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Bolidtop Retail: Selfridges ... about the sales power of Bolidtop floors in retail

Bolidtop Retail: Selfridges

Bolidt gave a personal touch to the total shop concept. The Bolidt retail floors form smoothly part of the product range and the shop ambience, in such a way that the consumer feels comfortable during his shopping. Reason enough for e.g. Selfridges to contact Bolidt in an early stage.

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Bolidtop Rail Infra ... Synthetic systems under train, tram and bus

Bolidtop Rail Infra

The Bolidt synthetics are applied also under rails, on bus lanes and a.o. on platforms. The properties and advantages of the Bolirail PU, the Bolidense HLM, the Bolicast RI and the Boligrip wearing layers are described in enclosed Bolidtin. Would you like to know more? Certainly!

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Bolideck System ...about cruise ships, in- and outdoor decks, design, aesthetics, comfort

Bolideck System

Cruise ships: a fantasy world of their own furnished with the most luxurious of comforts. There seems to be no limits to the improvements in comfort, space, luxury and quality. A basic and important part of the cruise ships are certainly the indoor and outdoor decks. They are becoming increasingly important in designing the spaces onboard.

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Bolidtan...the only winner ...about in- and outdoor sports systems, top performances, world records

Bolidtan...the only winner

Top performances are very much dependant on the circumstances under which the sports event takes place. An important factor is the right surface substrate. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has developed the Bolidtan indoor and outdoor sports systems. They stand for quality, performance, reliability and durability. This way the Bolidtan systems will improve athletic performance and give long-lasting service. You will win with Bolidtan.

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Bolidtan synthetic ...about joint connections, road surfaces, heavy traffic

Bolidtan synthetic

In the road construction world, it is known that the edges of expansion joints between the road surface and, for example, bridges, suffer badly from heavy traffic. This heavy traffic means therefore that they must be strengthened. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has developed synthetic joint connections, which overcome the compaction problem that occurs with other joint constructions.

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Bolidtop E.lo floor systems ...about low body voltage floor systems, discharge, sensitive equipment

Bolidtop E.lo floor systems

Prevent static, ...... the dream becomes reality: no more production failures, no explosions, no accidents. Pardon ......the dream is reality, at least for Bolidt: Bolidtop E.lo floors minimise tribo-electric charge. Whether humidity levels are high or low, it does not matter. And all this is due to the floor. Did you know a floor could make such an important contribution ..............?

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Bolidt: Everything under one roof ...about the quality concept, applications of synthetics

Bolidt: Everything under one roof

In ‘flooring country’ it is an exception. Development, production and worldwide installation in one hand. With international approvals and daily working with quality, in a systematic way. QMS certified, installation certificate, concrete repair certificate: Bolidt has them all. Making progress through our own documented BoliSmart system.

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Dutch Newspaper Union ...about floors of printing businesses, printing presses, ink, speed

Dutch Newspaper Union

One of the biggest newspaper companies in The Netherlands. Everything revolves around quality and speed here. The Newspaper Union prints 1 million newspapers a day. To this end, more than 1,000 tons of paper are used per week - the equivalent of more than 18,000 kilometres. 12 tons of ink are used to print these newspapers. And everything continues working perfectly. Bolidtop floors play a big role in printing the newspapers of tomorrow.

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Bolidtop Sensation ...about decorative art forms in floors, diversity, sensation

Bolidtop Sensation

of Bolidtop synthetic floors combined with art is a fairly unknown phenomenon. In theory, it is a non-figurative handling (floor process) that is enriched with an image, a symbol, made by an artist, to give a space meaning.
But is this really true? A Christmas tree in a village square is probably just as effective. What is the added value of a synthetic floor in a public space? Duinrell amusement park is an excellent example.

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A beauty of a floor in a cleanroom ...about clean room floors, sensitive production processes

A beauty of a floor in a cleanroom

Cleanrooms are a more and more common appearance in the dust and moisture sensative productionprocedures. Also at ASM Europe. The utmost importance in these areas is that no unwanted dirt can enter. Therefore Bolidtop Cleanroomfloors are be poresclosed, seamless and easy to clean.

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Bolidt Bridgedeck UP ...about the Erasmus bridge, wearing courses, durability, elasticity

Bolidt Bridgedeck UP

Especially for the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems developed the Bridgedeck UP system. This unique system remains elastic, corrosion-resistant, weather and UV-resistant. For the first time, several colours have been used on the road surface of the Erasmus Bridge.

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Football club Feyenoord and Bolidt ...about concrete constructions, synthetic wearing courses

Football club Feyenoord and Bolidt

Weather influences, and mechanical and chemical stresses quickly attack concrete. Bolidt has developed synthetics that protect concrete against these stresses. The concrete treatment at the Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam is a beautiful piece of work. Durability has acquired an extra dimension here. The Bolidtin, which can be requested, provides more detailed information on the use of Bolidt synthetics in complex buildings such as this Stadium.

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Imprisoned in possibilities ...about prison floors, quality of life, clear arrangement, works of art

Imprisoned in possibilities

In the past, Penal Institutions were characterised by dull and often colourless designs. Now, more colours are used to increase the quality of life and clarity. People prefer fresh clear colours, clear room designs and durable materials. Bolidtop floors give prisons an entirely new look.

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Bolidt in façade plates ...about applications in façades, comfort, Bolicoat ALU system

Bolidt in façade plates

Daring designs evoke both negative and positive responses. The senior citizen's homes in Eindhoven were no exception. An eye-catching material is used for these homes. A façade application that shines in the sun, is practically maintenance-free and looks beautiful. This is the Bolicoat ALU system.

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Sliding or driving? ...about pavement heating, changeable weather, iciness, minimum maintenance

Sliding or driving?

The image of autumnal weather in The Netherlands: shivery, drizzly rain, wind and iciness. The latter can be lethal on roads and bridges. Combating this iciness is a big job for the gritting lorries. Besides costing a lot of money, it also costs a lot of time. Moreover, the road surface is not immediately and permanently cleared of ice. The solution: the Bolidt P system.

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Recognition with a shock ...about conductive floors, danger of explosion, E.S.D.

Recognition with a shock

Static electricity is a very common phenomenon that causes production failures, is uncomfortable for personnel and is a fire hazard. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has developed a solution for this: Bolidtop Stato. Its anti-static and electrically conductive properties make this floor ideal for the electronic industry.

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A baker’s delight: Bolidt synthetic ...about floors of bakeries, freshness, quick finishing, seamlessness

A baker’s delight: Bolidt synthetic floors

Fast and easy. Fresh and tasty. A fast kitchen is a concept that suits today's consumers. For Délifrance, which is one of the big names within the food industry, a quick floor finishing is very important. This is why Délifrance has a lot to say about the unique properties of the synthetic floor provided by Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems.

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Janssen Pharmaceutics ...about pharmacy floors, health, research, hygiene

Janssen Pharmaceutics: a healthy company

The pharmaceutical industry plays an increasingly bigger role in modern medicine. Being healthy and staying healthy is what everybody aspires to. Hygiene has a high priority, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has developed the Bolidt Pharmavloer, a floor that is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. Janssen Pharmaceutics is an example.

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Bolidt, between Art and Synthetics ...about business floors, synthetics, environment, durability

Bolidt, between Art and Synthetics

In our modern society, the environment plays an increasingly bigger role. The environment is something that we must conserve and treat with great care. Partly for this reason, synthetic end products are employed to protect the environment and increasingly as a durable material. Synthetic floors in offices, in commercial and industrial buildings, in car parks, bridges …..

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Synthetic wearing courses ...about bridges, constructions, traffic, safety, synthetic wearing courses

Synthetic wearing courses

The Netherlands is a country with a lot of water. For this reason, it is difficult to imagine Dutch infrastructure without bridges. Bridge constructions must last for years and offer road users safety and comfort. The Boligrip wearing course provides this, for years on end.

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Bolidtop synthetic floor ...about museum floors, exhibitions, architectural buildings, functionality

Bolidtop synthetic floor

Over the years, the image of museums has changed considerably. From stately, traditional buildings exhibiting centuries-old art objects to modern exhibitions of modern art in sometimes trendy buildings with spectacular architecture. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has faultlessly capitalized on this development with the Bolidtop Museum floor.

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Rijnstate Ziekenhuis ...about hospital floors, modern facilities, possibilities for extension

Rijnstate Ziekenhuis

A lot of attention is paid to the interiors of buildings through which a lot of people move each day. This was also the case at Rijnstate Ziekenhuis in Arnhem. When this hospital was built, great emphasis was placed on the interior's colour and functionality. Every hospital room has its own requirements, and the floor is no exception.

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Roteb in Rotterdam ...about cleaning, resistance to chemicals, durability

Roteb in Rotterdam

Every day, about 60 to 70 municipalities present their waste for collection by Roteb, the refuse collection and sanitation department of Rotterdam. The quantity of waste offered has greatly increased over the years. 10,000 tons of Klein Chemisch Afval (Small Chemical Waste) is collected every year. Bolidt has developed floors for the storage of this aggressive waste. A better environment begins at….Bolidt

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Never too old to learn ...about school floors, pupils, dynamics, creativity, craftsmanship

Never too old to learn

A large part of your youth is spent at school. Schools have a social function, and it therefore very important that the youth have a nice, pleasant educational environment. It is not just about learning and teaching, it is also about seeing and being seen. The Euro-College in Maastricht is no exception. They chose Bolidt.

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Eating sweets at Schuttelaar ...about production floors, confectionery, tradition, durability, details

Eating sweets at Schuttelaar

Confectionary factory Schuttelaar manufactures sweets, such as ‘boterbabbelaars’ and ‘schuimpjes’. The choice of a supplier to renovate the production department had already been determined: Bolidt. A Bolidt floor has been used for the past 10 years, during which time it has stood up to the sweetness to the complete satisfaction of Schuttelaar. Once again, Bolidt has, with an eye for details, realised a fitting floor finish for this special application.

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The Bolidt synthetic floor ...about showroom floors, attention, mechanical durability

The Bolidt synthetic floor

In a car showroom it is very important that the products are displayed well and that one is not distracted from the cars. A floor is required that has such charisma that it improves the sales results: Bolidtop Showroom floors. An example is that used for SmartCar....a daring concept with a floor that proves itself.

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Bolidt’s part in the renovation ...about stadium floors, different colours, UEFA safety rules

Bolidt’s part in the renovation

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has made an important contribution to the stadium of the UEFA Cup winner 2002, Feyenoord. A solvent-free polyurethane coating system has been applied to the concrete stands and steps. This system is flexible, UV-resistant, available in a range of (club) colours and the coating retains its new appearance.

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System Info Shipdecks ...about ship’s floors, luxury, comfort, helidecks, Bolideck Select Teak Effect

System Info Shipdecks

A basic and important part of the fantastic environment on the most luxurious cruise ships is certainly the indoor and outdoor shipdecks. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has created and refined a new concept in deck coverings: Bolideck Systems. The Bolideck Systems combine the ultimate in techniques and aesthetics.

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The theatre school ...about expression, drama, Shakespeare, dance studios, shows

The theatre school

A building such as Amsterdam Art College should have a certain atmosphere: an atmosphere of intimacy, expression and gaiety. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has, with its floor material, made a fitting contribution to this so-called culture factory.

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Top floor in the shop ...about shop floors, trendy interior, clarity, quality items, atmosphere

Top floor in the shop

A clear and well-organised space. This is something that customers value highly in a shop. Of course, floors are an important aspect in shop spaces. One can choose a simple single-colour floor on which furniture or articles can better be displayed or a decorative design floor that has a modern appearance. For a floor that suits both the retail trader and the consumer, go to Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems.

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Van Hecke and floor management ...about catering, canteens, resistance to chemicals, seamlessness

Van Hecke and floor management

Bolidtop floors satisfy the HACCP requirements. Van Hecke recognized this and chose Bolidtop floors for its subsidiary, Party Plus. The floor in the wet processing spaces does very well owing to a profile chosen specifically for this purpose. Variants of this Bolidtop synthetic floor can be used in (smaller) company restaurants and canteens.

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As a motorist you park your car ...about parking roofs, sound-dampening, waterproof, durability

As a motorist you park your car

Parking roofs have become a part of highly multi-functional consumer centres. The benefit of this is that the land to be built upon is used for multiple uses. Parking roofs can be walked or driven on; they must be soundproof and waterproof at all times. Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems has developed Boligrip course layers, especially for use on parking roofs.

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A floor for every purpose ...about industrial floors, floor finishing, HACCP standards, skid resistance

A floor for every purpose

HACCP standards and Working Conditions safety requirements. A lot of attention is paid to these standards and requirements in the food industry. A correct floor finish is very important. Bolidt floors combine the ideal properties for the food industry: easily kept clean, jointless and even.

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Work on the shop begins at ...about shop floors, endless choice of form and colour, Bolidtop Sensation

Work on the shop begins at

Orderliness is the basis of every shop. To sell your product as efficiently as possible, you spend a lot of time organising your shop. The right lighting, appealing shop-display materials and quality items. Of course, Bolidt is indispensable for the right display. The Bolidtop Sensation provides the charisma that fits your product.

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The Bolidtop Bakery Floor It is impossible to image bakeries

The Bolidtop Bakery Floor

It is impossible to image bakeries without modernisation. This ensures optimum product development and quality control for bread and pastry products. The Bolidt bakery floor is an excellent floor, which means a modern-equipped bakery can make its products in the traditional way. A floor that can very easily be cleaned is an ideal feature, which appeals to all bakers. For Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems, product quality is paramount...And you taste it!

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Barco Graphics ...about graphic processes, automation, static electricity, figuration

Barco Graphics

Cooperating in organised association is one of the chief elements of Bolidt’s way of thinking and doing things. Moreover, coordinating activities is one of the most important conditions. Exactly the same is thought at Barco. Barco Graphics chose Bolidt as its global partner, a synthetics supplier based in The Netherlands. Bolidtop Stato, the conductive floor finishing of Bolidt, is used throughout the world.

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