South Region BNA Building of the Year.

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Kaap Skil Museum Texel 20-08-2013 Bolidt flooring creates haven of peace in Kaap Skil Museum Texel

Kaap Skil, the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum in Oudeschild, on the coast of the Dutch island of Texel, was opened in 2012. The building, designed by Mecanoo Architects, was recently shortlisted for the 2012 World Architecture Festival Awards. Kaap Skil, which features a light-colored Bolidt floor, has already won the 2012 Daylight Award as well as an Architzer A+ Award.

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Norwegian Breakaway 19-08-2013 Norwegians know how to build cruise ships

"Norwegians know how to build cruise ships". This could easily be the slogan of Norwegian Cruise Line’s current advertising campaign, except that the 146,600 gross ton and 3,969 lower berth Norwegian Breakaway, the latest addition to the company’s fleet, was created by British SMC Design together with Swedish Tillberg Design and built by Meyer Werft in Germany. Bolidt is supplier for all deck materials.

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Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center 16-08-2013 Bolidt first choice for Zaha Hadid

The recently completed Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan, has not only been shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Awards, but has also been selected as a finalist for the Inside 2013 interior design awards. The spectacular new cultural centre impresses both by its sheer scale and its innovative design. Named after the third president of Azerbaijan, the governmentcommissioned building was designed by renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

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Pluriton Group 01-08-2013 High requirements lead chicken hatchery Pluriton to Bolidt

The Pluriton Group has been specializing in exporting hatching eggs and day-old chicks for over 30 years. Working with logistic partners in various European countries, they supply their products from their hatcheries in the Netherlands and Belgium to Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In October 2012, they opened a new facility in Afferden in the Netherlands’ south east. The hatchery produces a daily average of 125,000 high-quality and vital day-old chicks for the laying hen sector.

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School Building Award 2013 11-07-2013 Nominations for School Building Award 2013

The Department of Education, Culture and Science celebrates the 10th anniversary of its prestigious annual School Building Award this year. The shortlist includes the Shipping and Transport College (STC) in Rotterdam and the St. Nicolas Secondary School in Amsterdam.

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Berlin State Library 02-07-2013 Bolidt completes first phase Berlin State Library

The State Library on Berlin’s bustling Unter den Linden boulevard is the largest academic research library in Germany. The renovation of the 100-year-old building started in 2004 and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2017.

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Bolidt Cycling Team 28-06-2013 A true No limits mentality

Bolidt experienced a true No limits mentality with regards to the funds raised for the research into cancer prevention and treatment. With all the support you gave us we raised over 30,000 euro.

We kindly thank you for all the donations and support!

Bolidt Cycling Team

Cobb 20-06-2013 Cobb opens new hatchery in Turkey

The first chicks were hatched at a new facility that Cobb has opened in Turkey to supply increasing demand in the country and across the Middle East.

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Superyacht Design Week 10-06-2013 Join Bolidt at Superyacht Design Week London

From June 18-20, Bolidt invites you to
participate in the Bolidroom Experience
during the Superyacht Design Week at
the Chelsea Design Centre in London.
For three days straight, architects,
designers and developers alike will
have the opportunity to join in this
hands-on, interactive experience.
Coached by experienced designers you
will learn all about Bolidt’s endless
material possibilities, and design your
own dream scenario with your own
hands. No limits!

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Shipping and Transport College Rotterdam 06-06-2013 A safe journey for STC Rotterdam

On Wednesday 29th May, the new Shipping and Transport College (STC) on the Waal Harbour in Rotterdam celebrated its official opening. Architectural studio DP6 designed the building, which was ready in 2012 to welcome the students of this practice oriented vocational institute for the entire shipping, port, transport and logistics chain as well as the port related oil and chemical industry.

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Rabobank 10-01-2013 Time for top ‘floor fashion’ designer Bolidt at Rabobank headquarters

A bank with ideas. The current slogan, which raises expectations. The very first idea was implemented over a hundred years ago and is still at the core of their success: a bank without shareholders. The co-operative Rabobank has not exactly lost out on this idea, with currently around 10 million clients, 1.9 million members, 139 local branches, 61,000 fte in 47 countries, more than 40 years of TV commercials and a top credit rating. The modern and important concept of ‘corporate sustainability’ also comes natural. Their co-operative identity and corporate sustainability are branches of the same tree as far as the Rabobank is concerned. ‘The bank and its members are one’. This tree is growing stronger and stronger, abundant with knowledge, expertise, networks, collaborations, customers, innovative ideas and successful new products.

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Erasmus Medical Centre 08-01-2013 Bolidt flooring under close medical supervision in transforming Erasmus MC

The renowned Erasmus Medical Centre is literally building a brand-new, modern future by creating an impressive new hospital environment. It is making a drastic change in course, using the latest technology, insights and materials. Not surprisingly, the educational centre of the Erasmus MC was upgraded accordingly. The Erasmus MC itself says about this that the educational building, built in 1966, ‘did no longer meet the standards required for current student numbers and contemporary forms of education’.

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National Geo Islander 11-12-2012 Value for your (cruise) money with Bolideck & Future Teak

Was it worth the money? How did you like it? Two questions asked on forums by people from around the world, before they book a cruise. Rich or not, people want value for money. A cruise on the National Geographic Islander is no exception to this. The fifty-metre-long cruise ship sails all year round and is specifically designed to pamper 48 guests during their stay and to treat them to the intense experience of exploring and discovering the Galapagos Islands. The relatively small ship offers the freedom to visit places that bigger ships just cannot get to.

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SDK Day Care 04-12-2012 Child’s play to choose both hygiene and design

To young children the world can be a magical place. Everything that rattles is fun, monsters exist, Santa flies through the air on a sleigh and daddy is the biggest hero on earth. It is a challenge for day and after-school care facilities to take this all-embracing perception of the world to the next level of development. Guiding waves of unbridled energy into the right direction is everyday fare for SDK Day Care. Proper day care before and after school plus during holidays requires spaces and materials that are playful and colourful as well as practical and hygienic.

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Delhaize 13-11-2012 Bolidrain parking system passes strict checks southern neighbours

The grass is always greener on the other side. It looks like our southern neighbours are eager to live up to this saying. The Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize makes no secret of its ambitious plans and progressive approach. Delhaize is always looking for and introducing food novelties, contributes to the health of its staff and customers (winning the ‘Partner of Excellence’ award for this in 2009) and goes to particular lengths to offer high-quality products, convenience and service. Checks are performed all along the production chain, also on the composition and quality of the products.

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ESIC 09-11-2012 Space for sustainability

Some buildings are impressive with a capital “I”. They are striking, instantly eye catching, architecturally and structurally stunning and that is before you have even entered. The floor plan of the European Space Innovation Centre, ESIC in short, is U-shaped under a curved roof. It is a 3000 m2 shared office building located in the Space Business Park, a 15 hectare estate that is home to organizations, institutions and companies in the space and aviation industry. As impressive as the exterior of the ESIC is, the interior is truly awe inspiring.

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Community College ROC Leiden 29-10-2012 Bolidt fits ‘stabilisers’ for students of Community College ROC Leiden

Learning to ride a bicycle can be quite a challenge for a young child. That is why mum and dad first buy a bicycle with stabilisers, for extra balance. The little one bravely climbs onto the saddle, clenches both hands around the handlebars and feels the safety of mummy’s hands on his shoulders. There comes a point, however, when the stabilisers are taken off and mummy lets go. The child manages to pedal a short distance unaided, but then inevitably falls. It is a matter of falling off and getting back on again, for as long as it takes to master the skill. You can only become good at something by actually doing it. ROC Leiden has a vocational education programme based on that principle.

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Museum of the Moving Image 23-10-2012 Design floor passed screen test for New York’s famous film museum brilliantly

Bolidt could open a museum itself
and fill it with exhibitions on its
rich history plus a diverse range of
installed synthetic flooring collections.
A considerable percentage of these
would fall under the category of
culture, including theatres, cinemas
and museums. For the time being, such
notions are put aside to give projects
like the film museum in Astoria, New
York – the Museum of the Moving
Image –a deserved place in the

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De Nieuwe Kolk 08-10-2012 Culture and architecture in harmony

You can write history and you can build history. That is what the council of provincial capital Assen must have thought. ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ is a brand-new cultural complex that will be a vibrant hub of activity throughout the year with the entire entertainment loving population flocking in. ‘De Nieuwe Kolk’ is a universe in itself with no beginning or end.

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VUMC Amsterdam 04-10-2012 New synthetic sensation benefits patients and hospitals

Bolidt has been around for almost 50 years and yet the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam demonstrates just how ground-breaking synthetic applications can be. Together with just a handful of other hospitals, the VUMC is a pioneer in the health care sector. It takes the current vision of healing environments extremely seriously: a view of hospitals and care that focuses on improving the patient environment.

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MSC Divina 14-09-2012 MSC Divina brings more capacity and advanced technology

MSC Crociere’s latest newbuilding, the MSC Divina, was handed over by STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire in May. The newbuilding is somewhat bigger, with regard to cabin decks, and also technically more advanced, with respect to machinery, than her two earlier sister ships. MSC Divina is new in the Bolidt collection.

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CJIB and UPC 30-08-2012 Architectural masterpieces in Leeuwarden are far from colourless

The Van der Nootstraat in Friesland is not particularly special, but to Bolidt the street has special meaning. About 100 metres away from each other, both an office of the Dutch traffic fine collection service (CJIB) and a UPC office building are located here. Architectural masterpieces that are currently being handled with architect’s kid gloves in order to bring them to perfection / to write history with them/ to carve out a place in history for them.

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European Parliament 24-07-2012 Bolidt puts European Parliament on the map

Being misunderstood or feeling ignorant can lead to awkward situations. A well-meaning Irish farmer who, having won a trip to America, enthusiastically shouts at the barman: ‘Great crack in here!’ With the sun blazing down on your back, trying to explain in your best Spanish to a Mexican policeman that you have been robbed. Both cases are bound to lead to trouble. The European Parliament (EP) knows perfectly well that being understood as an organization and preventing ignorance among Europeans have a high priority.

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Pathé De Kuip 24-04-2012 Pathé ready for three million new feet thanks to simple facelift

Recently, Pathé de Kuip was in the news throughout the Netherlands, as it had set a new record for visitor numbers: more than 13,000 film enthusiasts in one single day. According to a spokeswoman, it has never happened before that one cinema has sold so many tickets within twenty-four hours. Quite an achievement.

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Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam 10-04-2012 Bolidtop® in the spotlight of historical glory

Bolidt is not only market leader in innovative floor finishes, but also has an excellent track record and reputation in delivering synthetic and prefab ship’s decking systems and therefore has a strong connection to the shipping industry.

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Banketpartners 23-02-2012 A weapon in the fight against high requirements

Rows of display cabinets full of chocolates, rolls, biscuits, buns, cakes, pastries and tarts. Who’s thinking about the obstacle course you have to go through before all those goodies can melt in your mouth?

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Ziggo Dome 17-02-2012 Bolidt will soon be dancing with the stars

Ziggo Dome, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, has a ‘single-purpose, multi-use’ design. Built for amplified, live music and – unlike the above-mentioned colossal structures – not for large-scale events in general. It will be hip and happening.

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Pieralisi 23-01-2012 Bolidt contributes to a philosophy of people, planet and profit

Pieralisi follows a three P philosophy. People, Planet, Profit. The new building supports the interests of employees and customers (people) as well as the earth (planet) and the future success of the company (profit).

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The Suite Escape 10-01-2012 A river cruiser designed with comfort in mind.

According to her makers, the Avalon Panorama is the first of its kind. Its spacious quarters and spectacular balcony views give visitors a cruise fit for a king.

European Parliament 03-01-2012 Bolidt puts European Parliament on the map

The EP information building features many innovations It makes you feel as if you have been transported to a special, almost futuristic world. With Its design floors Bolidt puts the European Parliament on the map.

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Food industry 02-12-2010 Bolidtop® systems often repeat themselves

Bolidt does not only want to develop good systems in theory, of course, they also need to perform well in practice. The fact that Bolidt repeats itself in the food industry is nothing but good news.

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Drie Mollen 05-11-2010 Coffee roasted in a space with Bolidtop flooring makes for a real treat!

Millions of people enjoy a cup of coffee or tea every day. Drie Mollen is one of the largest coffee roasters in Europe. Plenty of coffee and tea, but in order to make a profit, they require the best possible working environment. Bolidtop® flooring has proven to be a real treat...

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Music Quarter Enschede 22-10-2010 Once again, no aesthetic and technical limits

Enschede has something exceptional to offer. The Music Quarter building with its striking architecture is the social centre of this Dutch city. The interior also received a great deal of attention, which meant that Bolidt could enthusiastically show off its skills: no limits in aesthetic and technical design.

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Rhine Bridge near Oosterbeek 07-10-2010 No (railway) bridge too far for Bolidt

The double track section on the Rhine Bridge near Oosterbeek was completely renewed after it had become clear that its life span had expired. Rail infrastructure operator ProRail is always happy to leave such work to Bolidt. And with good reason. 750 metres of rail have been embedded ahead of schedule…

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Mivas 16-09-2010 Flooring with a social touch

Mivas in Belgium is an admirable company, both economically and socially. Their employees are people with a disability who make sure that products of giants like Procter & Gamble and Unilever reach the shelves in mint condition.

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GGZ-MFA 08-09-2010 A floor that has been chosen with care

There is much need for social care. At the same time, there are many needs within the care sector. It is not just people who provide care, the environment also contributes to optimal care. One of the reasons for Bolidt to regularly help optimize bathrooms. Like the one in the multifunctional accommodation (MFA) of the Dutch mental health service GGZ in Tilburg.

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Traiteur Ronny 26-08-2010 The professional caterer for the best in both hygiene and flavour

The phase “Enjoy your meal!” is often used without much thought. Based on its taste we decide whether food is good or not. But whether it is really good, can only be determined by going back to the heart of the preparation process…

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Meet the Bolidtop 500 04-08-2010 Industrial classic, or design system?

Everything you need to know about the Bolidtop® 500, you can read here. You might end up seeing double…

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Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam 28-07-2010 On the other side of Shell, Bolidt is everywhere you look

Shell invests heavily in research into new technologies and process improvement. The Technology Centre in Amsterdam provides the perfect location.

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Claxonate parking garage 21-07-2010 Unusually high quality, very usual for Bolidt systems

Parking garages have to keep up with the times. But is luxury now usual, or unusual?

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Picasso High School 14-07-2010 A floor painting: not by Picasso, but by Bolidt

The Picasso High School is a breeding ground for top students. Even so, these were kindly but urgently requested to stay home on a weekday. The School was going to move …The new interior itself resembles a beautiful painting by Picasso.

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Scania 06-07-2010 Scania and Bolidt in the Benelux: customized flooring systems

The king of international roads…Scania is a company with worldwide star quality. Each of its many production sites and offices require an appropriate customized interior. When faced with such a challenge, it is useful to have gained some decisive ideas from past experience.

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Parking facilities 25-06-2010 Looking for eureka

A much-discussed issue in administrative organizations is the parking problem in the Netherlands. The country is getting more and more crowded and an increasing number of people are moving to urban areas. This is hard to deal with and a ready-made solution is still not available…

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Firestone Industrial Products 17-06-2010 Inspired by clean room solution

There are spaces where contamination is strictly controlled. The activities that take place in clean rooms require an environment that is and stays as clean as possible. Firestone Industrial Products quite liked that idea, but in a slightly less strict form…

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Estec 11-06-2010 Making space for the right flooring

Who does not know the legendary phrase ‘one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind’? Estec is the technological heart of the European Space Agency and of great importance for space travel. Bolidt feels honoured to be a part of this…

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The Rock 01-06-2010 Bolidtop does justice to architectural masterpiece The Rock

The Rock is a masterly structure amidst some more conventional office and residential towers on Amsterdam's South-Axis. Even though the facades of the building are far from upright, the people in it are…

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Leiden Educational Centre 28-05-2010 Special education with special flooring solutions

The Leiden Educational Centre gives its students a well-deserved chance of a good future. The curriculum may have been devised to promote discipline, when it came to the procurement of new flooring, however, some unconventional choices were made…

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Light Tower Eindhoven 12-05-2010 Intelligent ruin remains beacon of light

Touching the Light Tower, the icon of the city of Eindhoven, is not something to be done lightly. The renovation and new additions have been completed after years of consultations and setbacks. The lights in the tower may not be a constant feature anymore, but its appeal has not dimmed. This intelligent ruin’s architectural charm will continue to stand the test of time…

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Deerns 05-05-2010 Bolidtop in the Hollywood of the business

Strijp-S is the Hollywood of the business world in Eindhoven. Engineering firm Deerns was eager to have a presence there and is now renting a wonderful office space in the striking, monumental Klok Building. This building marks, also for Deerns, the start of an era of pioneering…

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Bayer AG 26-04-2010 Building the future intelligently

Bayer AG uses science to improve the quality of life for humans, animals and the environment. It is not necessarily what, but especially how we build that makes the difference. Bayer and Bolidt are committed to taking the lead in building the future intelligently...

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Block Electrostore 16-04-2010 A fresh impulse from Bolidtop FiftyFifty

No less than five sons of the founder of Block Electrostore have joined hands to make the company a success. They changed the store formula drastically. It was time for a fresh impulse. The Hilversum branch is their pilot store…

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences 02-04-2010 Ask Bolidt and the answer is always right

The ‘Hague Approach’ is one of thorough consideration, asking questions and looking for answers. The Hague University of Applied Sciences applied that approach to themselves this time. A new interior raises plenty of questions. Now that these have been answered, they push on with even greater ambition.

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De Klerk Yacht Interiors 23-03-2010 Bolidtop 525 deco provides 50 years of anecdotes

After 137 years, De Klerk Yacht Interiors is still growing and has treated itself to a new office building in Moordrecht. The company has held a Royal Warrant since 1999 and this proof of quality and reliability is represented in the interior of its office.

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Porsche Centre Amsterdam 15-03-2010 Premium brand along A2 fitted with premium brands from Bolidt

Everything about Porsche’s new outlet in Amsterdam needs to reflect what the brand stands for. The building along the A2 shows many highly desirable Porsche models. Bolidt has managed to find its niche under the sports tyres.

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Heinz 24-02-2010 Bolidt flooring is like Heinz tomato ketchup

The food industry never runs its production processes on a whim. A whole world of imposed rules and regulations regarding quality and hygiene lies behind them. Within this strict world, the Heinz factory in the Dutch town of Elst could not ignore a troublesome tiled floor…

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Oasis of the Seas 12-02-2010 Bolidt has all hands on deck again

With the Oasis of the Seas, Royal Caribbean has added a nearly unfathomable ship to its fleet. One of this size had never been built before. The facilities, designs, shapes, colours and technology on this gigantic ship are largely unprecedented and highly innovative. A project that clearly required all hands on deck.

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Perron-3 05-02-2010 Preference for Bolidt proves to be justified once again

Perron-3 was predestined for another cooperation between architectural firm Jonkman Klinkhamer and Bolidt. The concept was unprecedented again, so the architects’ boundless creativity called for Bolidt’s no limits mentality!

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Utrecht University Library 27-01-2010 Bolidt adds a touch of grey to imposing structure

A monumental complex, once the work palace of Louis Napoleon, which has been renovated to house a University Library. The structure as a whole is an impressive mix of original architecture and modern extensions. The Bolidt floors match the roof construction and add a touch of grey to the white colour scheme.

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Benzinger Präzisionsmaschinen 13-01-2010 Bolidt gets it exactly right again

Dependable strength and flawless qualities. That is what Benzinger needed to continue to achieve excellence in the field of machine production. A reliable workplace. One company’s precision work enabling the precision work of the other.

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Dun & Bradstreet Certificate 14-12-2009 Bolidt demonstrates its financial health with Rating 1 certificate

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Ssytems recently received the Rating 1 certificate from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). For many years now, the D&B Rating has been synonymous with a dependable predictive indicator for assessing the failure risk and financial strength of a company.

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Flehite Museum 11-12-2009 After 750 years, the flooring goes against the tide…

In floor area, the Flehite Museum in Amersfoort is quite modest, but the city’s rich history makes each exhibition worth visiting. After a major renovation, the museum is modestly provocative rather than just modest…

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Central Statistical Office 11-11-2009 Bolidt flooring statistics show rapid expansion

The Dutch Central Statistical Office (CBS) has had its fair share of hardship throughout the years of its existence. Their own building in Heerlen was threatened with closure in 1999. This was prevented only by a fierce struggle. Now, another new building has been opened and the nearby old mine shafts are playing a useful role...

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Intratuin Rosmalen 28-10-2009 Intratuin Rosmalen goes for fire and water

The Bolidtop® 200 from 2002 was still as good as new, but at the Intratuin outlet in Rosmalen they felt it was high time for a restyle. A whole new look, based on the four elements! This Included the flooring. Easier said than done?

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Tijdschrift Bouwwereld 23-10-2009 Again Bolidt proves to be master of durability

The blue Feyenoord-Ridderster police station building of corrugated iron construction has proven to lack in durability. Corrosion is destroying its beauty. The strong Bolidtop® 700 floor covering, on the other hand, was judged positively. It still is in impressively good condition!

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences 07-10-2009 Most sustainable building in the Netherlands prepared for the future with Bolidt

Thinking about the future today is vital to anyone who wants to secure their continued existence and flourish. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is well prepared and recently added ‘the most sustainable building in the Netherlands’ to its name. The brand-new facility of the Academy for Engineering has been built for the future…

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Yalp 02-10-2009 Bolidt is the best player

To keep the Dutch moving has become a sport for Yalp. ‘Playing is moving while having fun’ according to the originally Finnish company. It has reached the top by now and has every age group moving more than ever before. Even their office building is joining in...

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The House of Marketing 24-09-2009 Bolidtop® 525: a thousand words in one surface

Marketing is a profession. The House of Marketing therefore works with professionals to provide companies with marketing advice. Writing is also a profession, a true means of communication. There is however no need to write or type any word to say it all…

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Rhine Bridge near Oosterbeek 18-09-2009 Track repairs are well under way!

On the railway line between Arnhem and Nijmegen, the bridge near Oosterbeek carries rail traffic over the Rhine. It is therefore an indispensable section of the line, but rail repairs were badly needed. A job that needs to be done at full speed!

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Bricx 07-09-2009 Right combination has become second nature to Bolidt

At Bricx, building is seen as a form of art. As a reaction to the world around it. Current developments and trends are incorporated in contemporary architecture. Bricx employs true artists who put their heart and soul into adorning beautifully designed buildings.

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Bouwen aan de Zorg 02-09-2009 Even health care experts underestimate the possibilities of synthetics

So many spaces and purposes for varying groups of people. Young and old, patients and staff, cleaning crews and doctors. The diversity in the health care sector is endless. Not all opportunities are taken to emphasize this fascinating variety. Dutch professional magazine Bouwen aan de Zorg (Construction in Health Care) makes a valuable contribution by publishing an eye-opening article.

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University of Oxford 24-08-2009 900 years old and still looking good!

Oxford University is 900 years old, but one to be reckoned with! Graduates of this centuries-old legend helped to shape the world. Did you know that the World Wide Web and important malaria medication have their origin here? Wonderful to be able to do something in return…

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KPN 31-07-2009 Second highest building in Amsterdam perfectly covered with Bolicoat®

The radio tower along the the A10 in Amsterdam is an important landmark within the local landscape. The tower had to be elevated to 146m for, but in order for it to fit in with the modern architecture of the so-called South Axis area, it also had to be visually attractive. Hard work is under way to add the finishing layers of coating…

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Stratum Resin Flooring 24-07-2009 News from the UK

Bolidt is a multinational company with a global presence, including the UK. Bolidt’s partner Stratum Resin Flooring is making sure that the UK market is also able to enjoy this quality brand of synthetic flooring from the Netherlands. And with great success.

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RömerMuseum 14-07-2009 Veni Vidi Vici: Bolidt came, saw and conquered

Germany does not only house German cities, but a Roman one into the bargain! The Römermuseum in archaeological park Xanten reveals all facets of Roman history. A breathtaking success story of gladiators, love, horse races, temples and important meeting points of the classical antiquity.

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University of Groningen 03-07-2009 Bolidtop® 525 magnificent support to architectural design

The university of Groningen loses no time over the extension of its educational buildings. Once again an architectural tour de force has been conjured up, Bernoulliborg. Yet another miracle among the university’s buildings.

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Bomefa 26-06-2009 Investment daredevil is rewarded

Bomefa officially opened its new built production area and showroom in April 2009 as a honourable result of having the guts to invest in such critical financial times. Museums, libraries, schools and offices will never be the same again with Bomefa’s furniture…

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Sunweb Holidays 16-06-2009 Bolidt coating turns car park into every car’s favourite destination

The travel business is a very dynamic and competitive sector. Operating in such an environment means that you have to stand out. To achieve this, Sunweb took over Jiba, secured itself a place among the top 3 tour operators for European sun holidays, won the Home Shopping Award twice and on top of that, in 2006, relocated its headquarters to a brand-new building…

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Celebrity Cruises 10-06-2009 Bolidt refreshes Celebrity Millennium

In a press release of May 2009 Celebrity Cruises drew attention to the recently started refit of its Celebrity Millennium. As part of the 10 million dollar refreshment, Bolidt replaced the old decks with new synthetic decks. Being Celebrity Cruises’ main supplier , Bolidt takes care of the decks of new builds and several refits.

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Printing specialist Jonkheer 05-06-2009 High performance sport on Bolidtop® 500 deco industrial flooring

Printed matter represents something personal. Whether it is for business or private use, it should represent what the customer stands for. Jonkheer Printers therefore have good reason to view their trade as a high performance sport, because success in the printing business also depends on human effort. A medal seems in order ...

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EGM Architects 25-05-2009 Frequent cooperation with renowned hospital architect

EGM Architects is a fascinating architect bureau that does not avoid a challenge. The well traced out vision is to optimize the practical value and to create a new reality. Bolidt is proud of the many years of close cooperation.

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Scania 07-05-2009 Truck workshop loaded with efficiency

A few years ago, Scania Hoogvliet moved into a new accommodation. Specific key terms for this new location are spacious, bright and well-organized. Exactly the kind of place for a Bolidtop® floor finish to show up well.

Grand Trade Building 04-05-2009 Rotterdam’s biggest pride and joy repeatedly chooses Bolidt systems

The Grand Trade Building in Rotterdam has been the city’s pride and joy for years. Risen from combined manpower and grown into an impressive building on the outside and a vibrant business centre on the inside.

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Bolidtop® 700 28-04-2009 Customer testimonies: quality of industrial Bolidtop® 700 continues to inspire

The 80,000 m2 of Bolidtop® 700 at Chinese tobacco manufacturer Hongta immediately impressed visitors from Italian company G.D. SpA and inspired them to include the application of this flooring in the renovation of their Bologna factory. More than once, their customers were in turn impressed. The evidence? This reference letter from G.D. SpA…

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Tax Department 20-04-2009 We cannot make it any easier, but we can make it more enjoyable!

The little appreciated, yet complicated main task of the Tax Department in the Netherlands is to levy and collect taxes. But the Tax Department does much more than that. Meanwhile, the Walterbos complex in Apeldoorn provides an outstanding working environment.

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Feyenoord Stadium 23-03-2009 From historical dream to ultramodern reality

The history of Feyenoord stadium De Kuip goes back a long way. A past that made it what it is today: an ultramodern stadium. After a large renovation back in 1994, it was about time for another transformation in 2008.

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Meyer Werft 13-03-2009 Bolidt scores excellent rating as a supplier to Meyer Werft

For more than 200 years, shipyard Meyer Werft has given top priority to customer requirements. Their quality also depends on suppliers. So it is important to only work with those who have proven to be reliable partners. Meyer Werft has also evaluated Bolidt…

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University of Groningen 12-03-2009 Bolidt fulfils colourful wishes of the University of Groningen

A centuries-old university with an impressive range of courses and research facilities. During a large new building project, architect Ben van Berkel designed a unique research lab, without windows...

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SABIC Innovative Plastics 02-03-2009 With Bolidt no more place too hot

There is a fascinating industrial world in which high quality synthetics are being processed into all sorts of products. A process that is not so much plain sailing. Petrochemical company SABIC Innovative Plastics in Bergen op Zoom knows all about that.

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Stedebouw en architectuur 09-02-2009 Impact of the floor is huge

A floor has a huge impact and these days it should not just be functional, but a design statement as well. A carrier of identity. Bolidt provided the University of Utrecht, the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing and the Berlin State Library with a daring, an artistic and an authentically harmonious floor respectively.

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St. Anna-Virngrund-Clinic 27-01-2009 Bolidt flooring heals wounds from painful experiences

The St. Anna Virngrund Clinic houses a wide range of specialist departments and herewith offers comprehensive medical help and care. After years of problems with different types of floors, the clinic contacted Bolidt to install several modern synthetic flooring systems. The right step into the future.

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Harry bakeries 09-01-2009 The art of multiple generations of bakers meets the art of Bolidt

For ten generations already, Harry bakeries has been a successful German business with a passion for their trade and Harry has become a leading brand in the German market. Since 1999, Bolidt flooring systems have been an essential part of their bakeries.

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G.D. SpA 16-12-2008 Through a visit to China, Bolidt inspires Italian billion dollar company to renovate

During a visit to one of its biggest customers in China, the Italian company G.D. SpA is so impressed by the looks of the company that it decides to refurbish its branch in Bologna. Bolidt’s floor surface turns out to be the biggest source of inspiration.

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Picasso grammar school 20-11-2008 Renovation experience benefits building project

After the initial building contractor had gone bankrupt, Jurriëns Bouw took over the contract to build the new Picasso grammar school halfway through the project. Their experience in renovation and the resulting ability to improvise turned out to be invaluable in resuming both the calculation and building process.

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Jebo Food 06-11-2008 Tasty food and a tasteful floor!

Jebo Food in Zeebrugge prepares simple, but fresh and culinary cold and warm meal salads on a daily basis. A young company with ambition which values quality. Bolidt added a tasty little extra with the Bolidtop® 700.

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Abbott 29-10-2008 Abbott and Bolidt, a success story again

As part of broad-based healthcare products with a worldwide distribution network, a nutritional production plant of Abbott can be found in Spain. Abbott contacted an old friend: Bolidt.

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Parking garage Roosendaal 24-10-2008 The underground road to a metamorphosis

A transformation for public square the ‘Nieuwe Markt’ in Roosendaal. The underground parking garage is the pivot of the renewed city centre, enabling attractive, car free and accessible shopping streets.

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Römischen Hof 17-10-2008 Bolidt in Italian company

At the Berliner Prachtboulevard one can fined the unique office and exhibition building Römischen Hof. A jewel for those who love Italian design. Bolidt and Ferrari accurately complete the picture.

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Delft University 09-10-2008 Looking for the right flooring

In decorating the interior of the temporary accommodation for the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology, architectural firm Kossmann de Jong Exhibition Architects was co-responsible for the floor finish in the building. The architectural firm approached Bolidt for advice on this.

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Technical University (TU) Eindhoven 03-10-2008 Bolidt adds colour to TU Eindhoven

Technical University Eindhoven (TU) gives a rigorous twist to the radiation of its canteen. Bolidt was happy to help the TU bringing the right atmosphere into the canteen area.

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Maasland hospital Sittard 12-09-2008 Safe and a little bit at home with Bolidt

Strict requirements at the Maasland hospital in Sittard: in cooperation with Bonnema Architects, Bolidt complied with the specific demand of principal Orbis Medical Center. Aesthetic floors providing functional safety.

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Chicken hatchery 21-07-2008 Developments in the hatchery branch

For ten years already, chicken hatchery Lagerweg in Lunteren has a leading position within the hatchery branch. In 1999, at the beginning of those ten years, Bolidt installed the Bolidtop® 700 floor. With the current developments, Bolidt is aiming to serve new satisfied customers worldwide in the hatchery branch.

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Multipurpose School De Kikker 15-07-2008 Dok architects wins first Amsterdam Architecture Prize

Dok architects and the Amsterdam Osdorp council have jointly won the 1st Amsterdam Architecture Prize. This prize has been created by Arcam. Shiny façade panels coated by Bolidt with the Bolicoat® Multicolor Exterior Shine system add lustre to the exterior of the building.

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MS Eurodam 08-07-2008 MS Eurodam christened

Holland America Line has merged old and new on the evolutionary MS Eurodam. As a preferred supplier to HAL, Bolidt was able to make a sizeable contribution to it with Bolideck® Select Soft. Queen Beatrix christened the magnificent ship on 1 July 2008.

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Textile Museum 04-07-2008 A work of art in its own right!

In a museum, the art comes in not letting the immediate environment draw too much attention. The visitors need to be able to focus on the exhibits. The floor should therefore not attract attention either…

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Bijlmer Station 30-06-2008 Bijlmer Station wins architectural award

The architects of ARCADIS and Grimshaw have recently won the BNA ‘Building of the year 2008’ architectural award for their work on the Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station. The award is an initiative of the Dutch Architects Association.

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Crazy Piano’s 14-05-2008 Wooden appearance

Crazy Piano’s entertains thousands of dancing, drinking and partying guests every weekend. The flooring is therefore subjected to hard usage. Their wooden flooring was found to need replacement 5 times over a 9 year period. Bolidt helped to find a solution…

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Nestlé 28-04-2008 Bolidt: the dairy industry specialist

The dairy industry: milk, cheese, butter, eggs. Damp conditions. Non-slip flooring. Drains, grids, skirting. Working safely. Fork lift trucks. Lorries. Spills. Cleaning. Bolidtop®…

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SAP 24-04-2008 Innovation and efficiency

SAP’s office building in ’s Hertogenbosch is a shining example of innovation and efficiency. Two characteristics that suit the global market leader in business software solutions excellently. Characteristics that fit with Bolidt perfectly!

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Car park Metterwoon 22-04-2008 Functional and attractive

The car park in Metterwoon’s new office building is in line with their requirements, namely functional and attractive. Metterwoon has also thought about the ramp of the car park. Due to the Bolidt/Siemens system, visitors of the car park do not need to fear a slippery ramp…

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DSM 18-04-2008 Long-standing cooperation

The floor finish at DSM Gist is one of the most recent examples over the many years of cooperation between DSM and Bolidt. At DSM Gist oils, fats and syrups have to be taken into account. That is why the Bolidtop® systems were chosen.

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Esthec® 15-04-2008 Esthec® in HSB International

HSB International is the choice magazine for the Dutch shipbuilding industry. The magazine offers accurate articles and in-depth features relevant to the shipbuilding industry. It also writes about the many advantages that Esthec® has to offer.

Bolidt? Bolidt flooring? 11-04-2008 Bolidt Kunststoftoepassing would like to introduce itself!

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year. A fine opportunity to reintroduce the company. From past to future. From social responsibility to innovation…it will all pass in review.

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Bolidt: world-wide projects 08-04-2008 Bolidtop® and Bolideck® can be found just about anywhere

Bolidt is thé specialist in the field of synthetic flooring and deck finishing systems. We implement projects all over the world. Quite a few household names rank among our customers. Interested in some of our striking and trendsetting recent work?

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Beijing Olympic Swimming Pool 04-03-2008 Half a year to go…

The recently completed Beijing Olympic Swimming Pool is a feat of technology. Only half a year to go before the medals will be awarded…

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Holland Bridge 25-01-2008 Ready faster, safer and cheaper

The renewal plan for the Holland Bridge has changed drastically. The work will now be done faster, safer and cheaper. Bolidt’s contribution to this is considerable. A Boligrip epoxy wearing course was chosen as the top surface instead of asphalt.

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Forbo Flooring 23-01-2008 Even Forbo calls in Bolidt

Forbo Flooring is the largest linoleum producer in the world. But even Forbo has turned to Bolidt for a synthetic flooring solution. Bolidt was able to solve the problems that Forbo had with the floor finish in one of their storage areas!

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ASDA Stores 18-01-2008 Committed to excellence

ASDA Stores are a chain of supermarkets that have been part of the Wal-Mart Family since 1999. They have positioned themselves as supermarkets that will not settle for an average performance. This has been the motivating factor behind the collaboration between Bolidt and ASDA.

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Indonesian Navy 14-12-2007 Indonesian Navy follows Dutch Navy

In addition to the corvettes for the Dutch Navy, The Royal Schelde Shipyard is now also building 4 corvettes for the Indonesian Navy. Bolidt has developed a synthetic deck especially for navy applications. The corvettes for the Indonesian Navy will also be fitted with this decking system.

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Rijnsweerd office complex 11-12-2007 Cooperation with Bolidt Special Team

The Bolidt Special Team was called in to help realize the specific design for the floor finish in the Rijnsweerd office complex. The close cooperation between interior designer Odeon and this team has resulted in an exceptional floor.

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Miele Netherlands 07-12-2007 Anything else is a compromise…

‘Anything else is a compromise…’. Who does not know Miele’s slogan? This slogan manifests itself in all of Miele’s activities. Even in the renovation of their information and

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NPN Printers 03-12-2007 Essential to the printing process

Especially for the printing industry, Bolidt has developed the printer's flooring. This flooring meets the requirements that are essential for the printing process. NPN Printers are among those reaping its rewards!

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Delft Research Center Nanotechnology 29-11-2007 The key technology of the 21st century

The construction of the Delft Research Center Nanotechnology is placing Delft at the forefront of activities in the field of nanotechnology. The ultramodern facility will also attract a high level of world-wide attention. The contribution of the flooring is extremely important in this research complex!

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Olympic Games, here we come! 29-10-2007 The world’s largest whirlpool bath is in Beijing.

An extreme design, an extraordinary event, monumental world class achievements, trends are set, the future is shaped. Unknowns are removed… a preview of the largest whirlpool bath… just up Bolidt’s alley…

FiftyTwoDegrees 01-08-2007 The place where hygiene and atmosphere go hand in hand

In the restaurant of the striking FiftyTwoDegrees building, hygiene and atmosphere go hand in hand. In this restaurant and its kitchen, a balance was found between practical requirements, safety and hygiene, facilitating HACCP management.

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Still Netherlands 16-07-2007 Dazzling

Still’s dusty old building has been transformed into a dynamic and modern office that fits in perfectly with the company’s image. The exterior entrance with the Boligrip® system makes for a dazzling first impression!

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Moerdijk Bridge 02-07-2007 It was worth waiting for!

If you have had to cross the Moerdijk Bridge in the direction of Rotterdam in the last few weeks, you must have been held up in a traffic jam. We will not beat around the bush …it was us causing the extra queues. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay. Yet the result was worth waiting for!

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Panel discussion 25-06-2007 Developments in the flooring business

For its May issue, Office Magazine organized a panel discussion on the developments in the floor covering business. During this discussion, Bolidt’s Commercial Director Ruud van der Sloot gave his views on the propositions with respect to these developments.

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Office Magazine 18-06-2007 How exciting is flooring, really?

An interview about synthetic flooring … journalist Teun van Thiel of Office Magazine did not feel particularly enthusiastic about it at first. After all, how exciting could flooring really be? After his visit to Bolidt’s headquarters, Teun feels quite differently …

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Pillars Metro Rotterdam 15-06-2007 9 metre high pillars coated by Bolidt

Bolidt has coated the 9 metre high pillars, over which the metro drives through the Rotterdam landscape with Plycoat® H, a one-component coating with a high content of elastic polymers.

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Rabobank 07-06-2007 A valuable floor finish

The Rabobank branch office in Heinenoord has truly appropriate flooring. Flooring with money in it! The floor finish has a three-dimensional effect, which makes it seem as if barrowloads of money have been emptied onto the floor. This finish can therefore be justly called a very valuable floor finish!

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Küchen Aktuell 30-05-2007 Bolidt sets new benchmarks

The new kitchen centre in Berlin Tempelhof sets standards with respect to architecture, design and size and thus responds to the requirements of the demanding metropolitan customer. With Bolidtop® FiftyFifty, Bolidt has set new benchmarks in flooring.

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Heineken 22-05-2007 The most successful brewery in the world

These days, Heineken is on sale in over 170 countries and it is the most successful brewery in the world. Heineken is the premium beer and its green bottle is recognized by people all over the world. The company is even active with its breweries in the Congolese capital of Kinshasa!

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The Greenery 14-05-2007 Food safety comes first!

Food safety is a permanent focal point in The Greenery’s business strategy. It goes without saying that their own facilities come up to the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements. This is one of the reasons why the Bolidtop® system has been installed in a number of these facilities.

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Theatre and Cultural Centre De Kunstlinie 10-05-2007 Room for inspiration

The building of De Kunstlinie is characterized by simplicity and austerity of design. A particularly striking feature of the design is that the building seems to float on the water. The Bolidtop® system has been installed on a quarter of the total floor area of 50,000 m2.

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Prorail release 09-05-2007 Official confirmation from Prorail

Recently, Prorail approved the release of the Embedded Rail System from Bolidt for the embedment of rails in accordance with PVE 00121. Prorail has now confirmed this release with an official letter. Please click here to download this letter.

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Stratum Resin Flooring 02-05-2007 Partner of Bolidt in the UK

Bolidt has formed a unique alliance with Stratum Resin Flooring Ltd. Stratum is Bolidt’s partner in the UK. Their hard work has been paying off lately! Read more about some of the projects …

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Boligrip® machine 24-04-2007 Bolidt invests in application process

Bolidt has developed a machine, by which many square metres of wearing course and adhesive layer can be applied at a great pace. On the Moerdijk Bridge the work was carried out quickly and efficiently within the set time limit.

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Baker van Eekeren 16-04-2007 Old-fashioned quality bread made in a modern style

Over the last few years, Baker van Eekeren has evolved from a traditional family business to a modern company that uses the latest industrial techniques. This growth has resulted in expansion.

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Dutch Water Dreams 13-04-2007 The dream of every surfer

At Dutch Water Dreams the dream of every surfer comes true. Recently, a whitewater course of Olympic proportions was opened there. Safety comes first at Dutch Water Dreams…

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Dolce & Gabbana 05-04-2007 Stylish and elegant

These days, Bolidt offers architects the opportunity to work together on a design that fully meets the requirements and wishes of the customer. The architect working for Dolce & Gabbana eagerly seized the opportunity. The resulting design is characterized by class and elegance.

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Wavin 28-03-2007 A loyal customer

7 years ago, Wavin’s production area was fitted with a Bolidtop® 700 floor finish. It still beams with durability. Could this be the reason why Wavin has opted for a Bolidt floor finish again after all these years?

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Boligrip® wearing course 20-03-2007 Tested by KOAC

KOAC has measured the grip of the newly laid Boligrip® wearing course on the Oude Pernisseweg fly-over in Rotterdam with slipping wheels. Bolidt can be proud of the results.

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Cleanrooms 15-03-2007 Are clean rooms one hundred per cent clean?

In the Dutch magazine Bouwen aan de Gezondheidszorg (Building up the Health Service) several experts discussed the question whether clean rooms are one hundred per cent clean. Commercial Director Ruud van der Sloot from Bolidt was one of them.

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Bolidtop® FiftyFifty 12-03-2007 Surprising, always and everywhere

Concrete flooring is taking the Dutch market by storm. The introduction of Bolidtop® FiftyFifty is a refinement of this trend. This flooring system wipes out all the disadvantages of a real concrete floor. Bolidtop® FiftyFifty is surprising, always and everywhere!

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First Bolidrain in Belgium 06-03-2007 Q-Park chooses Bolidrain for roof car park Ukkel

The innovative parking organization Q-Park chooses Bolidrain for the roof car park Ukkel. This alternative for mastic asphalt does not deform, drains away rainwater due to its open structure, is lightweight and simple in construction. The trade journal Roof Belgium is paying attention to it …

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Campina 14-02-2007 Follow the milk and discover Bolidt

Campina's expertise covers the entire dairy chain, from water and feed for cows to the latest technology to produce the best possible end products. A month ago, a renovated logistics centre became operational…

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Mercedes-Benz Museum 15-11-2006 A worthy monument for a legendary car brand

It is beyond dispute that a legendary car brand like Mercedes-Benz deserves a museum. When designing this museum, Ben van Berkel of UN Studio must have thought that Mercedes-Benz does not only deserve a museum, but particularly a worthy monument. That is most certainly what it has become …

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Sewage purification works 26-10-2006 Trouble-free sewage purification

Sewage purification works have to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to prevent breakdowns, Bolidt has developed solutions that are both simple and effective. Trouble-free sewage purification? Bolidt makes it happen!

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Release by Prorail 19-09-2006 Official release acknowledged

Having successfully withstood all mechanical tests, Prorail hereby officially acknowledges the release of Bolidt® Rail Technology’s embedded rail system and licenses Bolidt® Rail Technology to cast rails subject to PVE 00121.

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Bolidt Embedded Rail System 15-09-2006 The system of the future

The comprehensive conclusion of AEA Technology read that the Embedded Rail System of Bolidt® Rail Technology is the system of the future. The technical properties, such as the bedding constant, elasticity and the results from the fatigue tests are well within the norm. In brief: an unparalleled quality.

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Energy supplier Oxxio 05-09-2006 New premises for Oxxio

Due to strong growth in the last number of years, Oxxio was forced to look for more suitable office space. The colours of Oxxio’s company style have been incorporated in the interior. The synthetic floor finish is particularly striking!

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Youth Welfare Office 30-08-2006 A big step forward

The new interior of the Youth Welfare Office has enhanced its accessibility and openness. Both young and old feel welcome, safe and secure again. A step forward on a Bolidt synthetic floor finish.

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Bridge at Hagestein 07-08-2006 The bridge at Hagestein is up to the job once more!

The 25-year-old A27 Lek crossing was opened to traffic after five weeks of thorough roadworks. 'In principle, the bridge should be able to face another thirty years,' according to a spokesman from the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management.

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Parkhotel Adler 16-06-2006 Pink bed for national coach

During the World Cup in Germany the Dutch team of trainer Marco van Basten will be residing in Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten. The Wellness Pavilion with its Bolidt Samoa Beach flooring is located in the heart of the hotel. Here, Marco will be able to dream of victory. The pink bed might make for a more comfortable sleep, but will probably have to be changed more often.

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Ericsson Radio Systems 30-05-2006 Bolidtop Stato prevails …

In 1991 already, Ericsson chose the electrically conductive flooring systems from Bolidt. Almost 10 years later, the Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO, reports its findings in a favourable letter. The quality of Bolidtop Stato prevails …..

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LPD Johan de Witt 22-05-2006 Christened by Mrs Balkenende-Hoogendijk

The LPD Johan de Witt has been built by Schelde Marinebouw by order of the Dutch Royal Navy and will be used for the Marine Corps, among others. The construction of the LPD confirms the leading position that the Royal Navy occupies in the deployment of the Dutch Forces.

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Ullevaal Stadion 18-05-2006 A success from the start …

Every weekend thousands of people tread the Bolidtop® flooring finish of the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo. Seven years after the finish was fitted, the stadium manager is still very positive about these flooring systems.

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KIWA Certificate 28-03-2006 KIWA certificate for Bolidt

The Dutch Department of Public Works has decided that only coal tar free products can be used as wearing courses on steel and concrete constructions. A large-scale investigation has been launched to determine which products qualify for it. Bolidt is the first one in the Netherlands to be certified.

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Bolidtop Jewel 13-03-2006 A jewel of a floor

Bolidtop® Jewel is the latest development in the field of flooring by Bolidt. It is a seamless flooring finish, in which functionality and aesthetics are well-matched. The finish contains a number of ingredients that warrant the designation 'a jewel of a floor'.

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Vloer Technisch Magazine 07-03-2006 A glimpse behind the scenes of Bolidt

The Dutch technical flooring magazine, Vloer Technisch Magazine, got a glimpse behind the scenes of Bolidt and concluded that Bolidtop® synthetic flooring is more than just beautiful. In the interview, managing director R.W. Bol gives his view of the flooring business and Bolidt’s position in the market.

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Restaurant De Kas (The Greenhouse) 01-03-2006 De Kas, Piet Boon and Bolidtop® FiftyFifty

De Kas has been designed by architect Piet Boon. His love for natural, honest materials and a minimal, bold style is a perfect match with the concept of De Kas and with Bolidtop® FiftyFifty.

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Soccer Stadium Euroborg 24-02-2006 The pride of the North

Euroborg is already being referred to as the pride of the North and one of the finest stadiums of the Netherlands. It is therefore for good reason that Bolidtop® flooring and wall systems have been applied here.

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A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh Building 16-02-2006 The latest addition to De Uithof in Utrecht

De Uithof in Utrecht includes a number of striking architectural feats. The design of the A.A. Hijmans van den Bergh Building was consigned to Erick van Egeraat associated architects. They have created a real showpiece!

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Multipurpose School 07-02-2006 Brilliance in Amsterdam Osdorp

In the Bolidroom, architect Liesbeth van der Pol realized her dream for the exterior of the multipurpose school in Amsterdam Osdorp. The Bolicoat® Multicolor Exterior Shine system has been developed for this project. The result is a brilliant multipurpose school, both literally and metaphorically.

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Hotel Puerta América 02-02-2006 The hotel of the future

The Puerta América Hotel in Madrid was designed by a dream team of designers. The design is surprisingly futuristic and so special that it puts Puerta América in a class of its own!

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MS The Sunflower 25-01-2006 The Sunflower: christened by Queen Beatrix

At the end of December Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands christened the new ship of the Sunflower Foundation. With the words 'I christen thee The Sunflower. I wish you and all who sail on you a prosperous voyage' the ship is headed for a wonderful and meaningful future.

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New design 19-01-2006 New design commercial vehicles

Respraying its commercial vehicles is not an everyday affair for a company like Bolidt. Renewing their design even less so. Yet, a start has been made with the renewal of the fleet.

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Bolidt and Architecture 12-01-2006 Bolidt and architecture: good chemistry

The Dutch trade journal De Architect records good chemistry between Bolidt and the architecture industry. An observation that is based on the company’s continuous search for interaction with various disciplines, so that the demands of architects can be met.

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Armani London 06-01-2006 Designer floor for designer client

Bolidt’s English partner, Stratum Resin Flooring, has installed a prestigious floor at Armani’s in London. Fitting a flooring system for a designer like Armani involves many requirements that need to be met …

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Discotheque BUMB 09-12-2005 Dancing in a subway

The latest addition to Rotterdam nightlife is situated in a subway. The decor of discotheque BUMB (Bar Underground Music Bunker) is original and inventive. The playful mother-of-pearl effect in the Bolidtop® Jewel flooring adds a sensuous note to the dance floor.

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Moerdijk Bridge 23-11-2005 Life Moerdijk Bridge prolonged

The steel road foundation of the Moerdijk Bridge is suffering. In order to prevent further crack formation, high-strength concrete is glued onto it. Bolidt takes care of an optimum anchoring. A smart piece of work …

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Grand Trade Building 17-11-2005 Ready for the future

The Grand Trade Building was built in 1953 on the ashes of post-war Rotterdam. During the renovation, which has been carried out over the past 4 years, the authentic character of the building has been restored and modern comfort added. In short: the Grand Trade Building is ready for the future!

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Aid for Pakistan 28-10-2005 In stead of Christmas presents: 52.000 euro for Pakistan

You will hardly have missed seeing the consequences of the devastating earthquake in Pakistan. Tens of thousands of people are dead or wounded. Millions are homeless. Help is desperately needed.

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Bolidtop Design 11-10-2005 Unlimited artistic possibilities ...

Perception and emotion have come to play an ever more prominent role in the design and interior decoration of buildings. The Bolidtop Design series supports this development by offering virtually unlimited artistic possibilities in colour and design.

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Urban Development and Architecture 05-10-2005 Creative boom in synthetic flooring

Synthetics can be transformed into much more than just functional flooring. If you control the material there is an almost limitless array of fun applications that you can use it for. Urban Development and Architecture shows the creative boom in synthetics.

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Supermarkets 22-09-2005 Homely atmosphere in supermarkets

'Creating a homely atmosphere in supermarkets is possible with Bolidt synthetic flooring'. This is what Supermarket magazine concludes in its September 2005 issue. 'What can be better than walking across ice creams in the ice cream department?'.

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Department of Public Works Zeeland 14-09-2005 Active flooring

Early this year, Dutch Minister of Transport and Communications Karla Peijs opened the Department of Public Works’ new headquarters in Middelburg. During the construction of these offices, existing technology has been used in such clever and innovative ways that the building can save and reuse energy.

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Car park Arnhem 05-09-2005 The best car park in the Netherlands!

Bolidt is proud that the entire car park at Arnhem station has been finished off with the Boligrip wearing course, which resists oil and petrol among other things. Partly because of this, the Dutch AA has voted this car park the best in the Netherlands!

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Business In Facilities 29-08-2005 Functional, aesthetic, trendy, sexy and beautiful

The importance of well-chosen flooring tends to be underestimated. Nowadays, it is not only important that flooring is functional. Requirements like aesthetic, beautiful, trendy and sexy are often just as essential in the choice of flooring.

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Building the Health Service 17-08-2005 Removing worries about flooring

For the health care sector Bolidt has incorporated warmth and perception in its functional flooring. Large floor areas can be covered at competitive prices. Building the Health Service goes into this subject in greater depth.

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Athletics track Curaçao 04-07-2005 Let the games begin!!

During the Kingdom Games 2005, important competitions will take place on the track of the Sentro Deportive Korsou. Top performances depend on conditions. The choice of Bolidtan for the athletics track was a choice for the long run.

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Children’s Clinic Bochum 27-06-2005 Children’s clinic shows its colours!

In the German town of Bochum Bolidt has fitted the new children’s hospital with child-friendly flooring that is comfortable to walk on and has an appealing design. ‘It did not take us very long to decide on Bolidtop’, said the selection committee.

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Mercedes-Benz museum 20-06-2005 A double helix for time travel

An immense stretch of Bolidtop® Museum flooring and wall covering will complement every type of Mercedes that has played a part in the carmaker’s past. The UN Studio architects came up with some very original ideas to do justice to the well-known Mercedes 180 D.

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Eendracht 27-05-2005 More than just a sailing trip!

A trip of a couple of days aboard ‘De Eendracht’ is the perfect opportunity to get a breath of fresh sea air. The decks of this 59.8 metre long three-master schooner have been finished with Bolideck systems, which have been used intensively and to complete satisfaction since 1989!

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Artwalk 23-05-2005 A non-fading flooring concept …

'Art to stand on' is the motto for the recently revealed flooring concept. Bolidt plays a very active role in the development of this world-wide concept. Artwalk polyurethanes from Bayer and creativity by Bolidt merge into a high quality product.

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Food Retail Business 18-05-2005 Flooring; more possibilities than you might expect

The conclusion of the in-depth interview reads 'Synthetic flooring is not only functional, it now also excels in aesthetics'. 'Through the years, Bolidt has adjusted to the prevalent circumstances in the market'. New directions are being followed in order to meet requirements in the food retail sector.

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Caland grammar school 09-05-2005 Sports identity

The Caland grammar school is a school that offers education tailored to top sportsmen. The interior of this school is inspired by the sports world. This inspiration can even be identified in the self-coloured Bolidtop flooring.

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DJ Pub Matrixx 30-04-2005 A bright spot on the quay of the river Waal

The DJ Pub Matrixx is noted for its use of lighting effects. The effects are matched perfectly to the architectural construction of the building. In the lounge lighting plays a major part. The red colour and the thickness of the flooring produce the warm atmosphere that the designers had in mind.

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Bolidt: world-wide projects 25-04-2005 Bolidtop® and Bolideck® can be found just about anywhere

Bolidt is thé specialist in the field of synthetic flooring and deck finishing systems. We implement projects all over the world. Quite a few household names rank among our customers. Interested in some of our striking and trendsetting recent work?

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ZOOM: the longer, the shorter 19-04-2005 Making way in the construction of level crossings

The cooperation of Bolidt Rail Technology, Spanbeton and Voestalpine now ranks among the four winners of the Prorail competition. The assignment read: ‘How can rail tracks be maintained with far less disruption to traffic?’. ZOOM has given the task a remarkable interpretation.

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Rowing club Thêta 18-04-2005 A boathouse in an idyllic setting

Lilies on the water, swaying reeds, a plank bridge just above water level, a small structure by the water with archetypal shutters, oarsmen taking up their position, the wind blowing from all quarters and boats skimming the water … a magnificent view from the canal dike in Eindhoven. Bolidt synthetics play a supporting part in this idyllic scene!

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Philips - The Strip 15-04-2005 Both unity and diversity

In order to promote the interaction and teamwork between Philips’ research groups, the company opened a physical meeting point called The Strip. The Strip houses a number of restaurants and cafés, several shops and a conference centre with an auditorium. These facilities are designed to hold 600 visitors a day

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Military pharmacy Ulm 10-04-2005 The new pharmacy building blends in well

The new pharmacy building blends in well with the other buildings of the military hospital. Congratulations to all parties that have been involved in the planning and realization of this project. Bolidt Kunststoffvertrieb GmbH has also...

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Bolidtop® 20626 RF 05-04-2005 Highly chemical-proof flooring

The introduction of Bolidtop 20626 RF has been successful. This 3 mm thick flooring system is highly antiskid and chemical-proof. It has been especially developed for the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and the high-tech industry. Also available as a coating.

Bolidt in 1967 01-04-2005 Synthetics show great promise for the future

'That future is now,' Bolidt wrote back in 1967. Even though much has changed since, these words are still relevant. Bolidt repaired concrete, impregnated old and new concrete, provided tiling, carried (and carries) out grouting, and Bolidt applied (and applies) seamless flooring. Interested to learn more about the history of Bolidt?

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Art academy 30-03-2005 An impressive extension ... underground

In order to fit it in with the existing building, the architect came up with the idea to build the extension to the HKA underground. A striking feature is the abundance of natural light coming in through the glass roof in the atrium. Eye-catching purple Bolidtop flooring adds a stately note to the new Faculty of Theatre and Dance.

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ESD-safe flooring 28-03-2005 A development with a sensitive charge

Electronics and high-tech. A trade which has to contend with the problem of static electricity. In order to tackle this problem one has to first look at the base: the floor. Bolidt has developed flooring with a sensitive charge ...

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Suit Supply 22-03-2005 Suits for next to nothing

On a visible site along the A4 motorway young dutch entrepreneur Fokke de Jong opened his twelfth Suit Supply branch. What started off in his student days has grown extensively. The idea behind the clothing line is that men are convenience buyers. We are pleased that this entrepreneur opted for Bolidt. Congratulations Fokke!

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Al-Sadd Sports Club in State of Qatar 14-03-2005 Bolidt contributes to stadium's multifunctionality……

Modern day stadia are no longer solely constructed for hosting sporting events. A soccer match on Saturday; a rock concert on Tuesday, it is possible in a modern, well-designed arena. And all to the highest standards regarding accessibility, attractiveness, comfort and safety. In Qatar? Sure……!

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More space for Rijnland hospital 09-03-2005 Only the star-shaped main building remains

An extension of the hospital could not be deferred any longer, because its bed capacity had to increase in order to match the rise in population in its care district. The development from clinical treatment towards outpatient care also has consequences for the choice of flooring.

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Planning for clean working environments 28-02-2005 …… in the industry and the health service

Specialized firms are working on overall plans for clean working environments in companies and hospitals. Walls, air technology, GMP(-Z) guidelines, exhaust systems, as well as flooring are important ingredients. The Dutch trade journal ‘Bouwen aan de Gezondheidszorg (Building the Health Service)’ published a report in which Bolidt plays a part.

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The three-dimensional floor 09-02-2005 The ‘floor with depth’ opens up (a world of) new design possibilities

Bolidt recently introduced its ‘floor with depth’. This patented technique offers an unprecedented number of new possibilities. Bolidt gives architects all the freedom they require to experiment with this three-dimensional floor.

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CIR-Q-TECH 08-02-2005 ESD compatible flooring systems in India

CIR-Q-TECH TAKO TECHNOLOGIES PVT is introducing our ESD compatible flooring systems in India. CIR-Q-TECH focusses on ESD and cleanroom specialties.

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Coca Cola 31-01-2005 Bolidt will not reveal the best kept secret either …

Coca Cola, the best-known brand of non-alcoholic beverages in the world, has decided on Bolidt flooring for its bottling plant in Izmir. The outdated tiles will be replaced with a red Bolidtop® 700 seamless synthetic flooring system. In this way, Bolidt contributes to quality and freshness. Obviously, we will not reveal the biggest kept secret either … but we do have a lot to offer.

Fei Company 25-01-2005 A new campus including conductive Bolidtop flooring

Fei Company has opened a new campus. Fei constructs equipment with which individual molecules can be shown and manipulated. The research spaces have to meet very strict requirements. Nothing is allowed to disturb the research process. Bolidt is proud to have been able to contribute to this research process.

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Architectural firm Roos and Ros 14-01-2005 Roos and Ros’s creative talent also shows in choice of flooring

Roos and Ros’s new office is housed in an old factory building. The industrial character of the property is emphasized by opting for deep blue Bolidtop® flooring, sprinkled with silver-coloured flakes. Exactly what the architect had in mind!

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Leisure and pleasure 28-12-2004 Las Vegas: The place to be…

The one who knows Las Vegas, knows the Stratosphere Tower Hotel & Casino: the tallest standing structure west of the Mississippi. Not bad if you are invited to promote Bolidtop® on this spot on the world!

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Basketbar wins Architecture prize 05-12-2004 The Basketbar, of which Bolidrain makes up an important part

The Basketbar, of which Bolidrain makes up an important part, has been awarded the AM Nai Prize. The bar, designed by NL Architecten, is located in a block of university buildings in Utrecht. The jury is of the opinion that the Basketbar ‘is representative of the practical inventiveness that is characteristic of Dutch architecture’.

Future Teak: Future Tradition 16-11-2004 A breakthrough in ship deck covering

Realizing the ever increasing need for technical and cost effective improvements for the cruise ship industry Bolidt has just introduced a new deck covering product at the recent SMM and Seatrade exhibitions which is set to revolutionise the future of ship deck covering.

For more information, contact Bolidt

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Bolidt in China 15-11-2004 Just before our brochure in the Mandarin

Just before our brochure in the Mandarin language was printed, the first orders showed up. The SARS laboratory is an example of a building where Bolidtop floorings feel at ease. Are you interested to read our Chinese brochure for hospitals?

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Piet Boon surprises Bolidroom! 14-11-2004 Interior designer Piet Boon thoroughly enjoyed himself

Piet Boon thoroughly enjoyed the Bolidroom design lab. After a brainstorming session a set of two chandeliers were made with Bolidt material. On Saturday night the prototypes were put up for auction at the Olympic Fundraising Gala Athens 2004.

Royal Damen build for Dutch navy 11-11-2004 The decks of LPD 2 owned by the Royal Dutch Navy

The decks of Royal Dutch Navy’s LPD 2 have recently been granted to Bolidt! The building of this Landing Platform Dock 2 takes place on the Damen shipyards in Rumania and the Netherlands. The vessel will operate as an amphibious vehicle as well as for commando purposes.

For more information, click navy

Bolidtop in Cleanrooms 06-10-2004 Clean rooms have their origins in the pharmaceutical

Clean rooms have their origins in the pharmaceutical and electronic industry, but continuously expand into other industries like the food industry. Clean rooms in the above-mentioned industries become increasingly refined. Less and less particles per m3 are tolerated. Besides the HVAC choice, the flooring of a clean room determines in large part its performance as a whole.

With time, cast flooring has become a standard for these spaces, especially where certain highly qualified classes of clean rooms are concerned. Its seamless character prevents dirt from sticking and guarantees the constant (overpressurized) current of air flowing through the clean room. In addition, the closed, pore-free surface of cast flooring forms an ideal quality.

Bolidtop cast flooring is also available in a conductive version. Charged dust particles are then discharged and can flow along with the current of air without sticking.

In case it is necessary to prevent an overall charge, there is the option of a low charge Bolidt flooring system!

Apple greetings from Bolidt 05-10-2004 It is autumn again and therefore time for ‘apple greetings’ from Bolidt.

It is autumn again and therefore time for ‘apple greetings’ from Bolidt. The phenomenon ‘apple greetings’ came into being years ago, because of the fact that Bolidt was in possession of an apple orchard. In the year 2004 this orchard no longer exists, but the tradition will be continued. This year, another thousand or so crates of apples will be sent off to Bolidt’s business contacts.

TREF in Venlo 19-07-2004 Bolidt lends color to a special shopping concept in Venlo

Five shops (C1000, Blokker, C&A, a shoe shop and a chemist’s) joined forces to give substance to 8000 m2 of floor area. To connect the shops they chose a colorful solution: a Bolidtop floor.

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Bolidt Rail Technology 13-07-2004 Nefit fastenings are glued using Bolicast RI

After years of loyal service, Nefit fastenings in wooden railway sleepers tend to come loose, jeopardising the safety of the railway. In order to solve this problem, the sleepers are milled in and fitted with Bolicast RI from Bolidt.

Railway bridge across the Rhine 06-07-2004 Low-noise railway bridge thanks to glueing package from Bolidt

By applying sandwich sheeting to the railway bridge at Oosterbeek, sound pollution is greatly reduced. Bolidt developed the glueing package: Bolicast RI, Bolidense HLM strips and Bolidense injection mass.

The five stars of Mercedes 01-07-2004 Bolidt installed its fifth floor at Mercedes dealer Liam

For its Mercedes Truck Center at Roelofarendsveen, Liam again chose a Bolidt floor. This reputable Mercedes dealer has had Bolidt floors installed in its branches since 1998.

Sexy Tribute To The Floor 22-06-2004 Tribute To The Floor: powerful because of Bolidt

In September, a new company will be born: Tribute to the Floor. A company backed by Bolidt’s know-how. Mobilia introduced the concept to the retail trade. Allow yourself to be inspired by the possibilities. Which will you choose: Pure, Pearl or Splendour?

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Helicopterflights for Sophia 03-06-2004 Helicopterflights for children of Sophia Child Hospital

For their 40th anniversary Bolidt asked their business contacts to make a donation for the Sophia Child Hospital. A special flight event on 2nd June was the perfect ending of this anniversary, which took a 3 days' celebration!

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Bolidroom 25-05-2004 Bolidroom (Boli’dream’) is no illusion

Dreaming about possibilities is one thing, bringing them about is another. The Bolidroom bridges the gap between architects’ dreams and creations. From passion to innovation…

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40 years Bolidt 17-05-2004 Mini-symposium bridges the gap between dream and creation

Bolidt’s 40th anniversary gave rise to the idea of a mini-symposium dealing with the theme ''from dream to creation''. Five designers have made contributions on the basis of propositions relating to this idea.

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Dakenraad 06-05-2004 Between dream and deed

Dakenraad (Dutch Roof Association) interviewed Bolidt about the field "between dream and deed". There is a great difference between forming one's dream and making it come true. Mr P. Plaisier explains how Bolidt helps the architect realizing his dream.

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Barco gets face-lift 01-04-2004 Illuminated street connects production halls

At the same time that the Barco demo centre was built, a production hall was erected next to it. An illuminated street connects the new buildings with the existing production areas. In line with Barco equipment, the complex has been fitted with high-quality peripheral technology, such as Bolidt Stato flooring.

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Amsterdam School of Business 01-03-2004 The Amsterdam School of Business: unique in its kind

The School of Business has an innovative interior: unusual colours, unusual fabrics and unusual designs. Which is where Bolidt came in. Distinctive and yet co-operative!

Download the entire PDF-Newsletter 16-02-2004 passed with credit

A prominent person from the building industry judged the Bolidt site on appearance, depth and information provision and concluded that Bolidt has passed with credit.

See the Inside Information for the complete evaluation.

La Défense in Almere 05-02-2004 An office building with exceptional standing.

La Défense is an office building with exceptional standing. The front has been equipped with a coloured foil, through which sunlight looks different. The reflecting floor gives a more than special effect.

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Gelre Hospital 04-02-2004 Bolidt gets to work at the Gelre Hospital in May

Bolidt was recently commissioned to apply synthetic floor systems in the new development and renovated parts of the Gelre Hospital in the Netherlands. Wet rooms, operating theatre, kitchen, storage room and ambulance deck will be equipped with Bolidtop and Boligrip floor systems.

For more information, click hospitals.

Döll Atelier for Architecture 04-02-2004 An historic building with an exciting floor

Döll Atelier’s new accommodation is an historic building. Its interior required something entirely new. It was the floor that generated most excitement………

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Paradiso Amsterdam 01-12-2003 A church transformed into a temple of music

Leading suppliers have transformed the church on Amsterdam’s Weteringschans into a temple of music. Bolidt was among them, laying a synthetic floor resistant to heavy wear and tear!

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Grouting of Hemboog section 26-11-2003 Curved rail viaduct

The Hemboog section: the curved rail viaduct which links together the Zaandam and Haarlem line. This 3.300 metre long rail viaduct was grouted using Bolicast, the casting material from Bolidt.

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Bolicoat 30 22-11-2003 No content available in english. Please contact us for more info.

Boligrip W 01-11-2003 Boligrip W….. 'the bus lane wearing course'

Public transport is a matter of arriving at the destination on time. There must be no delays because of, for example, road maintenance ...... automatically a matter for Boligrip W......

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Bo Gene’s challenge 22-10-2003 A whole new and ultramodern idea, set up together with

A whole new and ultramodern idea, set up together with the creative synthetics fan Fleur Swildens. Bolidt makes time, knowledge and the Bolidt laboratory available to allow architects to transform their imagination into Bolidtop synthetics. Bo Gene’s challenge, brilliant!

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Chemical-resistant Bolidtop Stato flooring 22-10-2003 Philips has requested the development of highly chemical

Philips has requested the development of highly chemical-resistant Bolidtop Stato flooring. The 8,000 m2 of flooring, which will be applied in the NatLab, should be able to withstand sustained exposure to high concentrations of IPA and acetone. This requirement was met by incorporating purpose-selected resin combinations.

For more information, please click Bolidtop Stato

Developments Stato flooring 22-10-2003 The new Stato flooring systems are now also available

The new Stato flooring systems are now also available with a mat finish. These systems have excellent conductive properties and comply with the latest international electrical standards.

For more information, please click Bolidtop Stato

COVRA: storage of radioactive waste 21-10-2003 Bolidt under, next to and above radioactive waste...

Is radioactive waste hazardous? COVRA thinks it is and it treats all floors, walls and ceilings with Bolidtop floor finish and Bolicoat wall finish which have been specially approved for this use. The building now has a hundred years protection against most major disasters which are possible.

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Katholic University of Nijmegen 17-10-2003 Magnet Lab of the University of Nijmegen

The High Field Magnet Laboratory of the University of Nijmegen has succeeded in generating and maintaining high magnetic fields longer than anywhere else in the world. Researchers from all over the world come to Nijmegen to work in this laboratory. Bolidt supplied the non-polarising floor.

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Albert Schweitzer Hospital 30-09-2003 ''Care from the heart, mind and soul''.

The motto of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital is ''Care from the heart, mind and soul'', which was also the guiding principle in the hospital’s renovation. It was in this light that the hospital selected Bolidt to supply the synthetic flooring.

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‘The Trojan Horse’ – Pop Centre 12-09-2003 Flooring like an action painting...…

Following extensive refurbishments ‘The Trojan Horse’ has re-opened its doors, revealing a glorious mishmash of styles and materials. Bolidt has done its bit……in The Hague.

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Cattle carriers 01-09-2003 Finishing coats on cattle carrier decks

Recently, JPCL magazine published an article on the requirements to finishing coats on cattle carrier decks. Bolidt provided a large share of the information and the pictures. Many carriers have already been fitted with "Bolideck Cattledecks".

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Parnassia Kitchen 01-08-2003 Food for thought.

In the Parnassia kitchens, Bolidt has met all the requirements of HACCP management and Working Conditions legislation. It was a formidable undertaking. Both the building and floor provided ample food for thought.

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Senter 30-06-2003 Officials in style

Government institutions conservative? Definitely not in the case of Senter in The Hague. This subsidy governing organisation recently moved into a new office building with a remarkable interior designed by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur. Bolidt fitted nearly all the wall covering and flooring.

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Stadspoort Goes 23-06-2003 Bolidt and Bolidrain at its best

This week the park deck named Stadspoort in the Dutch city Goes has been opened. Bolidt supplied and installed the unisolated Bolidrain system. The result is a deck with waterstorage capacity, which is light compared to tiles and asphalt.

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Snelbinder 27-05-2003 New bicycle bridge across the Dutch river the Waal

Recently Bolidt has been awarded the contract for "The snelbinder". This bicycle connection across the river the Waal will be applied by Bolidt with the synthetic system Bridgedeck Up. The positive experiences on the Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge served as a model for this.

Ocean Village "Adults only cruising" 30-04-2003 P&O's flagship covered with Bolidt deckcoverings

Bolidt has just completed the installation of new outdoor deck coverings on the Ocean Village project. This project involved the removal of existing covering and the installation of Bolideck 1500 and Bolideck Select Soft deck covering to the Sun, Pool and Jacuzzi decks.

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Bolidtop E.lo-series extended 17-02-2003 The low charge Bolidtop E.lo-series has been

The low charge Bolidtop E.lo-series has been extended to include flooring systems which offer the possibility to add a certain design to the floor. The renewed production method allows for more latitude, so that for instance honeycomb patterns and round, square or rectangular shapes can be applied. The E.lo-series is supplied with IEC 681340-4-1 and 5-1 certificate and BVG values < 20 volts.

For more information, please click Bolidtop E.lo

Bolidt’s Ballast compound 12-01-2003 Recently, Bolidt started equipping a number of

Recently, Bolidt started equipping a number of minesweepers of the Dutch Royal Navy with Ballast compound. In total, 26,000 kilos of Ballast compound is pumped into a vessel to increase its stability. The Ballast compound has a specific gravity of 7. In order to overcome navigation restrictions, another 10 vessels will have their turn in the period between 2003 and 2005.

For more information, please click Navy

Look-a-Like flooring range 10-01-2003 The concrete look is in, so why should Bolidt not respond

The concrete look is in, so why should Bolidt not respond to this? What used to be a mishap has now become a trend. Bolidt has based a flooring range on it. The synthetic floors look like concrete, but give a “warmer” impression than a real concrete floor and are easy to clean.

Aseptic Penicilline Flooring in Cyprus 10-01-2003 The pharmaceutical industry has always been an important

The pharmaceutical industry has always been an important market for Bolidt. Medochemie in Cyprus is one example of a customer which is always coming back to us after expansion plans have been drawn. Now a renovation will take place…

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Van Abbemuseum reopens in January 2003 03-01-2003 As from 19 January 2003, the Dutch Van Abbemuseum will have four

As from 19 January 2003, the Dutch Van Abbemuseum will have four times as much space to exhibit its modern art collection. Striking features of the new construction are the Bolidtop flooring and the 26-metre high tower with slanting walls designed by architect Abel Cahen. Bolidt has put its best foot forward in applying a large part of the floor covering.

For more information, please click Museums

Applicatieteams certified! 27-12-2002 In order to continuously guarantee the safety of our personnel and other people

In order to continuously guarantee the safety of its own personnel and the safety of other people
in the construction industry, Bolidt organizes periodic trainings run by an independent institute called Bureau Veritas. This time 40 certificates were awarded. Once again a confirmation of the fact that Bolidt takes health, safety and working conditions in the workplace seriously.

Click on Profile for more information

Bolidt’s application lab 24-12-2002 A random working day of one of our lab technicians

A random working day of one of our lab technicians: Doing adhesion tests on a railway bridge in Oosterbeek. Then on to the air base in Leeuwarden to meter Stato floors. Next the Royal Navy in Den Helder is paid a visit and finally back to the railway bridge in Oosterbeek to pull dollies! Quite enough for one day.

Subsidy for impermeable flooring 05-12-2002 These days, subsidies are being granted for flooring

These days, subsidies are being granted for flooring, which is impermeable to fluids like Bolidtop flooring. The impermeability to fluids can be checked by an independent body. After inspection, a PBV certificate can be issued in the name of the company, for the location of the floor and bearing the term of validity.

Extra sales representative North Netherlands 02-12-2002 In the North Netherlands, Bolidt’s sales force

In the North Netherlands, Bolidt’s sales force will be extended. Bas van Vliet will join Bolidt as from January 1st 2003. Bas will be responsible for the sales of all Bolidtop, Boligrip, Bolidtan and Bolicoat systems in the northern Provinces of the Netherlands.

Shipyards 23-11-2002 Bolidt Synthetic Decking has been ordered by European top shipyards

Bolidt Synthetic Decking has been ordered by European top shipyards for coming new build projects.
Bolideck Soft, Bolideck Select Teak Effect and Bolideck 1500 are the preferred systems ordered by yards such as Chantier de l’Atlantique, Meyer Werft, Masa Yards for owners such as RCI, Carnival, Princess, P&O, Starcruises and NCL.

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ERIA-project 18-11-2002 ERIA: Embedded Rail in Asphalt. Bolidt is

ERIA: Embedded Rail in Asphalt. Bolidt is one of the participants in this research programme with its Bolidtop Z.OK. The object is to step up the pace of the installation of tram rail constructions in the road. In places where asphalt cannot be used because of its minimal constructional properties, Bolidtop Z.OK (Very Open Synthetics) is employed freely.

For more information, please click Bolidtop Z.OK

Domino Day 15-11-2002 In an attempt on a record to let as many dominos as possible fall over

In an attempt on a record to let as many dominos as possible fall over, the dominos must of course not be set in motion ahead of time. Bolidt was contracted for an extremely even floor on which, on the 15th of November, the world record will be broken.

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Synthetic sleepers for Dutch Railways 15-11-2002 The Dutch Railways have approached Bolidt for a stable

The Dutch Railways have approached Bolidt for a stable solution for the current back incline plates. Over the years, these plates have been moved by the wheels of the trains or they have slid away. Bolidt has to prevent this from happening in future.

Pop stage Mezz: Trendsetting theatre 15-11-2002 Breda has been put on the map as a pop town. The wayward Poppodium theatre

Breda has been put on the map as a pop town. By virtue of its shape the wayward Poppodium theatre in Breda is called ‘the peanut’. The interior is characterized by a restrained use of colours and materials. The Bolidtop flooring is anthracite-coloured and the curved volumes have been plastered in white. The walls in silvery grey.

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Bioderij 09-11-2002 Originated at the market, today, Bioderij is one of the major

Originated at the market, today, Bioderij is one of the major industrial pancake bakers in the Netherlands, who sell their gourmet pancakes, cheese pancakes, pancakes with bacon and their poffertjes (tiny Dutch pancakes) throughout the world.

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Damen Shipyards, congratulations! 08-11-2002 Damen celebrate their 75th anniversary. Bolidt has been their main supplier

Damen celebrate their 75th anniversary. For a considerable time now, Bolidt has been the main supplier of decks for the wide range of ships that Damen Shipyards has built: buoying vessels, coasters, tugboats. The cooperation was started on the Dutch shipyard; today, the Bolidt materials are transported all over the world to Damen shipyards in Russia, Gdansk, Venezuela, Abu Dhabi and on the river Schelde. Generally, Bolidt is asked to cover the floors of the facility rooms and the bridges with the flame-retarding A-60 deck coverings, especially developed for this purpose. Damen Shipyards, congratulations!

Dr. Nassau College: students design their floor 23-10-2002 Dr. Nassau College in Assen has switched to Bolidtop Sensation

During the makeover that the Dr. Nassau College in Assen underwent Bolidtop Sensation was selected. The design of the floor was taken on by the students by means of a competition. The winning design was made by 14-year-old Dennis de Haan. The hallway floors have been covered with the blue Bolidtop 700, as were the woodwork classroom floors. The floors in the fitness area have been covered with Bolidtop flooring finish Bolidtan 5+2

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New sales representative Central Netherlands 22-10-2002 In the Central Netherlands there has been a change in

In the Central Netherlands there has been a change in the sales organisation of Bolidt. Remco Riedijk will join Bolidt as from November 1st 2002. Remco will be responsible for the sales of all Bolidtop, Boligrip, Bolidtan and Bolicoat systems in the Provinces of Utrecht, Gelderland and South Holland.

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Cultural Centre ‘Het Paard’ 02-10-2002 For the main entrance of cultural centre ‘Het Paard’

For the main entrance of cultural centre ‘Het Paard’ in Den Haag, Bolidt recently supplied Bolidtop
Sensation in two colours. An exceptional feature of this floor is that, on the initiative of OMA architects, it has been realized in a cowhide pattern.

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SMM Fair: a big success! 29-09-2002 At the SMM in Hamburg, where the whole shipping industry

At the SMM in Hamburg, where the whole shipping industry was represented, an exceptional interest was shown in the new Bolideck Select Teak Effect. This synthetic system looks like a teak deck, but has the advantages of a synthetic deck.

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Basketbar in Utrecht 20-09-2002 The University of Utrecht has built a multifunctional roof on the student bar

The University of Utrecht has built a multifunctional roof on the student bar "De Basketbar". Since the Bolidrain system that was chosen has been supplied and applied by Bolidt complete with lineation, the roof can also be used as a basketball court.

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Holland America Line 20-09-2002 Holland America will sail with Bolidt for the coming 6 new build projects.

Holland America will sail with Bolidt for the coming 6 new build projects. Already forming the focal point of the HAL New Build programme since 1991 Bolidt Select Soft Decking systems have been ordered for all coming superliner projects. An industry first special computer graphics to be incorporated for the first time ever:
Watch this space:.......

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Williams F1 chooses Bolidtop 20-09-2002 Bolidtop 200, 500 and 700 have been chosen by Williams

Bolidtop 200, 500 and 700 have been chosen by Williams Grand Prix engineers for high-tech flooring finish throughout their UK engineering headquarters in Grove, UK.

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Caterer Sodexho: Improving the quality of daily life. 19-09-2002 Durability of the floor was the main selection criterion in the choice

Durability of the floor was the main selection criterion in the choice of caterer Sodexho. By applying seamless, light blue terrazzo flooring Bolidt contributed to the improvement of ‘the quality of daily life’.

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Cortile Ceramic: Boliflex 100 18-09-2002 The Maastricht urban renewal plan includes the “Ceramic” district

The Maastricht urban renewal plan includes the "Ceramic" district. Five- to six-storeyed blocks of flats are being built there. Car parks are located under those blocks of flats. Suspended gardens have been realized between the flats. As a consequence, people look out on their own park from their floor. Boliflex 100 helped …

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Selfridges and Bolidtop Jewel 15-09-2002 Together with Italian and English architects Bolidt developed

Together with Italian and English architects Bolidt developed a unique flooring system for the new Selfridges department store in Manchester: Bolidtop Jewel. In this series, three-dimensional effects with mother-of-pearl and durability are united in one flooring system. Immediately after the opening of the Manchester branch-store, the (Dutch) Bijenkorf and Marks & Spencer also inquired about the pearl in the Bolidtop flooring range. A new trend has been set!

Playing with aluminium 03-09-2002 For the main entrance of the new cinema Pathé

For the main entrance of the new cinema Pathé on the Maas in Rotterdam (formally opened on October 3rd 2002) Bolidt has supplied daring black Bolidtop 525 synthetic flooring, which incorporates small square pieces of aluminium foil. With some creativity the architect and Bolidt have jointly achieved the ultimate: light in the dark.

Arena Stadion Magazine 31-08-2002 Several stadiums around the world have been provided with Bolidtop.

Several stadiums around the world have been provided with Bolidtop floor systems by Bolidt. Names like Gelredome Stadium, Feyenoord Stadium, Schalke ’04, Chelsea are worthwhile to mention. Read the article underneath and find out!

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Ship's lift in Strépy 30-08-2002 On the Centrum Canal in Henegouwen, Belgium, the

On the Centrum Canal in Henegouwen, Belgium, the gigantic ship’s lift which has been built over the past 20 years has been put into use. It bridges a 73 metre difference in height, is 177 metres high, 80 metres wide and replaces four hydraulic ship’s lifts. In this lift, which has already grown into a tourist attraction, Bolidt has constructed the synthetic flooring on all levels.

Introduction Bolidtop E-lo 12-06-2002 Extremely conductive flooring, which can be walked

Extremely conductive flooring, which can be walked on, without body voltage being generated. Possible Body Voltage Generation on “normal” flooring (amounting to as much as 1000 V) can damage sensitive electronics, such as microchips and printer cards. In some cases, even 20 V is too much. Aimed in particular at companies where assembly takes place.

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A big box in the town centre 15-03-2002 According to the design, the meeting centre in Vladslo merges

According to the design, the meeting centre in Vladslo merges in with the built-up web around the town square like a big box. It involves a disconnected volume with regard to the existing buildings and their surroundings.

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The explorative expedition to Technopolis 26-02-2002 Technopolis is the first do-and-learn centre for science

Technopolis is the first do-and-learn centre for science and technology. The Flemish government has spent half a billion on building this project. Bolidt also contributed to this remarkable project.

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Bolidt’s climate test chamber 13-02-2002 The climate test chamber in Bolidt’s laboratory enables

The climate test chamber in Bolidt’s laboratory enables us to imitate any climate in the world. This is particularly important for projects in regions where extreme climatic circumstances prevail or where circumstances change quickly.

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Roller coaster Capital of Europe 27-07-2001 Six Flags Holland: the European capital of roller coasters

Six Flags Holland: the European capital of roller coasters and attractions. In this sensational amusement park, various shops and restaurants have Bolidtop Sensation flooring. Bolidtop Sensation is a flooring system, which can accommodate the creative ideas of the architect and the customer. This eye-grabbing synthetic flooring can be applied in any type of trendsetting and decorative form. In short: an adventurous trend in synthetics!

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