• Unlocking AREA78:
    Foto Challenge

To generate more content for AREA78’s social media channels, we came up with this photo challenge to ask you to take as many beautiful, special or inspiring photographs of AREA78 as possible. Just use your mobile, so no fancy camera needed! 


Why this challenge?

We also encourage you to post and share photos yourself on your own social media channels. Your photographs will thus help to increase the exposure of AREA78 and the Innovation Centre. The more posts, likes and shares, the more widely known our spectacular innovation centre will become and that is exactly what we are hoping to achieve! We will share the photographs you send in on AREA78/Bolidt’s social media channels and a winner will be chosen each month.

The jury

The winning photograph will be selected each month by a professional jury consisting of Patricia van Os, Darcey Supelli of Entrr. and architectural photographer Jeroen Musch.

The prizes

The first prize is eternal fame in the Legacy Bar. The Innovation Centre will soon have a Legacy bar where all the highlights from the origins of Bolidt to the present will be exhibited. Your photo will be hung on the wall next to other legendary Bolidt moments. Additionally, we also have a monthly mystery prize that will be revealed at a later stage. To be continued!

How does it work?

To take part in the photo challenge you can send your AREA78-themed photographs to Darcey Supelli on 0634013874 by WhatsApp or mail them to marcom@bolidt.nl. Submitted photographs may have the Innovation Centre in them or activities related to the Innovation Centre. So are you working hard on a process that is somehow connected to the construction of the new centre? Then you can also send in a photograph of that! The Innovation Centre does not necessarily have to be in it, as long as your photo has something to do with the development of AREA78. If you share your photograph through your own social media channels then please tag @bolidt in your photo or use the hashtag #unlockingarea78. This will enable us to easily find all of your AREA78 photographs on all social media channels!