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  • Parkeergarage Westluidense Poort Tiel Boligrip 200P

    25-year car park maintenance contract

    gives Tiel Council peace of mind

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Tiel City Council has signed a 25-year maintenance contract with Bolidt for the flooring in its new Westluidense Poort parking facility. With this collaborative agreement the council can be assured that the flooring installed by Bolidt will always be kept in a good and safe condition. Thanks to Bolidt’s efforts, Tiel Council will not have to worry about this for the next quarter of a century.

  • Parkeergarage Westluidense Poort Tiel Boligrip 200P
  • Parkeergarage Westluidense Poort Tiel Boligrip 200P
  • Parkeergarage Westluidense Poort Tiel Boligrip 200P

Underground car park

Westluidense Poort is in a central location at the heart of Tiel. With the establishment of new cultural facilities in addition to the theatre, cinema and library, Westluidense Poort will become a vibrant centre for music, dance, visual arts and literature. The construction of an underground car park for about 580 cars and a mix of apartments and family homes will further enhance the appeal of the area. The parking facility, for cars as well as bicycles, will ensure optimum accessibility to the cultural centre.Underground car park.

Long-term maintenance contract

Bolidt installed more than 10.000 square metres of Boligrip® flooring in the new car park. In order to minimise its worries about maintenance, Tiel City Council decided to take out a long-term maintenance contract with Bolidt. For the flooring to continuously comply with the specified quality standard, the floor finish must have a minimum condition score of 3 according to NEN 2767 throughout the contract period. This Dutch standard is used to assess the technical condition of a building or infrastructure component.

Cleaning advice

To keep the car park flooring in the agreed condition, Bolidt carries out annual inspections. If for some reason the flooring no longer meets the requirements, Bolidt will restore the floor finish to a good and safe condition. In addition to performing annual inspections, Bolidt also provides Tiel City Council with practical cleaning advice. “With this combination of inspections and advice, Bolidt meets the council’s wish to have lasting peace of mind in this area.

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